Simply Safe Dividends Review




Simply Safe Dividends is a financial platform that helps investors identify and invest in high-quality, dividend-paying stocks. It is a trusted resource for those looking to build a diversified portfolio of income-generating assets.

It’s the end of the month, and I’m checking my bank balance. Sure enough, my paycheck has come in, and after calculating my upcoming expenditures, I realize I’m going to have some money left over. 

Yes, I could put it into the separate account I’ve asked the bank to open for me and keep it as savings, but I’ve already got some tucked away there, and there is no rainy day’s insight. So, what should I do with those leftover funds?

This was a question that I was faced with more than once in the past couple of years. Finally, I decided to look into what I could do with that money, and that was how I entered the world of investment and was introduced to Simply Safe Dividends.

Simply Safe Dividends is a web-based software for beginners or pros at investment. It provides top-ranking portfolio management and stock analysis services

In this review, we’ll take a dive into the company and its products and find out how it can assist you in expanding your income and reaching your investment goals.

Who and What Is Simply Safe Dividends?

simply safe dividends

Simply Safe Dividends (SSD) is a service for dividend portfolio management. By using the many online tools and research and analysis features, you can manage your portfolios and improve your performance.

History and Philosophy of Simply Safe Dividends

Simply Safe Dividends is founded in 2015 by Brian Bollinger, an equity research analyst, a former partner at a leading investment firm, and a licensed CPA. His main inspiration for establishing SimplySafeDividends was the increasing popularity of dividend portfolios after the housing bubble with the introduction of the zero-interest rate policy. 

Bollinger focused on producing and managing portfolios that optimized current trends and research. This way, he was able to create dividend portfolios generating returns of 12% – 14%, consistently outperforming the S&P’s 11%.

Bollinger describes the SimplySafeDividends platform as a “one-stop-shop for responsible income investing.” The investment philosophy of the company is simple and clear. Bollinger has likened purchasing stocks to purchasing a home, with the goal being capital appreciation and income generation. 

Investors should acquire a diversified portfolio of quality instruments that yield continuous and developing dividends.

Rather than aiming for high returns and yield chasing, this strategy encourages minimal trading activity, concentrating on safe, progressive streams of income and the preservation of capital.

Is This for Me?

Before I began using Simplify Safe Dividends service, terms like “dividends” and “stocks” were nebulous terms I only really half understood. I’ve realized how many people are in the situation I was – you’ve got some money tucked away and are eager to find a better use for it. 

You’ve got most of the things you want, and that sports car or Gucci bag is way out of reach right now, or you’re simply interested in investing in your future. However, an investment can seem dauntingly complicated, and you don’t want to make a mistake and lose that hard-earned cash.

Whether you’re starting out with zero experience like I did or whether you’ve already dipped your toes into the waters of dividends investing, SimplySafeDividends is a great option.

If you’re itching to see increases while also learning about investments, this company’s services will help you on your way to improving your knowledge and prospects.

What Are the Risks?

While market ventures are not without their risks, dividend investments are generally considered among safer opportunities than most due to their overall simpler mechanics.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that reward tends to scale with risk – the stocks that pay the biggest dividends are usually the riskiest ones. 

This is why an investor must do research on who they’re investing in and where their money is going. For example, if a company misses a corporate earning, its stock value can drop significantly. 

To the unexperienced, the uptick in annual dividend yield would appear to be positive, but an investment made on the premised of the upward yield would shortly be dashed by a further fall in stock value, immediately followed by cuts in dividend payouts.

Simply Safe Dividends clues you into the tricks of the trade, highlighting risks, and providing strategies to build a secure and diversified investment portfolio. This incorporates personalized recommendations back by industry experts, assuring investments that are sound and well-researched.

Now I’ll discuss what SimplySafeDividends can offer you in more detail.

How Does SimplySafeDividends Work?


SimplySafeDividends is designed to be hassle-free, incorporating a simple and intuitive layout in the platform, allowing a software that is usable by amateurs and longstanding professionals alike.

Firstly, after accessing the platform, you will need to provide the necessary financial information and enter your dividend stocks. Simply Safe Dividends will consolidate and analyze this data to produce a summary in the dashboard. This information includes monthly breakdown, projected annual income, upcoming payments, and more. 

Once this is done, you can access Simply Safe Dividends’ numerous tools and features to figure out how best to make your dividend investments and develop a portfolio.

1. Income Calendar

The convenience of Simply Safe Dividends features is not to be underestimated. Simply Safe Dividends displays all the necessary information in a very convenient Income Calendar that tracks and shows upcoming dividend payments, which is especially helpful in planning out your budget since you can easily understand your projected returns.

2. Dividend Safety Score

The company believes strongly in risk analysis when it comes to investing in a company, and SimplySafeDividends provides a powerful tool for that very purpose.

Simply Safe Dividends studies the underlying companies and produces a Dividend Safety Score, which indicates the risk of dividend cuts. Safer dividends generate higher scores but are likely to have lower-end dividend yields.

Dividend investment should not be taken for granted; the Dividend Safety Scores really shines when it comes to identifying riskier companies. A company with a lower Dividend Safety Scores will have stocks with an elevated yield but a greater possibility of dividend cuts or further financial issues. 

SimplySafeDividends generates alerts in relation to raises or cuts in the dividend policy of a holding, informing you of the shift and the effect on your revenue stream. This lets you adjust your portfolio as necessary to keep with your investment objectives.

3. Newsletter

Once a month, SimplySafeDividends releases its newsletter, “The Intelligent Income,” written by Bollinger, the company’s founder. The newsletter contains advice to help beginner investors get familiar with rudimentary dividend investment concepts, breaking them down to basics. 

It also provides a wealth of practical investment ideas incorporating Bollinger’s experience and research. In addition, the newsletter follows three dividend portfolios that Bollinger personally manages and invests in. Bollinger provides useful insight and updates in relation to the portfolios’ goals, recent changes, and holdings. 

The portfolios consist of ‘Top 20 Dividend Stocks’, ‘Long-term Dividend Growth,’ and ‘Conservative Retirees,’ Each is diversified towards its goals. Updated information can also be found each day on Simply Safe Dividends website.

4. Research

You can also make use of the research tool to obtain further investment ideas. The tool covers in-depth details of over 100 dividend-playing stocks, including analyses a number of factors, among which are the underlying business model descriptions, earnings history, the safety of dividends, earnings payout ratio, and growth profile. 

A key aspect of this is being able to view and compare the dividend yield range over a 5-year period. You can also measure it against other investment alternatives.

What is really great about SimplySafeDividends, however, is that all this complex information is broken down into manageable dividend-focused bites that even amateurs can understand.

5. Dividend Screener

This feature is perfect for you if you have some experience under your belt and have determined your investment goals. The Dividend Screener lets you filter investment opportunities by sector, dividend safety score, yield, and yearly dividend streaks, and presents you with the stocks that best suit your aims. 

By applying these factors, I’ve uncovered fantastic investment opportunities in markets I would never have thought to have investigated myself. 

Pros and Cons

So, what do I think are the main advantages and disadvantages of Simply Safe Dividends?


  • A brilliant one-stop solution for individuals for dividend investment and portfolio management
  • Plenty of investment ideas can be obtained from in-house research and the newsletter
  • A convenient tool for beginners and professionals alike
  • The Income Calendar indicates expected dates for payouts from dividends
  • The Dividend Safety Score provides an excellent method to weigh the potential risk of investment
  • Learn more about investment by keeping up with the detailed analysis of the portfolio management of the three portfolios managed by SSD’s creator, available with daily updates
  • The Dividend Screener can help you broaden your investment horizons, revealing less well-known but promising opportunities


  • A fairly expensive tool to use
  • Only usable in a web browser
  • Can expand on functionalities
  • Dividend investing may be limited in focus, particularly if there are falls in underlying stocks


Simply Safe Dividends is an excellent tool for someone just looking to get into the investment game in particular. Bollinger has an uncanny ability to break difficult concepts down so they can be easily understood. 

However, I would also say it has a lot to offer for professionals, with tools like the screener. In my opinion, this tool learns from past investment trends and functionalities mistakes, giving a robust and innovative take on dividend investing.

If you have any interest in using and managing your savings in order to increase your income, or if you have a thirst to understand how to tell a good investment from a bad (a life skill I think is vital in many situations), I would recommend you check out Simply Safe Dividends’ website and consider joining them.