Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Accelerator Review




Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Accelerator is a financial education and training platform teaching individuals how to trade stocks and options. Led by professional trader and investor Jeff Bishop, the platform offers courses and coaching programs to help traders improve their skills and accelerate portfolio growth.

Sometime back, the Raging Bull website launched a promotional video presentation talking about ‘America’s $2.3 Trillion Revival.’ In the video, Jeff Bishop explains how a little-known company will be pivotal in the upcoming global economic recovery after the downturn in March.

He goes ahead to claim that you can make significant gains by investing in this particular tech stock and other similar assets as the economy starts to pick up. To prove his confidence in his prediction, Jeff has even invested in this tech-company.

As an ambitious investor, you need to take this guru’s prediction seriously. And if you want to understand more what he is onto, you should consider learning more about Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Accelerator.

We have done a detailed review of the service in this article.

About Jeff’s Portfolio Accelerator

This is a service that, upon subscription, it will provide you with 12 months of Bishop’s stock recommendations, investing insights, and some bonus reports. Every month, you will receive a newsletter that shows you a particular stock that Jeff has a sight on.

You will get a detailed analysis of each stock pick accompanied by when Jeff intends to buy, the buying price, and when he intends to sell.

In general, the idea is that you can pick up great ideas from Jeff for a small sum of money so that with time, you can create your own successful stock portfolio.

About Jeff Bishop

jeff bishop

Before we dive more into the program, we shall answer one question that may be nagging your mind: Who is this, Jeff Bishop?

If you ask anyone who has been investing in stocks for a while, they would tell you that Bishop is an investment guru who has been in the trade for several decades. He is the founder of Raging Bull, which many consider being the fastest-growing investment education company globally.

Jeff’s track record in the investment world is well-documented. It has a reputation for cashing in on emerging trends and having an eye for opportunities in the technology sector. All in all, he is a veteran in investing in stocks, options, and ETFs.

At, Bishop partners with Jason Bond and Jeff Williams, other pros in the investment world, to provide top-notch investment education to subscribers to their services from all over the world.

With that, there is little reason to doubt Jeff Bishop’s legitimacy.

What You Get in The Program

Even though the free video on the website offers basic information on the Indiana-based tech company, there is still a lot of vital information that you can only access by subscribing to the Portfolio Accelerator service.

If you are wondering what you will get by subscribing to the service, check out our review of the program’s features below.

1. Monthly Newsletters

Every month, the Raging Bull team sends you a monthly newsletter via email and is packed with investment ideas. Here, you get what Jeff claims to be the top undervalued stocks that he has picked out in the market.

Jeff says that the ideas he shares could potentially surge hundreds of percentages in the coming weeks, months, or years. Further, he claims that the chances of gains are high while those of risk is kept at a minimum.

2. Raging Bull Investor eLetter

Once you subscribe to the service, an eLetter (email newsletter) will be sent to you three times a week. In this newsletter, you will find information such as investment ideas, market analysis, emerging trends, and so on.

3. The #1 Tech Stock at the Heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival

This ebook divulges more information on the small tech company that is supposed to play a pivotal role in America’s $2 trillion economic recovery process. Additionally, the book also explains why investing in this company is similar to buying leading tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple in their infant stages.

Jeff tells you how the stock’s value could significantly rise in the near future and how you can make your move today before this surge happens.

4. Bonus #1: The 10X Portfolio Blueprint

This is the first bonus material that you get in this service, and it provides a detailed explanation of the investment strategies that Jeff Bishop has developed over the course of his career. Here, you will learn Jeff’s money management and how he settles on stocks with explosive growth potential.

5. Bonus #2: Rebound Report

The second eBook tells you about the three stocks poised to bounce back in the years ahead. According to Bishop, the three stocks are underpriced, and as the market picks up, they are bound to soar to all-time highs.

6. Bonus #3: The Seven Tech Sectors to Own Right Now

In this report, Jeff names some tech companies he believes will grow to get to the same level as the global leaders, such as Google and Amazon. The idea is that if you invest in these companies, you can earn massive profits when their values eventually surge in the market.

7. Customer Support

In case of any issues with the service, you will have to contact the Raging Bull customer support team via the email or phone contacts provided on the website.

The Pricing

To subscribe to the service, you have two pricing plans to choose from, all giving you access to different packages.

I) The Standard Plan

This plan will cost you $49, and you will get a one-year membership to the Portfolio Accelerator. Some of the features that you get access to include The #1 Tech Stock at the Heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival, the three bonus eBooks we have discussed above, and Raging Bull Investor eLetter.

II) V.I.P. Platinum Plan

At $149, you will get access to all the features in the standard package in addition to lifetime membership. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to pay $1 annually after your first year of subscription. Even better is that there is no annoying renewal notices to bug you every time.

We consider the platinum plan to be the best deal due to the in-depth investment learning you will get as you follow Bishop’s long-term portfolio.

The Refund Policy

If you are familiar with other Raging Bull’s services, you should know that refunds are not that common. However, with Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Accelerator, you have 365-days to try out the product. In case you are not satisfied with it, you can go for a full refund of your subscription money.

No questions asked!

This aspect makes the service a risk-free investment that would not incur any losses.

Is It Legit?

We can tell you with confidence that this service is not a scam. The main reason behind this conclusion is the creator, Jeff Bishop. He is an options trader who has been in the game for over two decades and a self-made millionaire.

Jeff has a solid track record, and there is no reason why this time he is out to scam you out of your money. Additionally, the program has a refund policy, which would not be there if the developer was out to rip you off your money.

Another thing is that Bishop allows you to follow his portfolio and successful strategies meaning that he wants you to be as successful as he is.

Who Would Benefit from the Program?

If you are a long-term investor who wants to make some profits from the tech sector, this is a program that you will find to be very useful. Here, patience has to be a virtue since it may be a while before you start seeing any returns.

As you know, the global economy almost came to a halt sometime in March, and experts predict that it may be a while before it gets back to the initial level. So, if you want to be part of the process and make some profits out of it, this platform offers you the perfect chance.

After all, who wouldn’t want to invest in a company believed to be on the path to becoming the next Apple or Google?

Pros and Cons

Just because this is an amazing service does not mean that it does not have its drawbacks. We shall briefly look at both the advantages and disadvantages of the program.


  • The founder is a reputable name in the investment world
  • Each pick is accompanied by reports
  • Has a no-questions-asked refund policy
  • Has educational content
  • Offers you access to numerous bonus reports


  • It is only for the long-term investors
  • It would be wise to conduct additional research rather than relying solely on what the newsletters are saying


We hope that our article has told you all you needed to know about Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Accelerator so that you know what you are getting yourself into. If you want to make great profits from the tech sector just as Bishop does, we believe that this platform will be of great use to you.

Keep in mind that this is not a get quick rich scheme, and you have to do some extra digging to be on the safe side with your investment.