Scanz Review




Scanz is a fintech platform for stock market research and tracking. It offers analytics tools to help investors make informed decisions and monitor portfolio performance.

Formerly called EquityFeed, Scanz is a force to reckon with in the world of stock scanning. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that even Tim Sykes himself rose to fame when he was using this system.

Sykes and EquityFeed, however, terminated their white label contract in 2015.

And now, we’re compiling this Scanz review because we believe that this is scanner is still worthy of repute. We’d particularly like to find out how exactly it works, whether it’s indeed as effective as it was a few years ago, and above all, if it’s worth trying.

Our Overview of Scanz

scanz logo

Scanz has been around since 2002 only that it had been trading under the name EquityFeed. The rebranding happened in 2019 signifying the company’s growing commitment to growth and transformation.

It’s currently dubbed “the world’s most powerful scanner” although some pundits would like to argue against that.

The platform prides itself in providing real-time data and news updates. And above all, it provide exclusive access to level II data with detailed insights into price action.

What’s more, you can use Scanz to build your own customized scans all thanks to the platform’s multiple filters.

Besides that, if you’re completely new to trading, you’ll love the fact that this scanner is highly intuitive. But despite that being the case, we genuinely feel that everyone needs to learn the basics of this tool in order to make the most of its powerful features.

Scanz Easy Scanner

scanz dashboard

This is one of the key scanners you get when you give this tool a shot. It is designed to optimize on speed and make sure you get live market data with zero effort.

Using this scanner, you can filter out different kinds of stocks based on your trading preferences. For instance, you can filter on the basis of foreign stocks, regular stocks, or even ETFs.

Plus, the custom filters provided here enable you to apply your unique approach to the stocks business.

In our view, the Easy Scanner tool is quite useful for beginner trading. It contains all the tools you need to make the most of the platform’s basic functionalities.

However, if you’re looking for advanced tools, you might want to give the Pro Scanner a try (more on it in a few).

News Scanner

If you’re into fundamental analysis, you know just how important it is to gain access to the latest news. With Scanz, you gain unlimited access to news that influences stocks movements.

This is because the application is linked to 100+ news sources. What’s more, you also get access to updates on the latest SEC filings.

To be honest, we think that Scanz comes really close to what Benzinga Pro provides. And on top of that, it beats Benzinga by providing you with tons of customizations.

For instance, you can filter news on the basis of keywords. This helps you reduce the clutter and only focus on information that matters the most to you.

For instance, you can customize the scanner to only provide you with news updates on “Mergers” or even “Earnings.” Heck, you can even choose to track news on “Acquisitions” or any other keyword or phrases that matter to you.

Some people even prefer to search by simply adjusting the ticker symbol and applying their preferred filters. Simply put, this system provides you with unlimited freedom as far as customizability goes.

Pro Scanner

This particular will help you stream live (real-time) feeds between 4.00am and 8.00pm EST. Plus, just like everything else on this platform, this scanner is fully customizable allowing you to tap into as many scans as you’d like.

In addition to that, you gain access to 50+ variable which you can conveniently use to limit down your scanner results. You can even use popular filters such as last price, the $ change, % change, bid and ask pricing and even OHLC values among others.

And if you’re thinking of trading on full throttle, you can always tap in to technical filters like Bollinger Bands and MACD, as well as liquidity filters e.g. $volume. Ever used the fundamental filters on Finviz? You get similar functionalities here with filters like market capitalization, float, and even financials being provided.

Worth noting is that this scanner is one of the latest additions to Scanz. Loads of new features are still in the pipeline. A good example is the 100 pre-configured scans that you can use to scan for moving average crossovers, gappers, and plenty more.

And the best part is that you can freely download and transfer your market results by means of a CSV file. This is indeed unique and so cool.

Level 2 Data

We think that this is a highly useful feature for any trader out there. With level 2 data, you can easily visualize the full order book and do so in real-time.

Plus, the good guys at Scanz have really outdone themselves by providing you with color coding which makes it really easy for you to keep your finger on the market pulse.

And, you can even use tabbed windows here as well. This is something that only a handful of other scanners out there support at the moment.

Breakout Signals

As a day trader, you’ll find this feature quite useful. You know, with breakout signals, it’s possible to easily land actionable signals concerning different kinds of stocks.

The best part is that Scanz beats the competition by providing you with high-speed signal with no worries of latency. Indeed, the instantaneous nature of these signals makes them quite important for anyone looking for an edge when it comes to analyzing various stock types.

And you can bet that immediately stocks break out of their price range, the Scanz Breakout signal will help you easily nab them.

For now, the only supported breakout types include:

1. New High Alerts

If you’re tired of discovering breakouts when it’s too little too late, this feature is for you. It literally spoon-feeds you with real-time breakout alerts ensuring that you’re always ahead of everyone else to the party.

2. Scanz New Low Alerts

You a short seller? The low alerts provide you with live alerts whenever stocks hit new lows. And whether you’re hunting for daily chart breakdowns or intraday breakdowns, this feature is ready to get you raking in profits on autopilot.

3. Price Breakouts

Whenever a stock price breaks its support or resistance points, you get numerous opportunities to profit. Fortunately, the price breakouts feature on this system is designed for that exact task. It triggers an alert whenever any stock price breaks right above its moving averages. This is usually a signal that it’ll move further thereby providing you with the opportunity to rake in some cash.

4. Volume Breakouts

If you’re into momentum trading, chances are that you know that you need to always follow the volume. Whenever volume increases, stock prices pretty much follow suit. The volume breakouts tool provided here is triggered whenever stocks experience above-average volumes. And you can take advantage of such alerts to be just in time for some of the world’s most exciting setups.

One Window Montage

This is a one-stop-shop kind of feature that gives you the opportunity to get the complete real-time picture so you can make solid decisions. It provides you with pre-market data on highs, lows, and even volume.

Besides that, with just a few clicks, you can tap into data from the regular market (Level 1) along with post-market data.

And if you’re a fan of streaming charts, the charts you get here come with all the tools you need to draw projections and make solid analyses. Other features found on the montage include:

  • Level 2 data
  • News & SEC Filings data
  • Integrated trading
  • Chart drawing tools
  • Technical indicators
  • Tabbed windows (to mention but a few).

In our view, the Montage is quite important for busy people. It helps you get an overview of the markets without having to dig too deep.


As there are many features provided in this application, it’s easy for a beginner to get lost. Fortunately, there are tons of videos and tutorials to your rescue.

You can start out with the most basic one of all i.e. the Scanz Platform Walkthrough and it provides you an overview into all the powerful tools that you can take advantage of.

Most importantly, you’ll find full guides on how to use all the scanners we have talked about in this Scanz review. And if you’re looking for hacks, courses such as “The Ultimate Guide to Technical Stock Screeners” and “Creating stock scanners with Stochastics” will be of great help.


scanz pricing

This stock scanner is available in three tiers. The first one is the News tier which goes for $79 per month and it provides you with all the news and SEC filings updates you’ll ever need. That’s along with broker integrations, streaming charts, custom layouts and so forth.

The second tier is the $99 per month Scanner plan. It provides you with all the tools found in the News tier in addition to the Montage, Level 2 data, and OTC level 2.

Lastly, there’s the $149 Total plan which provides you with all the premium data and news scanning features Scanz is known for.


  • Relatively easy to use
  • Awesome customer support
  • Real-time updates for you
  • Outstanding data speed
  • Excellent coverage of news and SEC filings
  • Different tiers to choose from


  • Its premium features don’t come cheap
  • Broker integration is still at beta stage


In our view, Scanz is an awesome stock screener and scanner. However, you need a bit of training so you can make the most out of it. Fortunately, that’s provided free of charge once you join the family.

Plus, the system is highly intuitive by design. So, it’s pretty easy to learn the ropes.

Therefore, this is something we’d highly recommend to anyone who would like to increase profitability and minimize losses.