Simpler Futures Review




Simpler Futures is a leading platform for trading futures and options on futures. It has a user-friendly interface, advanced tools, and low commissions.

There are a lot of subscription services for investors. For those who have traded in the stock market, you probably understand that depending on your own analysis and predictions can be dangerous.

When you go out to invest, you want to ensure that you get the most out of that investment. But most of the time this is not the case. You invest but never get what you expected. At the same time, there are people investing in the same market and reaping big.

The problem is that sometimes we tend to do things blindly. You go out and purchase stocks without a proper understanding of the performance of that stock. It is almost impossible to depend on instinct when it comes to the stock market.

I have learned my lessons the hard way. I always thought that I can make it without the help of anybody as far as investment is concerned. But I was very wrong. Why is because the stock market is very one of the most complex investments to understand.

The good thing is that there are people who specialize in studying various investment opportunities including the stock market.

They study different aspects of the stock market including commodities, EFTs, forex among others, and advise investors accordingly.

Simpler Futures is one of the many services that help investors to make the right decisions as far as the stock market is concerned. I have used the service for several years and gotten a lot of insights.

About Simpler Futures

simpler futures

Simpler Futures is a service offered by Simpler Trading. It basically deals with index, forex, and commodities futures trading. The subscription service comprises of live chat sessions and daily videos from professional traders.

Unlike other services, the main idea is not to recommend assets to investors but rather to teach them how to come up with their own techniques and give insights about the trends in the market. This means investors have to put in extra effort in order to get value from Simpler Futures.

Pricing options

Subscribing to the Simpler Futures newsletter will cost you $197 monthly. Investors can test the effectiveness of the service at a cost of $7 for only seven days.

Features available on Simpler Futures

simpler futures training

1. Daily videos

A majority of Simpler Futures’ resources comprise of daily videos. Most of the videos are roughly 20-minute long. The videos are created by Raghee Horner, an expert, and experienced trader. In the videos, he covers a range of topics that touch on what’s happening at the stock market.

Despite the fact that the assets discussed on the videos are different, most of them usually revolve around forex and commodities compared to other index futures.

The videos emphasize on different setups or techniques seen by Horner earlier in the day. He takes traders through a vigorous process of identifying them and making winning trades.

Other videos discuss a particular asset or something unusual that may have occurred on a specific day. It will also explain the way traders behind Simpler Futures reacted to the conditions.

The advice given by Horner is somehow blatant but also provides tips to traders on how they can face a setup aggressively. All the examples she gives come with detailed charts.

2. Educational videos

Simpler Futures also contains a collection of approximately 40 training videos. The videos are designed for intermediate and beginner futures traders, teaching them about particular strategies and indicators.

The videos are somehow longer compared to the daily videos. Some are close to one hour long and touch a wide range of issues than the other videos. They however lack emphasis on the current market. They are perfect for someone looking for a new trading strategy.

3. Elliot Wave Dispatch

This is another round of daily videos created by trader David Starr. They are shot videos of about five minutes each. They generally contain an analysis of the current and upcoming events in the stock market.

The videos have a leaning on the S&P 500, making them most ideal for investors who are interested in buying and selling e-mini contracts. The entire discussions and charts are shown on a screen where traders can easily follow up.

5. The Trading Room

The Trading Room is one of the most important elements of Simpler Futures. It is a live chatroom comprising of other subscribers or traders and can amount to hundreds on a typical trading day.

It is a platform where traders are given an opportunity to share their trading experiences as well as ask questions.

There are however days when traders lose focus on the activity or the day and start discussing matters that are unrelated to the day’s topic.

Traders also make presentations a number of times during the day. They are allowed to share what’s on their screens ensure that they are doing the correct thing. There an expert trader following the presentations and pointing out anything that seems incorrect or unfamiliar.

How Simper Futures differs from other services

Anyone who has subscribed to the Simpler Trading’s newsletter or any other related service like Fibonacci Queen will understand how Simpler Futures operates. It applies a similar format but instead of focusing on options and stocks, it lays emphasis on commodities, index futures, and forex.

As far as other services are concerned, Simpler Futures stands out in terms of educational videos. The service does not recommend any picks to investors. Instead, it drives investors to conduct their trading by providing them with various strategies and tools.

Whether the service is effective or ineffective depends on what a trader is looking for. For example, if you are looking for a practical technique to trade futures, then You will think again before choosing Simpler Futures.

It will definitely take you a while to watch each of the videos released every day without mentioning the time needed to participate in the Chat Room.

However, if you are someone who is willing to take time and learn how to be an incredible futures trader, the Simpler Futures is the best service you can get.

It is also worth noting that Simpler Futures exhibits a certain level of bias when it comes to the assets it focusses on.

Although the videos posted daily lean towards commodities and forex, the charts displayed stick mostly on traded contracts. This is the same case with index analysis which largely covers S&P 500 futures.

Who is best suited to use Simpler Futures?

Simpler Futures is ideal for beginner or intermediate investors who are keen on improving their trading strategies. The good thing is that the service doesn’t need a strong background in fundamental analysis and technical charting, making it a perfect platform for inexperienced traders.

In a nutshell, anyone who wants to get the most out of Simpler Futures needs to commit time to learn. They should be ready to dedicate at least one hour every day on the platform.


  • It has close to 40 highly-educative videos
  • It has a lot of resources that can help traders sharpen their trading skills
  • Has a trading Room where investors can interact with professional traders
  • Daily videos that focus on commodities, forex and the S&P 500


  • The monthly subscription is expensive
  • Requires a lot of commitment in terms of time