Penny Pro Review




Penny Pro is a financial education platform that teaches traders how to successfully trade penny stocks. With expert training and analysis, Penny Pro helps traders identify and capitalize on profitable trading opportunities in the penny stock market.

If you have been trying to create a significant investment portfolio with no success, maybe it is time to consider throwing your weight behind penny stocks instead. Penny stocks can provide massive growth potential, especially for small investments.

However, you need the right approach, discipline, and education to trade because penny stocks are quite risky due to extreme volatility.

Beginner-friendly trading chat rooms and education services like Penny Pro attempt to close this skill gap in a bid to minimize on losing trades.

But wait- what exactly is Penny Pro, who is behind this service and does it really work or is it just another fraud by another self-proclaimed penny stock guru? We find out all this in this review.

What is Penny Pro?

penny pro

Penny Pro is a penny stock trading educational service and chat room that focuses on stocks with a price per share under $10. The service features real-time chat rooms, tons of educational materials and trading alerts. Training is available via mentorships, DVDs, webinars and video library.

In addition, Penny Pro focuses mainly on intra-day trading of penny stocks using technical analysis. The service is ideal for beginners with relatively small accounts and in need of stock trading education as well as alerts on low priced stocks. Besides, it is available in two packages that one can compare depending on their needs and budget.

Who is Behind Penny Pro Service?

jeff williams

First off, Jeff Williams is the founder of Penny Pro. He is a full-time penny stock trader, a multi-millionaire and penny stock guru. In addition, he runs the day trading chat room every morning and focuses on trading momentum stocks that are priced under $10.

He runs the site together with other moderators including Taylor and Davis. Taylor is both a trading mentor and a day trader with his trading style being more on technical analysis. Davis, on the other hand, is a full-time day and swing trader and a trading mentor at Penny Pro.

Features of Penny Pro

1. Chat Room

Penny Pro offers two chat rooms including one for basic subscribers and an exclusive one for those with the premium membership. Most traders especially those new to penny stock trading usually hang out in the basic chat room.

As such you’re likely to find over 200 traders in there. Every morning, Jeff runs the day trading chat room with insightful market commentary, audio, and video, along with living screen sharing.

2. Real-Time Alerts

Jeff and his moderators also send out day trade alerts to Penny Pro subscribers. Subscribers can receive the alerts via chat room text/SMS, audio or email to ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in a potentially profitable stock. The alerts include entries and exits made on trades by Jeff and his team.

However, new traders are warned against chasing the alerts because penny stocks really move very quickly and chances are that in most cases they will end up getting in too late to catch a good price.

3. Daily Watch Lists

Penny Pro daily watch lists are nothing big to write home about but of course, nothing to sneeze at either. With over a thousand of stocks available to trade each day, Jeff does all the work for you by helping you to cut that number down to ten or less. He does this by providing a daily stock watch list of between 5 to 10 stocks through watching the news and technical analysis.

4. Trading Courses

Penny Pro offers a lot of trading courses to get traders acclimated to trading penny stocks. The trading courses are designed for traders of all skill levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. In addition, the service offers over 1, 000 videos and new content is released every two weeks.

There are also educational webinars conducted in Penny Pro’s chat room twice every month. Members can choose to attend the webinars live or watch at their convenient time. According to different reviews, the courses are of high quality. However, the updates are not always consistent.

Besides, unlike many other trading course and chat room services, Penny Pro’s video content available for free is quite limited. As such, you will have to spend to get a good sense of them.

Subscription and Pricing

pennypro pricing

Penny Pro provides two subscription packages including Penny Stock Pro which is the most basic program and Penny Stock Millionaire. Penny Stock Pro costs around $99 per month and $1,596 yearly. However, the plan is currently going for $699 per year but the offer is limited. This plan is ideal for beginners and people on a tight budget.

It features 5 to 10 stock watchlist, bi-weekly video lessons, access to the chat room, real-time chat and alerts, bi-monthly webinars and access to over 1000 video lesson library.

The Penny Stock Millionaire, on the other hand, costs around $3,999 per year. But traders can get the plan for only $1,999 per year which according to Penny Pro is a limited time offer. When you subscribe to this plan, you will have access to Penny Pro’s private and exclusive trader group where you can trade in real time with Jeff, his team, and other successful traders.

Also, members will have access to a proprietary trading course, private chat room, 5 times weekly mentor-mentoring and penny stock trading DVDs. In addition, members can watch Jeff’s daily E*TRADE live streaming and enjoy all benefits in the Penny Stock Pro.


  • Designed for new and pro traders to help them become the best traders they can be
  • The three mentors are very active in the chat room conversations
  • Day trading chat room provides plenty of trading ideas for traders throughout the day
  • Penny Pro provides a lot of educational materials on a wide variety of trading concepts
  • Boasts a large, friendly and properly moderated chat room


  • It is relatively expensive yet there is no free trial or any money back guarantee in case you don’t like the program
  • Very minimal free content available


Penny Pro is a reliable and solid trading course and chat room service. It may not be the topmost service available on the market currently, but it can be a good launching pad especially for beginners.

And if you are not sure if it is worth the money, you can just try the one-month plan just to get a feel for it. It won’t cost you much and at the same time, you’re guaranteed to walk away with loads of new trading skills.