Koyfin Review




Koyfin is a financial analysis and research platform that offers a wide range of tools and features for conducting in-depth market analysis. With access to real-time data, customizable charts, and a variety of financial ratios, Koyfin helps investors make informed decisions about their portfolio and the markets.

Sound Investment is the key to financial freedom. Most people fail to achieve their financial goals simply because they don’t know where or how to get the right opportunities.

The stock market presents an equal opportunity for everyone. But why do some people keep winning while others remain on the losing side?

I am a big fan of the stock market and I am always on the lookout for tools and software that can help me to make more money. For a long time, I had been searching for a dashboard that would make it easy for me to trade in the stock market.

It was not until I came across Koyfin that all my problems were sorted. I have used several dashboards to trade but I still haven’t found one that matches Koyfin.

It is a free stock market dashboard that allows users to pair fundamental and technical analysis in one window.

The platform also has several invaluable features such as analysis and charting, market overview dashboards, and many other features designed to make treading easy for users.

If you are a stock market enthusiast, then you probably understand what it means to get a software that is easy and simple to use. Below is a review of this amazing dashboard that is revolutionizing the stock market.

An Overview of Koyfin


Koyfin is a popular dashboard used for trading in the stock market. The software allows users to pull out funds, bonds, price charts, futures, and currencies in just a single window.

Besides, the platform makes it easy for investors to customize their dashboards by combining charts, news, and many other things.

In other words, Koyfin is a powerful software and customizable platform, for those trading in the stock market.

Pricing Options for Koyfin

koyfin pricing

Apparently, anyone can use Koyfin for free. This means there are no premium versions where some users pay more to get extra features. The company had planned to roll out paid versions mid last year but still hasn’t been able to that.

Koyfin Features

koyfin features

Koyfin doesn’t have a lot of features different from those in other platforms. However, it has one of the most seamless and versatile interfaces – that makes it stand out.

The platform has a wider range of chart layouts and data option options. Most of those options are different from other software in the sense that they give a user the freedom to maneuver.

1. Dashboards

The first time you log on to the Koyfin platform, you will encounter various data dashboards. The platform comes with various dashboards that cover different sectors such as US Etfs, technology sector among others.

This is in addition to the ability of users to customize their own dashboards. The interesting part about this is that there is no limit as to how many you can create.

However, there are some limitations when it comes to customizing layouts. This is however advantageous because it makes it to use the platform while at the same time allowing room to make changes.

Each of the dashboards consists of three planes: a price chart, a table with a list of all stocks, and news feed that show all the stock within the dashboard.

Besides, the table can again be modified by selecting hundreds of prospective data columns. A user can either select between fundamental data, analyst recommendations, and technical indicators. Price charts are also customizable by the use of any in-built chart templates.

The news feeds found on the dashboard emanate from different credible sources, that comprise sites like Seeking Alpha, Business Daily, and Zacks.

2. Market Overviews

The platform also has a dashboard for market overviews. This helps investors to have a general view of how the markets are performing. The overview dashboard comprises a change in price information, news feeds, and a chart for popular indices.

Additionally, the dashboard shows information about international indices, forex prices, Treasury yields among others.

Another interesting thing about this software is that users can still dig dipper on the Koyfin’s overview dashboards. There are uniform interfaces meant for different US market sectors as well as individual countries.

If a user doesn’t want to use the standard overview dashboard, he or she can generate custom plots using the ‘Market Scatter’ dashboard. For instance, a user can choose a stock from a popular index such as the S&P 500 and create a scattergram depending on the fundamental parameters.

3. Charting and Analysis

The Koyfin is also an excellent platform when it comes to charting for single stocks plus other assets. One major advantage is that the available technical indicators on the platform are minimal. This is unlike other platforms such as TradingView – that have numerous technical indicators.

Charts also contain a number of drawing tools. Unlike other software such as TrendSpider, Koyfin allows users to check on candlestick charts, bar charts, and hallow candles. The other disadvantage is that Koyfin is only able to support weekly and daily bars rather than an intraday chart.

4. Customization and Layout

There’s no doubt that Koyfin is one of the most customizable platforms. The only items that cannot be customized are market overview panels and the dashboard. Otherwise, all other items on the platform can be adjusted to suit the needs of a user.

Another great thing about Koyfin is how it handles searches. It has a search key that allows users to easily pick charts and other important data. For instance, is you type “AAPL” – you will instantly be led to a chart page for the stock of Apple.

As you can see above, a user can fully modify all the charts and save them as present layouts. Additionally, assets or stock on your dashboards and also be customized – making it easy for dashboards to be used as watch lists.

Koyfin Differentiators

koyfin differntiators

Other than being able to access market overviews, users can also get a wide range of fundamental and technical data. This is important in exploring trends as well as trading opportunities.

Koyfin’s customizable dashboards present it as a unique option for many traders. This is because they can be used as watchlists and also offer immediate access to news feeds and charts.

Nonetheless, Koyfin may seem a crowded platform that creates a lot of detraction. It is more ideal for stock traders in the United States. Traders from other international countries may find it a bit of a hassle to make the best out of it.

All in all, the fact that Koyfin is a free platform makes it still a favorite for many. There are a few things that need to be improved to make it ideal for most traders.

For example, intraday charts should be introduced, to allow traders to get accurate and real-time information about the market.

Is Koyfin a Good Platform for All Stock Traders?

Koyfin is most ideal for medium-term traders that are keen on constantly studying the market while at the same time being able to customize their dashboards.

The software combines technical and fundamental analysis to a point that most charting software can’t manage to reach.

We can generally say that Koyfin is a data portal rather than an analysis service. It is therefore up to every user to customize the platform and create proper data visualization.


  • It’s free to all users
  • It has a highly customizable dashboard
  • Newsfeeds come from credible sources
  • It combines fundamental and technical charts


  • Its’s interface appears crowded
  • Doesn’t offer intraday price charts