RumorHound Review




RumorHound is a financial news and analysis platform with real-time news feeds and analysis to help investors and traders stay up-to-date on market trends and developments. It provides users with the information they need to make informed decisions.

If you are reading this piece, chances are you have an interest in mergers and acquisitions. This is a potentially rewarding investment field that requires you to have all the relevant news and events in good time to be ahead of the pack.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a platform that makes this possible? Enter RumorHound, a program packed with tools and features that help deliver buyout rumors so that you have an advantage when making your moves.

By now, you must be interested to know what the program is all about. Well, you are in the right place as this review shall analyze everything there is about it.

What is RumorHound?

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Simply put, this is an AI-based app that is designed to alert you on mergers and acquisitions before they occur. It analyzes, filters, and delivers to you all the buyout rumors from various sources such as social media and stock news platforms, among other public data sources.  

This puts you in a better position to find trading opportunities ahead of the competition in the field. 

As a trader, the speed and efficiency of the platform would be of great help. Equally, as an investor you’d be pleased with the analysis and forecasting features.

In addition to that, the service also gives you the price impact targets and level of performance that is needed to perform better than the general market. 

In a nutshell, this platform contains everything relevant to analyzing and trading buyout so that you are in a better position to make the right decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions.

Is this the right platform for you? Stick around to find out.

Key Features of the Program

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We’d like you to understand how this service works, and we’ll do this by analyzing its main features. Note that you will access different features depending on the pricing plan that you subscribe to.

1. Data Analysis

The first thing we shall look at is the detailed stock analysis that this platform offers. If you are interested in a particular stock, you can do further research with in-depth analysis. Here, you will get a snapshot of the company metrics accompanied by a basic chart, analysis ratings, and direct links to the sources.

We were particularly pleased with how the platform displays the potential buyers alongside a credibility rating that is determined via a complex AI-powered analysis.

2. The Dashboard

Next up is the dashboard, which you may find appealing mainly due to its straightforward nature and will give you an easy time navigating through it. The platform displays the total cumulative number of buyout rumors uncovered.

The firms are listed alongside stock symbols, the total number of rumors, analysis of the date of origin alongside the credibility, reliability scores, and price impact estimates that have been AI-generated.

You have the option of sorting the list by headings, while you could dig deeper into the stocks by checking out the actual sources by the links provided.

Keep in mind that you will have to subscribe to the higher pricing tiers to access some of these features. That being said, there are many valuable trading ideas that you can pick from the dashboard.

3. Charting

Another valuable aspect of this service is charting, whereby you will get a general presentation of the price movement. However, if you need a deeper analysis of the price action, we suggest that you try other reliable charting platforms such as TradingView.

4. Scanner

The other feature about this platform that is worth mentioning is that it will be possible for you to customize the filters so as to refine the type of stocks that it uncovers. In addition to that, you can configure the search criteria by sector, volume, market cap, and headquarters location.

5. Watch Lists/ Alerts

RumorHound also allows you to add stocks on the dashboard to watch lists in addition to notifications that will be delivered via emails and text messages. Anytime an acquisition rumor activity is triggered on your watch list or the scan criteria that you filtered, the program will notify you in no time.

As with all scanners out there, the tighter the filters, the more selective the results will be.

6. Popularity of the Rumor

Here, the program’s algorithms measure the frequency of the M&A chat across the different social media platforms to come up with the popularity of a rumor rating. The high-scoring stocks may be having more activity plus may be reaching peak transparency. 

7. Active Superstars and Unique Rumors

These two features provide real-time lists of stocks with high volume driven by M&A rumors. Of course, there could be other factors affecting the volume and momentum, but traders would gain a lot with the ability to find active movers.

Unique Rumors refers to the stocks that the AI considers unique based on several sophisticated metrics.


There are three pricing plans for this service: pay monthly or make a prepaid annual payment at a discounted fee.

The first tier is the Standard Plan which goes for $19 per month and is ideal for active traders. It will give you access to most of the features that you need for your trades, including Email/SMS alerts, Source Popularity Score, Filtering, and Unique Rumors.

Next up is the Premium Plan, which will goes for $29 per month, and casual traders would mostly find it appealing. Here, you will get all the features that the Standard Plan has to offer in addition to Active Superstars and Source Reliability rating.

Lastly, the Professional Plan costs $39 per month and is packed with all the features in the Premium Plan and Early Access to New Products and Estimated Price Impacts. This plan is most suited for investors.

All the pricing plans have a 14-day free trial period whereby you can use the program before making a financial commitment. Further, you could go for the annual prepay option that will offer you a 20% discount off the monthly cost.

RumorHound Vs. Other Trading Tools

When we compare this service to other scanners in the market, it stands out with its simplicity of function. The user interface is pretty straightforward, and you will spend more time using it rather than setting it up, as is common with other platforms.

Then, we should also mention that experienced traders are best suited to identify the actual drivers of price action. This is because the platform may leave out other factors such as macro-market conditions that could accelerate or slow down price action and only provide the M&A-based movers.

As if that is not enough, the products provide you with links to the various sources so that you do your independent research on the rumors and come up with a valid conclusion. 

In general, the platform is easy to use, although you may find it to be somewhat noisy. In addition to that, we urge you to vet the sources before acting on any rumor provided by AI.

Who is the Service Best for?

This program will be perfect for you if you are into mergers and acquisitions. Keep in mind that sorting all the rumors appearing on the platform and analyzing whether a rumored merger will happen can be time-consuming.

This makes it ideal for traders who are efficient in building positions around M&A announcements. However, day traders may also get valuable ideas from this program.

Is it Worth It?

According to us, yes, it is. This is because we believe that M&A rumors would give you an edge over the rest of the pack, especially when you make your move early enough. You will get access to the different features depending on the pricing plan that you subscribe for.

The Standard plan can work across the different skill levels, while the Professional plan is ideal for active traders as it offers everything about rumor-based buyout trading.

In this case, we can conclude that this service would be more beneficial to the advanced traders.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now check out the benefits and demerits that we found on this platform. They are as follows:


  • Has tools that would enable experienced traders to determine long and short positions effortlessly
  • You can filter by source reliability, popularity, and estimated price move
  • M&A trade rumors are found in one platform
  • Easy-to-use user-interface
  • Provides URLs that you can use to conduct further research on a rumor


  • Too noisy, and this may complicate finding a legitimate rumor
  • You need a solid methodology and understanding of the underlying price behaviors


We hope that our RumorHound review has answered all the questions that you had regarding this platform. This is a program that would give you a significant advantage over your competitors in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

As the name suggests, it provides you with all the rumors regarding upcoming buyouts so that you can make your move in good time. Besides that, you will get all the tools you need to verify whether a particular rumor is accurate before acting on it.

So, why don’t you try it out and see if the program can boost your fortunes in M&A?