Madaz Money Review




Madaz Money is a financial analysis and research platform led by experienced trader Madaz that offers market insights and investment ideas.

Investing is one of the best ways to gain financial freedom. But it’s not just about investing, it’s about getting the right type of investment. When it comes to the stock market or options trading, the most important thing is strategy.

You might be stuck in a nine 9 to 5 job and wondering why you are not meeting your financial goals. You need to start asking yourself critical questions.

Is the job am doing fulfilling my financial obligations? Are there other opportunities I can explore? Am I ready to take risks?

These are some of the questions any serious individual should ask themselves in order to kick-start a journey towards financial freedom.

At some point in life, I used to think that working full time in an office was the only way I could make earn a living. But I was very wrong. I realized that there are many people who quit their day jobs and started trading in the stock market.

I was a bit skeptical at first but took the bold step to venture into options trading and the stock market. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Imagine a situation where you have left your only source of income to explore something that you have never tried?

But when I heard about Madaz Money, it became a relief for me. I was very green in most of the issues about trading until I came across this wonderful trading chatroom called Madaz Money. It literally changed my fortunes.

What is Madaz Money?

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Also known as, Madaz Money is a chatroom for trading as wells as a resource center for intraday traders. The platform is basically designed for investors who specialize in highly-volatile stocks.

The platform is run by a former structural engineer known as Madaz, who left his engineering job to become a full-time intraday trader. One notable thing about Madaz Money is the level of transparency that it exhibits.

Madaz offers live commentary videos via the chatroom and mobile app. He also interacts one-on-one with traders almost every day.

The most interesting thing is that Madaz and his team always lead from the front. You have had of people saying that leaders should lead from the front right? Well, Madaz and his team can always be seen trading on the most volatile stocks.

The service allows users to mage their trades using the available daily watch lists. Although not encouraged, traders can also use piggyback on trades to make their moves.

Madaz Money is not the only available trading platform. There are other similar services such as Warrior Trading and Profit Prism. But what makes Madaz Money unique? This review will seek to answer this question.

How Madaz Money Operates

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The platform has a team of four professional traders spearheaded by Madaz. Every trader specializes in their own trading style. This means that investors and other traders can choose to follow whatever style they find favorable to them.

Madaz commonly uses small-cap scalper, in most cases using candlestick charts that have price indicators. You can always see him trading almost throughout the day, with breaks or a few minutes to an hour.

Another trader, Micah specializes in short selling Fibonacci tools together with technical analysis. He uses this method to capitalize on some of the most profitable stocks of the day.

Anthony on the other hand is known for long-bias trading. He prefers using methods that rely on technical analysis to conduct large-cap and mid-cap stocks.

The other trader is Lucas, who deals with small-cap trading. He mainly relies on fundamental analysis such as event catalysts and news to make his trades.

1. Set-ups

Madaz has extensive experience as far as timing trades is concerned. He prefers using breakdowns and breakouts, taking advantage of entries on pullbacks. Besides, he also uses reversion scalps by shorting higher, when the opportunity presents itself.

He is extremely good in tape reading and is able to pair the time of sales together with level 2 to trigger signals. The funny part is that Madaz rarely uses a momentum indicator. He applies his instincts to catch the most profitable stocks.

2. Time frames

Madaz has several time frames that include a daily chart, where users can get a broader perspective regarding prices as well as three-minute chard to time scalps. The layout of the chart template is available for members to use.

Key Features

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1. Educational content

Madaz Money offers access to a number of trading videos, podcasts, and recaps to its members. Unlike other services, Madaz doesn’t have a pre-training course. Instead, the platform is designed to be a continuous learning process.

Its objective is to impart investors with daily trading insights and follow up with them from time to time. It is best for traders who are interested in learning while at the same time implementing what they are being taught by trading.

Nonetheless, this approach can encourage ‘laziness’ among traders. Some may decide to stick on a single method being used by an expert trader until he or she reaches the target sale.

2. Chatroom

The service has a live chatroom that’s accessible to all subscribers. Each room is designed for a specific purpose. For example, there is one that only involves discussions regarding main stocks.

Besides that, there are extra rooms dealing with different topics such as long term investments, analysis of fundamental techniques, charts, and watchlist.

Other than the professional traders on the Madaz platform, there are also several experts who are members within the platform. They are often given an opportunity to offer insights on the daily market trends.

But you should always take such trading insights with caution. This is because their trading style and portfolio might be totally different from yours. The good thing is that there are moderators on the platform who are there to ensure that any information being shared by other traders is authentic and reliable.

Who is Best Suited to Use Madaz Money?

Madaz Money is ideal for experienced intraday traders, looking to adopt momentum trading ideas and implement them every day. This is not for the newbies rather for traders who are willing to get into full action and risk everything.

From my experience and live interaction with the platform, traders can really benefit from recaps and videos. It gives them a sense of the right methodology being used to get the most out of the stock market.

As a matter of caution, don’t expect that everything will be done for you. What the experts usually present is an outcome or result of their own trading activities. But they often provide a bunch of educational materials that can guide you throughout the process.

Is Madaz a Good Investment?

It will cost you $99 per month and $990 annually to access the Madaz Money services. But considering the fact that the service gets you right into the action, you can definitely recoup your money within a very short time.

However, users should be wary of the danger of becoming robot traders. The service can easily make one lazy and get used to copy-pasting trading methodologies and techniques used by other traders.


  • It is a very transparent platform
  • It has a lot of insights about the market
  • Chatrooms can easily be accessed online
  • Takes a trader where the action is


  • Relatively expensive for an average trader