Old School Value Review




Old School Value is a financial analysis and research platform helping investors discover and track investment opportunities. It has powerful analytics tools and value investing resources and education to help users identify undervalued stocks and make informed investment decisions.

Even the most experienced trader will find stock analysis software very useful. While such a tool won’t make you an investment pro overnight, it can improve your success in the market. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a long-term investor, beginner trader, or day trader. 

But with so many stocks software available to choose from, how do you tell which one is the best for your needs? Well, it depends on what you are looking for and your budget. 

However, the best software should help you easily find stocks to trade based on value, quality, and growth scores. It should also offer an array of features like customization tools, prebuilt valuation tools, quality checks, and data for all US stocks. 

That said, below, we are going to look at the software that claims to have all the above features and more. The tool we are talking about is called Old School Value. 

But is this software right for you? Read our detailed write-up on Old School Value to learn this and much more about the tool. 

What is Old School Value?

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Also referred to as OSV, Old School Value is software that comprises a suite of value investing tools. These tools are built to help traders and investors identify what stocks are worth and at what price to buy or sell. 

Simply put, the software provides a great review of stocks that other systems generate. This allows you to analyze them objectively so you can increase your portfolio returns

However, the best part about this system is that it is packed with lots of great features, including pre-built valuation models. More importantly, it provides you with access to all the stocks in the database and boasts an intuitive interface. 

Who Is Behind the Software?

Jae Jun

Jae Jun is the founder of this trading software. Apparently, Jae Jun never studied finance or anything to do with investing. So, how was he able to create this system, you ask? 

Well, thanks to the lessons he learned from popular investors like Warren Buffet, Joel Greenblatt, Ben Graham, and Bruce Greenwald, he developed the software.

However, in 2018, Mike took over the company as the CEO. Mike has been a value investor since 2008, and his investment mantra is Valuation, Valuation, Valuation. 

What to Expect From OSV – Features & Benefits

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Like we have already mentioned, this system is loaded with many great features to help you find the right stocks. But to help you decide whether this tool is right for you, we will be discussing its features in detail. 

Pre-built Valuation Tools

This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of OSV. Basically, the platform provides you with a wide range of pre-built valuation tools at your fingertips. These tools include DCF, Reverse DCF, EBIT Valuation, and Graham’s Formula. 

These valuation tools enable you to analyze stocks from a different angle. For instance, you can get the financial information of a particular stock in the last 10 years. This allows you to know how the company performed in good and bad times. 

Consequently, this ensures you have a complete understanding of the stock before making a decision. 

Custom Stock Screener & Database

You will also be pleased to learn that OSV is equipped with a stock screener tool. This comprises 10 pre-made screens. The stock screener also enables you to select from hundreds of valuations and custom metrics. 

You can choose from metrics like Beneish M Score, Piotroski, Altman, and more. As a result, this allows you to identify the perfect stock for your analysis. More so, you can develop your own custom screens and then save them for future use.

Additionally, the platform provides you with access to all the stocks in OSV’s database. This means that you will get unrestricted access to these stocks, including their respective ratings. Consequently, this helps you save time by easily finding stocks with good scores. 

Quality Checks

Besides the pre-made valuation tools, the platform also offers quality check models. You can choose from models like Beneish, Altman Z Score, and Piotroski Score to detect any red flags. 

We are talking about the red flags that are hard to spot with your naked eyes. Detecting such red flags will ensure they don’t damage your portfolio. Along with this, the software allows you to discover stocks that you would normally pass by.

Stock Grades and Ranks

When it comes to trading, you are bound to encounter many stocks. Unfortunately, this might make it hard to know which stocks to trade whether you are an avid or beginner trader. 

The good news? Old School Value review comes with a stock grade and scoring system to help you narrow down the stocks. And as it turns out, the stock grades boast more than 18 years of backtested data. Therefore, you can count on them to provide you accurate information. 

What you just need to do is to leverage the stock grades as well as the ratings if you want to reduce your research time. Consequently, this will enable you to focus on making wise decisions. 

Visual Side by Side Stock Comparisons

As the name suggests, this feature simply helps you compare different stocks side by side. For instance, you can compare the historical growth and trends to determine which is the best company.

When comparing the stocks, you can choose to use the preset lists or create a customized list of your own. You just choose from the hundreds of stats that the platform provides you with. 

How Does Old School Value Measure Up to Other Similar Platforms?

Overall, there are so many stocks analysis software out there. However, OSV prides itself on being modern, comprehensive, and easy to use. The platform makes it easy to narrow down stocks based on quality, value, and action scores. 

The best part? It uses proven models that have been created by successful investors like Ed Altman and Ben Graham. As if that’s not enough, the software provides you with access to a Windows Excel spreadsheet analyzer. 

OSV Pricing Options

The platform provides you with just two packages. You can choose to subscribe to the annual or monthly package.

For the annual package, it goes for $49 per month or $588 per year. The monthly one, on the other hand, will cost you $59 per month. This means that you get to save at least $10 every month or 17% if you subscribe to the annual package. 

But you know what the best part is? Well, you can try out the software for free for 7 days. Yeah, you heard that right! And if you don’t like it for any reason, then you don’t have to subscribe to any of the packages. 


  • Provides you with 10 years + of a company’s financials
  • Allows you to test drive all features with a live demo
  • Customizable stock screener
  • Equipped with powerful and proven models
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Custom competitor analysis
  • Great customer service


  • The monthly package is a bit pricey compared to the annual one
  • Excel spreadsheet analyzer is only available for Window users


Overall, OSV is the best value software for investors and traders looking to dive deep into valuation analysis. Not just because it includes various models but also for its user-friendliness.

So, if you are looking for a platform that allows you to trim too many stocks to a select few, this software is worth considering. That said, we hope you have found this review helpful.