Pilot Trading Review




Pilot Trading is a financial technology company that offers advanced trading tools and real-time market data. It provides a user-friendly platform to help traders access the markets and execute trades with confidence.

No matter your level of trading experience, chances are that you already know that finding accurate signals to trade with is highly important. To generate the right kind of alerts you need patience, skill, and accuracy.

In fact, it’s not humanly possible to scour through tons of market data to find the right signals.

Luckily, mobile apps like Pilot exist. And with them, you can set up filters that will be generating trading suggestions for you. Plus, you can even test drive the system without risking real cash.

Well, that sounds pretty good on paper – but just how good is the Pilot mobile trading signals app in real life? Here’s our unbiased review of it.

About the Pilot Trading Signal App

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Pilot is a mobile trading signal app owned by QuantGate Systems Inc. According to Bloomberg, this is a US-listed software development company that offers applications for financial markets.

Nick Policelli is the President of that company and Leonardo Cardoso the Chief Executive. Both boast a wealth of experience in various aspects of stocks, crypto, forex, and futures.

What Is The Pricing?

Three packages are available for you to choose from namely Demo, Live Signals, and Live Trading. The Demo package goes for $20 per month and is meant to provide you with an opportunity to test-drive the system before you commit real money.

The downside with this “free” demo is that it only provides you with delayed market data. So, it’s virtually useless if you’re after real-time data.

The good stuff is provided under the “Live Signals” tier. Under this package, you gain access to over 37,000 real-time signals on securities (i.e., crypto, forex, futures, and stocks).

And of course, there’s the “Live Trading” tier which in addition to all the stuff you get under “Live Signals” gives you a linkage to your preferred brokerage account. That way, you can open your trades directly from within the app. How cool is that?

How the Pilot App Works

This app is built around four algorithms i.e. Sentiment, Equilibrium, Commitment, and Perception.

  • Commitment – This algorithm assesses the overall commitment of markets to move in a certain direction. In other words, it extracts information based on market and trader behavior.
  • Perception – With “Perception” you get real-time analysis of the market to prevent you from making uninformed decisions based on misguided perceptions. This way, you won’t have to resort to outside media or other biased market interpretations to reach decisions.
  • Sentiment – No matter who you are, as long as you’re a human being, you have your own behavioral characteristics. With the Pilot app, you’ll get an entire algorithm that assesses your (and group) behavioral characteristics at different times. This enables comprehension.
  • Equilibrium – Here is a tool that identifies the overall emotional deviation from the market’s fair value. This mathematical formula helps you spot opportunities early and make the right moves ahead of everyone else.

What’s More?

By combining these 4 algorithms, the Pilot Trading Signal App provides you with light signals. Basically, when a light signal is turned on, it suggests that one of the algorithms has spotted a trading opportunity for you.

Unfortunately, Pilot doesn’t provide you with clear information on the threshold the light presents.

Fortunately, there’s an “opportunity score” algorithm that oscillates on a scale of +100/-100. You can use it to zero-in on strong trading opportunities.

Please note that the Pilot system doesn’t provide you with a news feed, Level II data, or charts. Therefore, if you need those, you might need to either purchase them from third-party providers or go for a trading signal app that has them built-in.

Key Features

Now that you’re familiar with how exactly this signal app operates, it’s time to unpack its key features.

1. Watchlists

Yup, you read that right. This system provides you with powerful watchlists for crypto, stocks, forex, and futures. That way, you can create watchlists that are suited to your style of trading so you can detect opportunities in real-time.

2. Demo

Whether you’re a learner or someone who is looking to test-drive the system, the demo mode of this app is worth checking out. With it, you can fully roll out your strategy without risking real money. This is a great platform to build your confidence.

3. Brokerage Connectivity

Indeed, this is a rare feature. Pilot Trading enables you to link up your trading signal app with your brokerage account so you can open and close trades using just one tool. This can help you respond faster to signals – and as you know, time is of the essence when it comes to winning trades.

Who Is This System Best Suited For?

We’d say that Pilot is best suited for traders who would like to make the most of new opportunities without having to spend long hours watching charts and following news events. And since this is an algorithm-driven system, it goes without saying that it’s suitable for folks who are open-minded and willing to take full advantage of modern tech.

List of Brokers Compatible with Pilot Trading App

Unfortunately, Pilot Trading is only compatible with a few select (but popular) brokerage platforms for now. The good news is that you can get in touch with their customer support to request to have your preferred broker added to their compatibility list. For now, the following are the brokers on the list.

  • AMP Futures
  • TradeStation
  • QuestTrade
  • GFF Brokers
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • CoinBase
  • Gemini
  • BitFinex

As you can tell, some of those on that list are crypto exchanges, not stock brokers. 


  • Over 37K securities tracked
  • Affordable trial package
  • Its signals are easy to interpret
  • Direct brokerage connectivity provided
  • Facilitates crypto exchanges as well
  • Above-average customer support


  • Limited data provided under the demo mode
  • Lacks charts or level II data provided
  • No TP and SL tools provided


There’s no doubt that Pilot is a sleek app. You can use it for live trading provided you’re connected to the internet. What’s more, there’s a 14-day trial in place to help you learn the ropes without making any major commitments.