Monday Movers Review




Monday Movers is a financial analysis and trading education service that provides resources and support to help traders and investors succeed in the markets. It offers expert training, real-time alerts, and market analysis to help users at all levels improve their skills and make informed and profitable decisions.

Let’s face it, when you want to get started in stocks trading, chances are that you may not afford to spend all day long analyzing the charts and news. You probably have got a full-time job to keep or a family to take care of.

What if you could lay your hands on a stocks alerts system that provides you with entry and exit alerts either by SMS, email, or push notifications?

Well, Jason Bond’s Monday Movers service perfectly fits that description and that’s why in this review, we’d like to help you determine what it really is and what it is NOT.

Monday Movers by Jason Bonds Overview

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As its name suggests, Monday Movers is a stocks and options trading program that provides you with insights on trades that hold the most potential when the markets officially open on Monday.

Subscribers to this service typically receive alerts on Fridays. Meaning you get pretty much the whole weekend to carry out deeper analyses before committing your money to any trades.

What’s more, this program is part of the menu served by Raging Bull and specifically by Jason Bond who is one of Raging Bull founders.

What It Includes

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So, what exactly do I get when I sign-up for this service? You might be wondering. Well, simple – you enjoy access to all the services provided by Jason Bond along with a watchlist sent to you every Friday.  This watchlist typically comprises that Jason Bonds believes will gap up on Monday.

1. Real-Time Entry and Exit Alerts

Alerts are quite important because they help you take advantage of opportunities immediately they’re available. You know, if you’re extremely busy at work, you may not have the entire day to keep checking your indicators and charts to spot opportunities.

So, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a system that notifies you whenever opportunities arise. And that’s pretty much what Monday Movers is all about.

Alerts are normally sent via SMS, Email, and Push Notifications. But to take full advantage of these alerts, it’s recommended that you activate the relevant alerts from your dashboard (once you become a subscriber).

As for the push notifications, you need to download the Raging Bull App from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Once you activate the push notifications, you’ll receive the alerts wherever you are provided your phone is connected to the internet.

2. Masterclass Lessons

This is yet another important part of this package. It’s a 12-week video series along with exclusive content breaking down each one of Bond’s strategies.

Once you enroll for the training, you’ll learn a lot to do with chart patterns. That is, how Mr. Jason watches his charts and which chart patterns he looks out for.

Also, he’ll teach about the logic he uses to enter trades. That’s because psychology is quite important whenever trading is involved.

So, Jason shows you the logic he uses when opening trades hoping that you’ll use the same even when you’re trading on your own.

This part of training is quite important as not all of the alerts you’ll get are 100% accurate. What you’ll get is a watchlist and you should never open all the recommended trades on the watchlist – as that would amount to trading blindly something Raging Bulls discourages.

Once you get the alerts, you’ll be expected to tap into the knowledge picked from the Masterclass Lessons to narrow down to the final picks.

Luckily, with the Monday Movers, you have the better part of Friday and the entire weekend to do this (and even ask questions in the chatroom).

3. The Chatroom

Talking about the chatroom, this is a fantastic place to interact with other traders and even make friends. You can freely ask them questions about the kinds of strategies they use, their favorite educational materials, and/or updates on their current trades.

Unfortunately, due to SEC limitations, you’re not allowed to ask questions that necessitate professional financial advice. And if you ask them, chances are that they’ll go unanswered.

Why so? Because even in their description, Raging Bull clearly states that they’re just an educational platform and not a financial adviser.

So, you should take advantage of the chatrooms to compare strategies, track each other’s performance, and encourage one another throughout the journey. And indeed, the chatrooms are fun-filled platforms that are professionally moderated keeping the risk of getting trolled low.

4. Jason Bond Vault

This vault comprises years of video content and strategies that have stood the test of time. We’re talking about everything from Fibonacci retracements to swing trading patterns.

The vault is a goldmine of information. However, some of it might be outdated as this is pretty much a library where all the good old stuff is stored.

You can use this as part of your education so that you have a wide scope of understanding.

5. Live Trading

Yup, you read that right. It’s very rare for experienced traders to allow their subscribers to track their every move during trading hours but Jason allows you to do that.

You can rely on this opportunity if you’re into copy-trading. But of course, you need to rely on your own research and assessments because even the gurus themselves often do make wrong calls (about 20% of the time).

20% of the time isn’t bad at all but if you have a really tiny trading account, it might get wiped out in the process. The good news is that you have over 80% chances to make wins and recover.

If your account is tiny i.e. below $1000, we’d recommend paper-trading until you find a strategy that works best for you.

Overall, the live trading feature of Jason Bond’s platform is a great one if you want to learn from the best. Only that it isn’t “the goose that lays golden eggs.”

6. Customized Scanners

As part of the Monday Movers package, you also get access to two customized scanners exclusively owned by Jason Bond. One of the scanners is designed to hunt momentum stocks and is highly beneficial to those trading using the Jason Bond Stock Picks service.

You can still use it if you’re on Monday Movers just that you’ll probably need to find ways to generate your own alerts or subscribe to Jason Bond Stock Picks as an add-on package.

The other scanner is designed to find high-probability options. This works best if you’re open to the idea of trading options (you need a strong account to trade options, though). 

Who Does This Service Suit?

Just so your expectations are set right – this is no magic bullet. It’s NOT a plug-and-play robot. Rather, it’s a system that you can actively use to fine-tune your trade picks.

To do that, you’re better off sparing the first few days of signing up to learn everything from the Learning Center. But do keep in mind that there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee period so, don’t take too long in the Learning Center so you have just enough time to test-drive the system.

Of courses, chances are that you’ll like it. But, you know, it’s always wise to have a margin of safety especially when you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on an online service.

About Jason Bond

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He’s a former gym trainer and teacher. Jason joined the Raging Bull family back in 2010 as a student of Jeff Bishop who is behind Total Alpha and Weekly Money Multiplier.

At the time he was starting his journey, he was deep in debt. Luckily, for him, he managed to come out of one of America’s worst recession years smiling after making a fortune by simply trading stocks online.

How Does Jason Bond Get His Trade Ideas?

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As we’ve already stated, Jason is behind two customized scanners. He uses those to carry out the bulk of his researcher.

But to widen his scope and dig deeper, he often taps into two of the popular mainstream scanners namely Thinkorswim by TD-Ameritrade, Tastyworks, and E*Trades.

Should I trade whatever Jason Trades?

It’s not a must for you to trade everything Jason alerts you on or anything that you see him opening trades on. That’s because he’s not a registered financial advisor. He’s just a trader only that he’s one of the most experienced ones we have out there currently.

Plus, he’s among the few gurus who are willing to trade publicly.

He simply teaches you how to trade using his own personal examples and using his own money. So, unless you completely understand the reasoning behind any of the moves he makes, avoid following his advice blindly.

And once again, this is why we recommend spending at least the first few days of joining this program learning. Luckily, the educational content provided along with this guide is quite easy-to-understand even if you’ve never traded stocks before.


  • Good reviews & ratings on Trustpilot
  • Legitimate trainer with a track record
  • Raging Bull is a reputable company
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lots of learning materials provided
  • Well-moderated, educative chatrooms
  • Live trading and alerts provided


  • There’s no free-trial package available for now
  • Optional upsells pop-up from time to time
  • Money-back guarantee only valid after completing a 2-hour course


Monday Movers by Jason Bond is a fair deal. It works best when you’re willing to take the stairs and would benefit from a bit of hand-holding.

So, if you need a boost so you can trade like a pro in a matter of weeks, this is certainly a service we’d recommend trying.