Simpler Options Review




Simpler Options is a financial education company that teaches traders how to profit from options trading. It offers practical, actionable strategies and techniques to help traders develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in options trading.

Options trading can be a little bit tricky if you don’t have the right kind of information. I know there are several alternatives out there but are you getting the most out of them?

There’s always a difference between people who win and those who fail. Winners are ever in search of means to succeed. Sometimes people give up simply because they can’t push on just a little bit to get what a little bit.

I have also been in such a situation at some point, almost on the verge of giving up because I was constantly failing. But when I learned about Simpler Options trading, it was a big relief.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have desperately been looking for a solution to something then all of a sudden you find it? It might not have solved all the issues I was looking for but at least it helped me gain an upper hand in options trading.

About Simpler Options

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In simple words, Simpler Options is a trading service offered by Simpler Trading. The most unique feature of this service is the Trading Room, that gives users access to market analyses and commentaries from the company’s options trading experts.

Simpler Options also consist of daily videos that review the happenings at the options market and prospective setups for the following day. It is one of the most effective ways to improve one’s ability to trade in the options market.

There are not many options trading services available. Some of the few examples include Bullseye Trades and Weekly Windfalls. But what’s the difference between Simpler Options and the rest of the services? What makes it stand out?

This review will give us a glimpse of the services offered by Simpler Options and how it compares to its peers in the market.

Simpler Options pricing

It will cost you $197 monthly and $547 quarterly to subscribe to Simpler Options services. Investors are allowed to test the effectiveness of the services for a wee, though at a fee of $7.

Key Features

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1. The Trading Room

The trading room is the epicenter Simpler Options Trading services. It is a webinar-like room taken through by one of the company’s professionals, on a daily basis.

Normally, every trader is supposed to conduct a one-hour discussion about the details of the market for a total of six hours.

Within the Trading Room, the person leading the discussion shares a screen comprising of the charts they are watching.

It is important to note that Simpler Options doesn’t make recommendations. Instead, the objective is to enable traders to manage their trading by answering questions from the Trading Room. This also helps traders to develop winning trading strategies for themselves.

The Trading Room also serves as the central location for all traders using the Simpler Options service. They meet there to share their trading experiences and strategies.

At the Chat Room, there is a chat box where traders can ask questions and post their successful trades.

Additionally, Simpler Options professionals regularly post alerts concerning the upcoming webinars as well as trading points discussed previously.

All the discussions from the Chat Room is recorded every day. This is to allow traders to refer back to what was discussed previously, dating back to two years.

2. Daily videos

Similar to other services provided by Simpler Trading such as Simpler Futures, the service posts videos on a daily basis. The videos are usually about ten to fifteen minutes long. They mainly address various aspects of the options market.

The video content is almost similar to what’s offered in the trading room in the sense that only one professional gives the lecture by sharing his or her screen to explain how they are analyzing different aspects of the market.

3. Options Education

One amazing thing about this platform is that it has a lot of resources. There are over 80 videos that focus on specific topics about options trading. The lectures are varied and cover interesting topics such as how investors can use Bollinger Bands to trade.

Every Simpler Options professional deals with a topic that they are most experienced and knowledgeable in. They use a simple way to explain every topic to traders and ensure that they master the counted before using a specific trading strategy.

The videos essentially cover almost every topic about options trading, from the simplest to the most complex aspects. Traders can always refer back to the videos if they miss anything from the trading room.

Simpler Options Differentiators

It is no doubt that Simpler Options is among the best ways of improving options trading. Unlike most of the services that mainly focus on giving recommendations, Simpler Options takes an investor into a learning atmosphere, with experienced and professional options traders.

This means that every day a trader is able to view the exact number of setups and determine how the experts from Simpler Options arrived at their estimates.

Another plus of the services is its interactive nature. Traders are able to interact with professionals and ask questions about anything they don’t understand.

Trades are also given updates about setups and how they evolve daily. This helps them to understand if they are gaining or losing.

Who needs Simpler Options the most?

One thing that traders should note about this platform is that it can be tine-consuming. You will have to set aside some hours every day to participate in the Trading Room in addition to the educational videos.

This makes Simpler Options unsuitable for the regular trader. But can be a good platform for full-time or part-time traders.

You should also be clear about what you want from the platform. This is because the goal of the service is to train investors on how to successfully trade rather than laying emphasis on profitable setups.

It is more than just a stock-picking platform, where investors are told which stocks are likely to gain increase value in the near future.


  • It has a Trading Room run by options experts on a daily basis
  • There are videos posted daily to supplement the setups discussed in the Trading Room
  • The Trading Rooms gives an opport5unity for traders to interact with each other
  • There are constant alerts concerning sells and buys for setups covered
  • The services comprise of over 80 educational videos, focusing on options strategies


  • The monthly and annual subscriptions are expensive
  • It needs a lot of commitment and dedication in terms of time and resources
  • It doesn’t recommend picks