Real Money Pro Review




Real Money Pro is a financial news and analysis platform providing real-time market insights and analysis from industry experts. It offers resources and tools, including market commentary, stock picks, and trading strategies, to help users stay up-to-date on market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Are you the kind of trader who prefers to get new trading ideas so you can create good trading strategies? Jim Crammer’s Real Money Pro might be worth learning more about.

It’s home to 30+ professional traders who publish 15 to 20 articles per day. Each one of those articles provides you with insights on potential opportunities in the stocks and commodity worlds.

But just how efficient are the suggestions provided on this platform? And, is it worth the hefty subscription price? Here’s one of the finest reviews you’ll ever read about it.

Real Money Pro: An Overview

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Real Money Pro is, simply put, one of the services provided under “The Street” banner. The Street is an investment education platform that’s commonly associated with Jim Cramer.

Just in case you don’t know who that is, he’s one of the most sought-after stock market gurus out there. He of the Mad Money program on CNBC has carved a niche for himself through his stock analyses and TV programs.

That said, this Pro program is more than just about Jim Crammer himself. He works hand in hand with 30+ other stock analysts among them:

  • Bruce Kamich – He’s a technical analyst boasting more than 4 decades of experience.
  • Doug Kass – He’s a reputable former hedge fund manager and respected short seller.
  • Helen Meisler – Helen is a respected investment banker with a good track-record having worked at Goldman Sachs and Cowen & Co.
  • Jim Deporre “Rev Shark” – James is an author with a popular book “Invest Like a Shark: How a Deaf Guy with No Job and Limited Capital Made a Fortune Investing in the Stock Market.”

To name but a few (forgive the cliché).

How It Works

real money pro coaches

If you have ever tried trading on your own, chances are that you have an idea how confusing it can get. Credible news and rumors stream-in in equal measure and yet you’ve got to use whatever information is available to make decisions.

Now, with services like Real Money Pro, what you get is raw information. And not just information but commentary that’s specially compiled for you by some of the industry’s top gurus.

Each day, subscribers to this program receive 15 to 20 articles. On average, it takes roughly 2 minutes to finish reading a single article. And the best part is that you don’t need to read all of them every day.

Depending on your trading criteria, all you need to do is select a handful of articles that make sense to you and use them to formulate your trading strategy.

One thing we absolutely love about the kind of commentary provided by Real Money Pro is that it’s not crowdsourced or limited to just a handful of stocks. We think of it as a platform that often subtly directs you toward opportunities that others overlook.

How It Compares to the Competition

From where we stand, this platform has two arch rivals namely Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha.

Motley Fool is probably the better known one. It’s cheaper to use and, in fact, provides most of its articles free of charge. Plus, their predictions have seen them attain a profitability score of 441% over time.

However, when it comes to Motley Fool vs Real Money Pro, it’s only fair to mention that the former only seems to focus on the most popular stocks available. As such, if you’re looking for fresh or upcoming (little-known) opportunities, you’d be better off working with the latter.

Seeking Alpha, the other close competitor, is probably better than Real Money in terms of variety. That’s mainly because it relies on crowdsourcing unlike Real Money which is restricts its analysis to a handful of tried, tested, and proven experts.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Crowdsourcing can be highly advantageous for anyone looking to widen their scope but can also be a little confusing at times.


Here we’ve got good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news, and that is the fact that this service doesn’t come cheap.

To access the Pro content, you’ll need to part with a cool $800 per annum. Yup, you read that right. That’s quite pricey in our view (especially considering that they don’t provide any evidence of profitability).

Motley Fool costs a paltry 99 bucks per year and we have evidence of it attaining 441% since its inception. Seeking Alpha is also quite well-known out there and yet all you need to pay is $240 to access it.

And now onto the good news! You can try out Real Money Pro for free for up to two weeks. That’s definitely more than enough time to determine if it’s worth your time and money of course.

Key Features

Three features stand out whenever one is considering this platform. We’ll break ‘em down for you right below.

1. Cramer’s Commentary

Jim provides daily analyses of various market trends. He posts 3 times daily. That is once in the morning (known as the “scene-setter”), midday (known as the “bulletin”), and afternoon (also referred to as the “wrap-up”).

2. Real Money Best Ideas

This feature comprises daily stock picks from Real Money Pro’s Wall Street experts. These are not just simple stock picks as you also get insights on the kind of returns each one of them is driving.

Also, Cramer and his team are always at hand to provide technical analysis along with real-time money-making ideas per commentary. How cool is that?

3. Stock of the Day

As a beginner, this is likely a feature that will make a lot of sense to you. The experts provide you with their perspectives on the latest news and other market developments. Plus, you also get real information on how to play the stock of the day.

If you’re not a huge fan of reading commentaries, this might be a good place to start from. That said, we genuinely feel that reading the articles and formulating your own strategy would be a much more sustainable approach.

Is This the Right Platform for Me?

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for outright and straightforward strategies, this platform won’t do the trick for you. What you get here is merely market commentary which, ideally, you should use to make solid decisions on your own.

The analysis on the “Stock of the Day” is quite helpful but still you’ve got to make the final decision on your own.

This isn’t Trade Ideas that pretty much does all the heavy lifting for you. But if you’re an active trader who is simply looking to enrich an already existing strategy you might gain a lot of value from Real Money Pro.

So, yes, this is the right platform for you if you’re willing to do your homework based on the commentary that Jim Cramer and team have to offer.


  • Exclusive content from expert traders
  • Straight-to-the-point commentary
  • You can filter by market sector
  • Stock of the day pick makes work easier for beginners
  • Wide coverage of stocks and some commodities provided
  • Good platform to discover new opportunities


  • Its price is pretty steep
  • Doesn’t provide much-needed stock trading tools
  • Some articles have “meaty” paragraphs


Overall, Real Money Pro is a great platform to be a part of but only if you know what you’re doing. As a beginner, and particularly if you’re a passive trader, you’re likely to find the learning curve quite steep. That said, there are tons of great articles here for anyone who’s looking to enrich their trading strategy.