NFT Ninja Course Review




NFT Ninja Course is an education platform that teaches users how to create, sell, and profit from non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is a trusted choice for those looking to learn and succeed in the world of NFTs.

Let’s face it, blockchain technology is the future. Already we have seen many different organizations embracing the use of crypto and prominent personalities like Elon Musk speaking out boldly on this matter. With that in mind, this article is a review of a blockchain investment strategy called NFT Ninja by Nick Destefano.

You see, the success of NFTs is heavily tied to the rise of digital currencies. Beyond that, NFTs are being propelled by the creative industry especially as artists look to build value around their products.

The NFT Ninja program is designed to help you understand how exactly this works and also how you can profit from this relatively new space.

So, is Nick Destefano’s program worth investing in? Let’s break things down for you.

What Is NFT Ninja?

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NFT Ninja is an online course designed for beginners and intermediates. That’s to say, the program is meant for those with completely no idea what NFTs are and still works for those who already have basic knowledge about the topic.

The course is ideal for anyone looking to take full advantage of emerging NFT trends. It's also a good plus if you're looking to learn how to flip NFTs and churn out a profit in the process.

Here are some key takeaways from the NFT Ninja course:

1. Knowledge of Flipping NFTs

Ever wondered how to flip NFTs and make money? Well, the idea behind flipping is that you get to buy NFTs when they are still cheap and sell them at a profit when they start trending. Yup, it’s that simple.

The challenge, however, is how to tell which NFTs are currently undervalued and that’s where this course comes in.

The dude behind this program has been trading NFTs for many years now and has developed proprietary algorithms that enable him to identify some high-potential yet undervalued tokens. 

In a nutshell, the NFT Ninja course has the skills you need to unleash the power of NFTs like never before.

2. Breaking Free from NFT Dilemmas

NFTs are a buzzword for now and for good reasons – they provide small investors with the opportunity to grow. But as perfect as they are, some non-fungible tokens (as they are known in full) are hype-driven meaning their relevance tends to die over time.

As an investor, you are likely to find yourself in a dilemma especially considering such facts.

Luckily, the NFT Ninja course is authored by someone who fully understands the ebbs and flows of this financial technology. And so, he dedicates a whole section of this program to this – particularly talking about which NFTs to avoid and which ones to go for.

Generally, if you are yet to make up your mind, this section of the course will help boost your confidence and help you make the right decisions right from the onset.

3. Discover the Exact System Used by Nick DeStefano to Make Profits

Nick is a well-known and respected entrepreneur who has been able to flip hundreds of thousands of dollars in hugely profitable NFT initiatives. For a long time, he has proven highly efficient at spotting and taking advantage of emerging trends pocketing thousands of dollars in profits in the process.

He now works as a full-time NFT dealer and claims to have invested over $100,000 in various NFT portfolios this year alone.

So, how can you benefit from Nick's many years of experience and talent? Well, the guru has put together a helpful step-by-step course that details every little thing you need to do to maintain a profitable streak. In particular, the section of the course covers things like:

  • Timing and how to decide the opportune time to jump into an NFT trend
  • Nick’s proprietary spot plan on making massive returns from NFT flipping
  • How to avoid costly errors as you begin your NFT investment journey

If you have been yearning to learn or replicate Nick’s ways, this is a takeaway that’s certainly worth looking forward to.

4. The Single Most Important Thing to Do as you Start NFT Flipping

Experience is a vital ingredient when it comes to NFT flipping. Ask any seasoned NFT trader out there and they’ll tell you that it takes experience to master some things.

With this in mind, Nick has a whole section of his course that discusses the single most important thing that every non-fungible tokens trader needs to do.

5. Step-By-Step Guide for Turning NFTs into a Profitable Venture

Just like the stocks market, the NFT market operates like a double-edged sword i.e., there are some lucky few traders who make insane profits and quite a few others who get burned. The NFT Ninja course provides you with a smooth learning curve that enables you to develop your very own investment strategy going forward so you can achieve and maintain a profitable streak.

The Modules That Make Up the NFT Ninja Course

In total course comprises 23 modules all of which are designed to provide you with a solid foundation for profitability. 11 of these modules are meant for complete beginners. Another 11 are labeled as "advanced" meaning you need some pre-existing NFT knowledge to benefit from them.

The 23rd module is special in the sense that it provides you with specific NFT flipping strategies. The author of this program goes to the specific moves and shows you the actual dos and don’ts such that all you need is to stick to these strategies to earn a profit.

How long does it take to be successful with NFT ninja? Well, it all depends on your pace of learning. If you’re an average-paced learner, chances are that you’ll be able to finish the course in under 60 days. 

Bonus Modules

Other than the 23 main modules, there’s a bunch of other optional bonus modules that talk about the top NFT marketplaces and some specific NFT tools that Nick himself uses for flipping. 

NOTE: All these modules are available as one package so you only pay a one-off fee for life. How cool is that?

The Benefits of NFT Ninja

So, what are the perks of buying this course as opposed to any other that might be available out there?

You Get a Buying List Emailed to You

It never gets more practical than this. Other than the training you will also be enrolled in an exclusive mailing list that will entitle you to trade ideas from the guru himself. In other words, you get to know the NFTs that Nick is eyeing and why. In other words, he gives you a front-row seat to his actual trading and decision-making thereby giving you a huge opportunity to emulate his performance.

The Monthly Calendar

If you have an extremely busy schedule, chances are that you'll want to work with a monthly calendar as opposed to regular emails. With this calendar, you're provided with a detailed list of high-potential NFT events and projects. This gives you an opportunity to research and be prepared for those key moments long before they arrive.

Your Profit Calculator

Trading without keeping track of your performance is akin to driving blindly along a busy city street. With your subscription of NFT Ninja, you also get access to a powerful calculator that automatically analyzes your profitable and losing streaks. This makes it super easy for you to make quick and accurate decisions.

Weekly Outlook

What can traders expect from the NFTs in the upcoming week? This is the key question the NFT Ninja weekly outlook reports are about. They addressed issues relating to earnings potential, consumer confidence, insider information and so forth.

What’s more, you’re provided with a whitelist of projects that you can purchase ahead of everyone else as well as insights into unreleased collections.

VIP Giveaways

Once you become part of the NFT Ninja family you’ll be entitled to infrequent VIP giveaways. These surprise gifts make this platform quite different from any other you might have encountered out there. And the best part? Some of the giveaways are worth thousands of dollars! Such get automatically credited to your account when they come by.

Who Is NFT Ninja Best Suited For?

NFTs work best for modern-day tech-savvy investors. It also doubles up as a good way to support artists. So, if you're the kind that prefers to make good money for a good cause NFTs have got to be your thing.

An Analysis of Different User Reviews on NFT Ninja Course

A spot check of different user reviews posted online indicates that the NFT Ninja Course is loved by many. Users cite how the course helped them master the art of trading tokens in a short period of time. Others commend the trainer Nick DeStefano for his well-thought approach to various trading questions and challenges.


  • A smooth learning curve for NFT trading
  • Has time-saving NFT trading strategies
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent customer support
  • Regular buy/sell alerts sent to you
  • Monthly and weekly outlooks


  • The course does not amount to financial advice
  • Sections of the course can take long for slow learners to finish


In a nutshell, the NFT Ninja course is an all-inclusive resource for anyone looking for a way to churn out a profit by simply flipping NFTs.

Whether you’re just getting started or have tried before and failed, this course is designed to equip you with the mettle of the best in the game. It’s definitely worth a shot.