Rockwell Trading Review




Rockwell Trading is a financial education company that helps individuals learn to trade stocks, options, and futures. It provides resources and support for traders at all levels.

It does not matter how much of an experienced trader you are, but there's always something new to learn in this field. It is impossible to cover everything in a day, from new strategies of boosting your chances of making profits to mindset issues involved in the trade – it’s a boundless world.

Enter Rockwell Trading, a platform that strives to make you one of the top day traders around. It is packed with trader education content and all the tools you need to set up your strategy and make your venture a success.

If you want to know what this program is all about and whether it is worth trying out, check out the detailed review we have done.

What is Rockwell Trading?

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This is a program that offers day trading education by covering the full scope and not leaving anything out. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Education in technical analysis and setup
  • How to manage your money 
  • Psychological factors involved in the trade
  • Setting up systematic strategies to boost your success as a trader
  • The practical application of the theories above

It is easy to say that many other companies out there offer closely similar to what this program does. However, it is pretty hard to find one that goes as far as converting the theoretical aspect into actual trading.

Here, the platform picks a few day-trading strategies and gives you a peek into several live instances of these strategies in action. 

About the Founder

There are two main faces behind the program:

I) Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter

The founder of this program is Markus Heitkoetter, whose experience as a trader spans over 25-years. Initially, he had a full-time job at IBM, but he always felt he was missing something even with the six-figure salary he was earning.

He decided to quit his corporate job to become a full-time stock trader and has never regretted his decision. Ten years into his new profession, Markus decided to share his trading approach with regular individuals so that they could be as successful as he is.

During his time as a trader, Markus has developed different strategies that have worked in varying market conditions. 

II) Mark Hodge

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This is another major player in the running of this platform and had brief stints as a financial advisor with American Express and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Mark Hodge discovered that he had a strong passion for trading and teamed up with Markus to come up and oversee the running of Rockwell Trading.

For over 20-years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in trade and investment, with his primary focus being short-term trading of options, futures, and stocks.

By looking at these two individuals' kinds of experience, you can see that you are in good hands with people who know what they are doing. 

Key Features of the Program

rockwell trading features

If you want to understand how this platform works fully, it’s worth understanding its key features. This way, you'll see what it has to offer and decide whether you'll be getting full value for your money or not. 

1. Trading Software

Rockwell Trading provides you with trading software designed to get you started and eventually develop into an established trader. This is the PowerX Optimizer, which is a proprietary trading program whose primary focus is stock and options trading strategy.

The program does all the hard work for you by ensuring you don't have to interpret the technical indicators and charts, which can be time-consuming. All it takes are six clicks, and it will provide you with a list of high probability stock and option trades that you could acquire. The best thing about this is that you should be done within a few minutes. 

Another thing about this software is that it takes the guesswork out of the equation. It does this by providing you with all the exits, entries, and stops so that you know where to take in your profits.

Lastly, since the Optimizer assists you in finding the best stocks to trade, you will have the freedom to find the ideal broker to help you execute the trades.

2. Live Trading Room

Instead of merely providing you with theoretical strategies, the developer of this program included a live trading room for you to master his steps. Here, you will have the opportunity to follow and emulate how he implements the strategies, and when your time comes, you can do the same.

3. Educational Coaching Programs

Markus, the developer of this program, has been in the game for over 25-years. So, there is a lot you can learn from him, and he understands that. So, he dedicated his time to compile his methods in a format that he can share with traders of all levels.

He also understands the value of one-on-one coaching and therefore came up with the Rockwell Freedom Mastermind program, where you'll get weekly access to him and his lead trading coach. 

The coaching programs come in two pricing tiers:

The Diamond Plan

This is a 36-month membership at $30,000. Some of the services you will access include:

  • 324 Group coaching calls
  • 108 Group strategy calls
  • 27 4-day virtual group online trading 
  • 36 personal one-on-one calls 
  • Access to Rockwell Courses.

The Platinum Plan

On the other hand, the Platinum tier is a 6-month membership plan that will cost you $12,000. The services in this plan are similar to those in the diamond plan, only that they will be less in number. 

4. Theta Kings

This training program teaches you how to thrive in a market full of mayhem and confusion. Some of the strategies that you'll be taught include:

  • Premium hunting - How to identify options packed with premium and ready for selling
  • Leveraging Time - How to make use of time to your advantage and know the best expiration to use
  • Stacking the deck - Think of the game 'in-house' with the odds stacked in your favor. Here, you will learn where you can find the ideal edge to exploit
  • Swing Trading Strategy - You no longer have to monitor your strategy all day long but once in several days or weeks

The program is available at a one-off cost of $997.

5. The Complete Guide to Day Trading 

Here, you will get an eBook that is easy to understand, and you will find it particularly useful if you are a beginner. It will give you all the tips you need to make it as a day trader and how you can avoid making common mistakes as novices do.

Most of all, it is absolutely free and is available in a convenient PDF format.

6. The Wheel Options Trading Strategy

This book will help you discover ways of generating income consistently, either weekly or monthly, by trading in the markets.

With the systematic approach and repeatable plans that you will eventually learn, you can be sure of consistent results with a high win rate. 

The impressive bit about this book is that it is available for free, and you only get to cover the shipping and handling costs.

7. Live Charts

The charting feature is meant to help you analyze the moves you'll make in your trades and all the strategies you will implement. Further, they will help you understand better what other established traders have been doing in the live trading room that you have been watching them.

8. The Trading Platform

The service uses state-of-the-art technology to give you a reliable platform that will allow you to focus on the trading indicators and signals solely. This will enable you to get maximum profits from the service as was your original intention of using it.

9. News 

Another feature that you'll find useful with this service is the live news feed that it provides. Leading business news sites such as NBC, CBS, Yahoo! Finance, Fox, and ABC news are integrated within the platform to provide you with all the relevant business information.

This is an easy way of staying up to date with all the current occurrences in the business world that may impact how you execute your trading strategies.

10. Blogs

You'll also find various blogs written by Markus, the developer himself, covering multiple topics. This includes tips on real trading, how to do proper research on stocks for options trading, and how to configure the platform's theme.

Whichever topic is being covered, the ultimate goal of these blogs is to ensure you learn something new after reading them and make you a better trader.

The Pricing

All the different programs offered by this service come at different prices, in fact some, are available for free. And, for your peace of mind, all these services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is it Best Suited For?

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Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader who is yet to make it in the trade, this program would be perfect for you. On this platform, you'll get various ideas on how to get started and how you can improve your game.

Either way, it is designed to help you make significant profits in options, futures, or forex markets, whichever you are interested in.

Is It Legit?

There are several reasons why we believe that Rockwell Trading is a legit program. First, it has been around since 2005, and during this period, it has won the ‘Commitment to Excellence’ award twice.

What’s more, it is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has maintained an impressive A+ rating over the years.

Most of all, the customer reviews on the service are mostly positive, although you can't miss a few dark spots. 


  • Covers all topics required to make you a successful trader
  • All the lessons are either in DVD or digital format so that you can choose the most convenient one
  • Offers personal coaching sessions with the Rockwell team to enable you to get any necessary clarifications
  • The strategies can be applied in different markets such as forex, commodity, and E-mini futures market


  • Long learning curve
  • There’s room for improvement on their customer service front


We feel that Rockwell Trading is a great platform for anyone looking to hone their trading skills. That said, it is more like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. For sure, there’s a lot you can learn from these guys as long as you’re patient.