Marketsmith vs Tradingview

Are you an investor or trader seeking a competent online platform to analyze markets and make educated trading decisions? If so, MarketSmith and TradingView are two excellent options.

Although they both offer a plethora of features and tools, there are differences between the two that must be taken into account before making your decision.

In this article we'll conduct an in-depth comparison of MarketSmith vs TradingView - analyzing their advantages as well as drawbacks - to assist you with discerning which is best for you.

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Overall Rating: 4.6/5

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Overall Rating: 4.3/5

About MarketSmith

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MarketSmith offers traders and investors a comprehensive suite of tools to help them make informed decisions in the stock market. This user-friendly platform provides everything they need to comprehend a security's fundamentals, technicals, and more - including its proprietary rating system.

One of the key features of MarketSmith is its stock rating system, which assigns a rating of A to E to stocks based on a variety of fundamental and technical factors. The ratings are designed to help traders and investors quickly identify top-performing stocks and avoid underperformers.

MarketSmith also offers an extensive array of research resources, such as integrated financial data, revenue and sales projections, and charting & technical analysis tools. Its charts are also entirely customizable so that users can integrate multiple indicators, overlays or timeframes to identify patterns & trends faster.

Another useful feature of MarketSmith is its proprietary Growth 250 list, which is a hand-picked selection of 250 leading growth stocks. The list is updated weekly and is designed to help traders and investors identify stocks with strong growth potential.

Although MarketSmith offers an extensive selection of features and tools, there is a cost associated with this platform. The software operates on a subscription basis divided into various levels depending upon the amount of analysis one requires - which might be intimidating for novice traders and investors just starting out.

About TradingView

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TradingView is a popular online platform for traders and investors that provides a wide range of tools and features to help you analyze markets and make informed trading decisions. Here are some of the key features of TradingView:

  • Charting tools: TradingView has set the benchmark in charting tools, with an array of technical indicators and drawing features to help you recognize market trends. You can personalize your charts to include a blend of timeframes, overlays and studies for more precise analysis. Plus, TradingView's interactive capabilities allow you to share these insights quickly with others.
  • Social community: Comprised of over 15 million traders globally, TradingView boasts a thriving and growing social community. Here you can find fellow users to follow and share ideas with as well as join groups and partake in conversations to glean wisdom from other investors while also receiving feedback on your own theories.
  • Multiple asset classes: TradingView provides a comprehensive range of trading instruments, including stocks, forex, futures, cryptocurrencies and more. Easily transition between asset classes to review comparative charts with technical indicators across divergent markets.
  • Algorithmic trading: TradingView also offers algorithmic trading capabilities through its partner brokers, allowing you to automate your trading strategies and execute trades automatically based on your chart analysis and indicators.

While TradingView offers a lot of features and tools for traders, there are some potential drawbacks to consider as well. For instance, TradingView's free version limits the number of indicators and charting tools available to users; meanwhile, if you want access to more complex features such as algorithmic trading, a paid plan or broker partnership is required.

Comparing The Two Services

When it comes to choosing the right trading platform for your needs, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here's a head-to-head comparison of some of the key features of MarketSmith and TradingView:

1. Stock analysis and ratings

MarketSmith offers a unique stock rating system, with ratings from A to E that take into account both fundamental and technical factors.

Alternatively, TradingView is well-known for offering an abundance of detailed technical indicators coupled with advanced charting tools to help you conduct thorough research on stocks and other markets - which can be incredibly beneficial depending on your individual trading style.

2. Charting and technical analysis

When it comes to charting and technical analysis, both MarketSmith and TradingView offer a host of powerful tools including customizable charts with an abundance of indicators as well as drawing tools.

However, if the need for more options or increased flexibility arises then TradingView seems to have an edge in this regard.

3. Social community and idea sharing

With TradingView, you have access to millions of traders and investors who interact on the platform; providing feedback and exchanging ideas.

This can be extremely beneficial for honing your trading strategy. Unfortunately, MarketSmith doesn't offer a community filled with like-minded individuals and so if that's something you're looking for then it may not be ideal option.

4. Cost and pricing models

MarketSmith provides an array of pricing tiers, depending on the level of features and analysis that you need. If budget is a restriction, TradingView might be more suitable as it offers both free versions and subscriptions with extra tools in higher subscription levels.

Regardless of your trading needs and financial situation, either service could satisfy these requirements

Ultimately, whether MarketSmith or TradingView is the better choice for you will depend on your personal trading needs and preferences.

If a comprehensive stock analysis and rating system is what you're after, then MarketSmith may be a great fit; whereas if social community interaction through idea sharing holds more value to you, or if flexibility in charting and technical analysis tools are of higher priority - TradingView might be the optimal solution for you.


Investors and traders alike can benefit from the tools and features of both MarketSmith and TradingView, but for those who seek an even more flexible charting platform with a larger social base to exchange ideas, TradingView is unquestionably the superior selection.

On top of its customizable charting capabilities which allow tailored analysis, it's available in various paid-for or complimentary offers - meaning that people at any stage are able to access it.

Overall, if you're looking for a platform to help analyze the stock market, TradingView is a solid choice.