Motley Fool Augmented Reality Review




Motley Fool Augmented Reality is a financial platform that provides expert investment advice and analysis on companies in the AR industry. It helps investors make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Are you an investor who is wondering how you can take advantage of the augmented reality (AR) revolution to make significant profits? After all, we all know just how AR is transforming the world around us, don’t we?

As we speak services exist that attempt to make use of this technology to boost your stock market success. A good example is the Motley Fool Augmented Reality stock picking service that focuses on innovative tech companies in line for explosive growth.

In this article, we have done an extensive and unbiased review of the program to help you decide whether it has everything you are looking for in a stock-picking service.

About Motley Fool Augmented Reality

Motley Fool Augmented Reality logo

Also known as Augmented Reality and Beyond, this is a stock picking service that aims to help you discover tech companies with a promising future. By ‘promising future,’ we are talking about companies that, in the coming years, they are likely to experience massive growth and cause waves in the industry. 

If you have been paying attention to the market, you must know that tech industries are the in-thing, and some have given back returns exceeding 10,000%. When we look at industry leaders such as Apple and Amazon, we attribute their current status to their explosive growth while their futures still look promising.

It’s hard to imagine that these companies were ordinary investment opportunities a few years back, among many others. At the moment, numerous companies are likely to experience explosive growth in the coming years, and Motley Fool’s AR will try to help you uncover similar firms.

How Does it Work?

The workings of this service are pretty straightforward. To access the system and its investment strategy, all that is required of you is to subscribe to it. From there, you will receive email notifications providing you with information on promising investment opportunities in the AR sector.

When the AR revolution eventually strikes the world, and you have invested in companies in that sector, you are likely to reap huge returns.

Who is the Developer?

This program runs under the Motley Fool umbrella, founded in 1993 by David and Tom Gardner. The company specializes in stock picking services, and other popular names under the brand include Motley Fool Rule Breakers, Rule Your Retirement, Stock Advisor, and Motley Fool Options.

While Motley Fool AR remains in the stock-picking line up of services, it adds a unique aspect by exploring the investment opportunities present in the Augmented Reality sector.

What you Get In The Service

In this section, we will look at some of the key programs that you will get access to once you subscribe to it.

Here they are.

1. Augmented Reality Research

As a stock-picking company, it is only natural that Motley Fool’s investment advisors do extensive research on particular stocks before settling on their picks. As soon as the company narrows down on a particular stock, it compiles research reports that the subscribers would find useful.

All the reports are presented in an easy-to-read format and cover all the vital aspects of the company. This simple presentation ensures that you have an easy time dissecting all the information that is in the reports. This is a crucial feature since financial reports can be overwhelming, and many companies fail in this area.

Some of the information that you are likely to find in the research reports includes:

  • Why that particular company is a good investment
  • Why the company will be a force to reckon with in augmented reality technology
  • The risks you are likely to encounter

2. Augmented Reality Portfolio

Here, the portfolio of stocks refers to a list containing all the advisors’ recommendations for you. These recommendations are categorized into three groups:

Leading the Way

This category comprises established companies that have already found their footing in the industry. Although they are not in-line for explosive growth, they are a safer bet, as you would expect from an established firm.

So, we can say that the main intention of this category of stocks is to give your portfolio some stability.

Shaping the World

As the name suggests, here, you will find the companies that are shaping and making bold moves in the AR world.

They may be riskier than the first category (leading the Way), but these companies also offer opportunities to make great returns in the long run.

Highfliers of the Future

The last category features firms that offer the most potential. They are the newcomers that are unsettling their respective industries. These companies are newer and riskier, but they also offer the opportunity to return the highest long-term yields

There is a good reason why we consider the AR portfolio to be the greatest resource that you will get access to. This is because it provides you with a list of the best stocks that you should buy, and this is the reason you must have subscribed to the service in the first place.

Here, you will find why their stock picks all set up for massive growth.

3. Buy/Sell Alerts

One thing that you need to know is that this service is mainly designed for long-term traders. Therefore, alerts are not that frequent, and you are unlikely to get more than one alert in a month.

All in all, Motley Fool will issue buy/sell alerts any time they adjust they adjust their stock recommendations. For instance, if the advisors uncover a new company with great potential, they will issue you with a buy alert.

And if a company isn’t performing to the level expected of it, you will be issued with a sell alert.

How Does Motley Fool AR Perform?

This is a question that you should find an answer to before investing in any service, including Motley Fool Augmented Reality. Here, we shall talk about the portfolio, which since its launch in June 2019, it has returned 69.3%.

Within the same period, the S&P 500 returned 18.4%. This implies that the AR portfolio beat the market by over 50%.

Based on statistics we came across on the 28 stocks in the portfolio, Augmented Reality offers a balanced portfolio featuring both established and growing companies. Given that this service has existed for a little over a year, we find the numbers to be really impressive.

The Pricing

augmented reallity pricing

This service is available for an annual subscription of $1999, and the subscription recurs annually. As soon as you sign up for the program, you will gain access to the key features we have discussed above.

The price may seem steep, but we believe that it is worth every cent of it for the features that it has.

Who would Augmented Reality be Most Suitable for?

motley fool augmented reality

There are several categories of investors whom we believe would most appreciate this service. We have broken down the different groups for you below.

If you are expecting some volatility in the market

Due to the tech sector’s explosive growth, that particular market can be very volatile. So, if you are a risk-conscious investor and you want to learn how to cut your losses, there is something you should do.

Take your time to research the volatility you are likely to experience before pumping your hard-earned money into the investment.

If you plan to hold your positions for the long-term

By long-term, we are talking about a period of at least 3-5 years. The stock recommendations that you find in the portfolio are long-term picks that are prone to short-term price swings.

This tells you that the picks are perfect for you if you have a long-term plan.

Do you plan to diversify your stocks?

The other notable aspect of this service is the portfolio. The idea behind portfolios is to ensure that you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

As you look for the next big company in the tech sector, rather than focusing on one hot pick, you should consider adding at least 12-15 of the twenty-eight recommended stocks.

We can combine the three categories and say that this service would be ideal for you if you are an investor with a long-term plan, can withstand market volatility, and is prepared to create a diversified portfolio.

Is Motley Fool AR Legit?

This is a genuine question since you will be investing a lot of money to access the resources that this program has to offer. From what we have seen, the answer is simple, yes! 

First, the program is published by the Motley Fool, which is a reliable publisher when it comes to financial services. There are other competent services that run under the umbrella, including The Stock Advisor, Rule Your Retirement, and Rule Breakers.

We have reviewed the programs and have found them to be world-class. So, we believe that Augmented Reality was established under the same standards.

Then, the platform is run by top analysts to ensure that it recommends only the best stocks in the market. Tom and David Gardner do an excellent job of offering guidance to the team of analysts so that the results are always the best.

Lastly, Motley Fool has been around since 1993, and this has given the developers ample time to eliminate the flaws which would interfere with any of their services’ smooth running.

How Much Does this Service Earn me?

To understand how much you can make from this service, we shall have to do some simple calculations. Let’s start with the subscription of $1,399 per year, and the portfolio would return approximately 70% per year.

In comparison, the S&P has returned roughly 20% over the same period. This points out the Augmented Reality portfolio returned 50% more earnings.

What does 50% more earnings mean? To help you understand the significance of this figure, we shall use a simple illustration:

  • If you invest $5000, the increased returns are worth $2500
  • If you invest $25000, the increased returns are worth $12,500
  • If you invest $70,000, the increased returns are worth $35,000

Keep in mind that there will be a variance in the performance over the years where some will yield high returns and others low.

We shall use the same reasoning as above to determine how much the portfolio needs to return for you to break even based on the subscription fee.

  • If you invest $1000, the portfolio has to beat the market by 140%
  • And if you pump in $100,000, the portfolio should beat the market by 1.4%

Looking at the figures above, it may be impossible to see any value in the service if you invest less than $10,000. If you invest a few thousand bucks, you may not even be successful in recouping the subscription fee.

Pros and Cons

As we conclude, we shall look at both the advantages and disadvantages of this service. Augmented Reality is an amazing service with several benefits, but it also has its drawbacks.

We shall look at both categories in brief.


  • It runs under Motley Fool, which has a track record of beating the market for over fifteen years
  • The service recommends the hottest stocks in the AR sector that will run the show in the coming years
  • The research reports are presented in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can grasp all the information without any complications
  • Easy to use


  • The subscription fee is a bit steep
  • The service only suits the long-term investors


If you are looking for the best way to make great profits from the innovative tech sector, the Motley Fool AR would be the best platform to use. It will present you with the hottest stocks, which, if you hold for at least 3-5 years, their market value is likely to grow explosively.

Even better, you will learn how to build a diversified portfolio so that you do not make total losses in your investment.

We honestly think that this is a great service considering the immense potential the tech world holds. So, if you’re a long-term investor, we’d recommend giving it a shot.