Macroaxis Review




Macroaxis is a financial analysis and portfolio management platform that offers real-time data and advanced analysis tools to help investors make informed decisions. It helps investors optimize portfolio holdings, reduce risk, and maximize returns.

One aspect that sets apart a successful investor from the rest of the pack is their portfolio management strategies. With proper portfolio management, you can be in complete control of your investments, and you can easily maintain the winning stocks and let go of the losing ones.

The good thing is that there are several tools out there that are meant to help you build successful portfolios. An excellent example of such a program is Macroaxis which we believe would help you diversify your portfolio to an acceptable level.

Check out our Macroaxis review to understand what this software is all about and decide whether it is worth your investment.

What is Macroaxis?

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This is an investment management tool that is designed to help investors create and manage portfolios through financial analysis tools. It relies on a comprehensive modeling system to enable you to optimize and be in full control of your investments.

Some of its key features include a portfolio creator, portfolio optimizer, stock screener, research tool, among others.

All of them work towards a common goal of giving you a more successful and diversified portfolio.

Key Features of the Program

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To understand how this software works, we shall look at some of the key features that you will access once you subscribe to it.

1. Portfolio Creators

A smart way of getting started with this platform is by creating one or several portfolios, and you have various ways of doing this. The first option allows you to input an existing portfolio via Plaid, which is compatible with major US stockbrokers. Further, it also allows you to add positions manually.

It is also encouraging to note that Macroaxis supports a majority of the US stocks, ETFs, in addition to other global stocks and cryptocurrencies.

The other method of building a portfolio is starting from scratch using some of the modeling tools that the program offers. Start by selecting one of the four investment themes on offer, and they include ‘Marijuana,’ ‘Driverless Cars,’ ‘Alternative Energy,’ and other standard market sectors.

From there, choose an investment horizon, ranging from one month to two years, and a risk tolerance setting. Then, enter the exact amount that you intend to invest.

With all the information you have entered, the program will automatically generate a model portfolio with about 5 to 20 stocks.

Note that you can also create a cryptocurrency portfolio by using the steps above, only that the investment theme options will be more limited. Instead, the themes will be based on proof of work coins, popular coins, proof of stake coins, and Macroaxis top picks.

2. Portfolio Analysis

The next aspect of this software is analyzing the portfolio that you have set up. Here, you have different modes and models that you can make use of. 

Portfolio Optimizer

Let’s start with the Portfolio Optimizer that offers you a convenient way of rebalancing your current portfolio so that it becomes more efficient. Some of the ways of doing this include choosing a minimum and maximum position size, modifying your investment time horizon and risk tolerance, or assume an interest rate for cash holdings.

Once you set these constraints, the program will automatically calculate an optimum new portfolio within them and then show your expected performance, dividend income, and potential risk are supposed to change in the end.

Analysis Tool

We shall also look at how the platform can analyze your existing portfolios. Here, you can measure the correlation between the assets in your portfolio or backtest the portfolio over a particular duration in the past two years.

Further, you could also analyze your portfolio’s current performance in comparison to major market indices. 

You will be impressed at how in-depth these tools are and will enable you to point out the exact stocks in your portfolio that are affecting your performance.

The Portfolio Suggestion Module

This is a more advanced tool that adds and subtracts stocks to suggest better portfolio formulations. You can do the optimization based on whether you intend to actively or passively manage your portfolio or performance alone.

In addition to that, you could incorporate specific investing themes for the stocks that the program suggests. These suggestions are plotted on a risk vs. return graph, and this makes it easy for you to visualize the potential impact of modifying your portfolio.

3. Stock Screener and Research

An impressive bit about Macroaxis is that it is not restricted to portfolio tools and offers you tons of technical and fundamental research to assist you in picking the winning stocks. 

There is a convenient stock screener that aims to make your search easier by allowing you to filter the stocks based on several parameters such as theme, an ‘odds of distress’ score, and performance score. 

The well-visualized fundamental information and customizable technical charts will enable you to do in-depth research on any individual stock that you wish.

Lastly, the program has a buy/sell/hold rating that is calculated based on recent technical performance and fundamental metrics.

4. The Layout

Unfortunately, this platform’s user interface is not the friendliest and can be a bit difficult to navigate. This is probably due to the lack of a single static navigation menu.

Further, you cannot pin frequently used modules to the sidebar for easy access.

The Pricing

This program offers you two pricing plans to choose from, i.e., Silver and Gold. Let’s start with the Silver plan, which costs $19.95 per month or $179.40 per year. Here, you can get up to ten portfolios with twenty positions each and 100 optimization actions per day.

Individual investors are the main targets of this plan.

When it comes to the Gold Plan, it costs $79.95 per month or $719.40 per year, and it is specially designed to suit the interests of money managers. As expected, it has more to offer, whereby you can create up to 40 portfolios with 50 positions each. At the same time, there are no limitations on the number of optimizations or analysis actions that you can run.

Whichever plan you go for, you have seven days to try out the program with the money-back guarantee assuring you of a full refund if the service doesn’t work for you.

Who is it for?

This program is just for you if you are a medium-term investor who intends to manage your portfolios actively. Since it focuses on investing timeframes of 1-month to 2-years, you can make full use of it by doing a routine analysis of your holdings and making the necessary adjustments for the changing market conditions.

Further, you could also use this software to manage long-term portfolios and helps in determining the ideal way of rebalancing them over time.


  • Has impressive visualization tools
  • Offers in-depth stock research and charts
  • Allows you to optimize and rebalance your portfolio in no time
  • Supports the major global stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies


  • The Interface is tricky to navigate
  • Restricted within a 2-year investing timeframe


From what we have gathered, we believe that Macroaxis is worth investing in. It can help in your portfolio management whereby it will you can rebalance your portfolio by maintaining your winning stocks and letting go of the losing ones.

In the end, you will have optimized your portfolio to become more profitable than before. Why don’t you try it out and see if it achieves the goal of making your portfolio more efficient?