Ben Sturgill LottoX Review




LottoX is a financial education platform led by expert trader Ben Sturgill. With a focus on stock trading and investing, LottoX helps users learn the skills and strategies they need to succeed in the financial markets.

If you want to make the most out of the stocks markets the guesswork is the last thing you need to engage in. There’s a lot to be learned from this space and luckily, we are living at a time when technology has made it really easy to borrow from the wisdom of the big guys in this space.

One such “big guy” goes by the name Ben Sturgill and he’s behind a system that falls in our review loupe today – known as LottoX.

We’re not sure why he chose the name LottoX but as you can imagine it has something to do with the kind of returns people can expect from utilizing his methods. Let’s break this down further for you.

What Is Ben Sturgill LottoX All About?

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So, what’s so special about Ben Sturgill’s approaches? Well, it has everything to do with the kind of returns he has historically netted for his subscribers. Case in point, during the summer of 2020, Ben reeled in 67 100%+ winners. In fact, one of those netted in 1,097% to be precise.

A unique attribute of this guru’s way of trading is simplicity. He primarily focuses on large cap stocks from companies with high liquidity. By capitalizing on their large movements, he is able to secure big wins for his subscribers hence the name LottoX – speaking of which, let’s break down some of the specific techniques this method involves.

1. Trading with Strong Trends

Want to swim with the sharks? This is the technique you need to master. Ben himself is fond of saying that “the trend is your friend” which is true considering his stellar track record this far.

You see, the main mistake 95% of stocks traders make is attempting to move against the trends. It’s like salmon attempting to swim upstream.

What Ben Sturgill does is he uses his proprietary technology and know-how to identify trends before they happen. And that way, he is able to send alerts through his newsletter.

2. Creating A Watchlist of Explosive Stocks

Other than keeping up with the trends, Ben maintains a list of explosive stocks and options on his menu. These are highly volatile stocks because, according to this guru’s strategy, volatility is a good recipe for success in trading.

In this case he prioritizes large and small cap stocks that have huge movements. For instance, he’d prefer to focus on a $15 that swings around $1 daily than a $150 one that swings around $1 over the same period of time.

His list of stocks acts as his primary go-to point whenever he is identifying some high potential trades.

3. The Price Consolidation Strategy

As we have already mentioned, the LottoX system has a huge appetite for explosive stocks. So, why then are we talking about price consolidations here? Well, the secret according to Ben Sturgill himself is that explosive movements typically start with consolidations.

So, by using his own methods, this guru identifies charts where the price action of a stock compresses for some time.

Whenever consolidations take place, Ben knows that the stock in question is building energy and readying itself for a break out. Usually, he recommends going for long and narrow price channels to take full advantage of the explosiveness of the stock.

That’s how he was able to identify the SDC and YETI before everybody started to short-squeeze them.

4. Taking Full Advantage of Options

If you’re like most traders out there, chances are that you solely focus on stocks trading. Seldom would you entertain the idea of dabbling in the world of options. Unfortunately, this habit mainly comes from the many misconceptions about options trading.

The truth is, when used judiciously, options can provide you with a huge advantage ahead of everyone else in the game. Unlike stocks, options tend to make your capital usage a tad more efficient and enable you to enjoy the benefits of leverage like never before.

Of course, you need to pay a premium to use the kind of leverage that options provide but at the end of the day you end up risking less cash and staring at bigger chunks of profit.

So, you create better, higher potential trading opportunities for yourself while you also protect your bases. 

5. The LottoX Indicator

We saved the best for last. The LottoX Indicator is a proprietary technology that enables him to identify stocks that are just about to pop up. The indicator is so advanced that it goes a step further and tells him when exactly the “popping up” with happen.

This enables him to generate some laser-focused alerts that comprise details such as:

  • Which stock is about to pop
  • What time the movements will start
  • How you should time your entry/exit
  • A recommendation on where to set the TP and SL (optional)

According to reviews posted about the Ben Sturgill LottoX Indicator so far, this system has generated huge winners in just the last few months. By big winners we’re talking about 300%, 600%, and even 1,000% winners.

The truth of the matter is, these opportunities are everywhere if only you can identify them. And that’s exactly what this indicator is believed to do.

Benefits of the Ben Sturgill LottoX Trades Method

So, why should you prioritize Ben Sturgill’s method over and above anything else you might have come across out there? Well, here are a few solid reasons.

1. Carefully Timed Trade Alerts

Time is of essence when it comes to trading. As such, it doesn’t make much sense to receive alerts exactly at the time the stock is already moving because that means you’ll have lost a lot if you happen to be away from your computer at that moment.

One thing we absolutely like about Ben is that he provides you alerts well ahead of time and tells you exactly when you should open/close your trades.

This may seem like a small thing but the truth is that it helps a lot in planning. It also helps you take full advantage of an alert – and this perhaps explains why those trading under this program often reel-in some really big winners.

2. Big Winners

What’s the point of getting into trading if you can’t make significant changes to your financial fortunes? While some traders prefer to capitalize on small wins over time, Ben prefers to place his bets on few but laser-focused traders.

And in particular, he focuses on high potential stocks and options with huge profit margins. To this end, he is among the few traders we know of who have consistently delivered 1000%+ winners over time.

3. Short Learning Curve

You probably are imagining that such an effective method of trading requires many weeks or months to master – nothing can be further from the truth. What Ben Sturgill primarily runs is a stock alerts service that keeps you aware of what’s happening in the markets and helps you identify big opportunities well ahead of time.

You won’t need to read massive books or take part in some boring online classes. Ben’s course is designed with the busy folks in mind and as such everything is simple and straight to the point.

Normally, those who join the system report making profits in 3 days or less. Of course, these results are not typical but at least they give you a rough idea of the kind of potential this tool has.

Who Is LottoX Best Suited For?

This method works best if you’re into swing trading. Basically, swing trading is a style of trading that involves opening and holding trades for a couple of days at a time.

And don’t get me wrong, some of the alerts given by Ben Sturgill do close real quick but generally, his method seems to favor swing trading as opposed to other high-frequency trading methods.

The main advantage of this approach is that involves less time commitment as opposed to day trading. Also, it frees you up and gives you the freedom to enjoy life – as opposed to day trading which requires you to mostly sit behind some computers staring at moving charts.


  • Good track-record so far
  • Ben Sturgill is a highly skilled stocks trader
  • The promise of significant returns
  • Relatively short learning curve
  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Eliminates emotions from trading
  • Minimal time requirement on your part


  • Like with any other strategy, this one isn’t 100% perfect always


The Ben Sturgill LottoX method has become quite popular of late partly due to its perceived past successes. Ben himself is a likeable person who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide his clients with valuable alerts and updates.

As such, his product is ideal for anyone who might be looking for a reliable source of stock trading insights.