Skyview Trading Review

Sky View Trading Review



Skyview Trading is an online stock trading education and coaching company founded by experienced trader Tim Davis. It offers courses, resources, webinars, video lessons, trade alerts, and a community forum to help traders improve their skills and increase their chances of success in the markets.

It’s safe to say that most people associate investing and investment with buying stocks on the stock market. After all, this still is and has been the case for the past decades and it’s mainly addressed to those who are looking to make long-term gains by buying and holding on to stocks.

This is convenient, of course, only when the investors have certain knowledge on those specific stocks, as well as certain information that points out to their profitability.

This knowledge can be accrued both through personal extensive and intensive monitoring of the stock market or by resorting to a broker who already has the tools and know-how to take advantage of the market.

What Is Options Trading and How Is It Different from Regular Trading?

options trading

However, there’s a great chance that options trading still remains the lesser known possibility of the trading spectrum. In trading, there are typically two approaches one can use: either buy and hold on to specific stocks, in view of long-term gains or buy these stocks and hold them for only a couple of days or even hours, in order to gain more immediate profitability.

Having said this, there are numerous financial instruments that can be actively traded – one such instrument that keeps rising in popularity is options trading. Compared to regular trading, options trading offers a lot more ways to actually trade and consequently, more ways to make money.

Options trading is very versatile simply due to the fact that options can be used to speculate how the price of stocks, commodities, and foreign currencies will fluctuate. It goes without saying that options trading is a lot more complex than simple trading and that it needs to be navigated with outside help, especially for those who are not knee-deep in trading knowledge.

One such company that specializes in options trading is Skyview Trading. Below we’ll take a closer look at what this company has to offer and how it can benefit you if you want to start options trading or if you’ve already started and want to delve deeper into its secrets.

What Is Skyview Trading and What Does It Stand For?

skyview trading founders

The company has two members, Adam Thomas and Eli Grelecki, who decided to partner in 2015 and founded Skyview Trading, as a way to teach people how to trade correctly and to help them gain consistent earnings each month. Each of them has years of trading and options trading experience under their belt, as well as a myriad of tested strategies along the way.

Right from the get-go, Skyview Trading makes it their mission to help their members make consistent earnings each month by teaching them the ins and outs of options trading. The mindsets and skills they teach are applicable both to those who are barely starting out and to those who already have impressive portfolios. They yield great profitability from options trading precisely because they don’t need to predict exactly which direction a stock will be headed.

What Does Skyview Trading Offer?

skyview trading memberhsips

Skyview Trading offers two types of membership, each of them addressed to a specific trading audience. The first one is the Elite Membership and is meant for those who have experience in trading, but also want to learn and explore what options trading has to offer.

The second type of membership is the Alerts Membership, dedicated to the more experienced traders who need to keep themselves connected to the ebbs and flow of the market at all times.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them, to see what each brings to the table and to help you figure out which one better suits your needs.

The Elite Membership

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The Elite Membership certainly does not disappoint, offering every respectable trader a comprehensive kit of tools and instruments to help them expand their knowledge and trade better.

First of all, there’s a four-hour long trading course that will teach you all there is to know about options trading. We’re talking everything from how to read an option chain, getting behind what causes pricing volatility, as well as buying and selling options.

Secondly, there’s the live chat room, where members get together to discuss issues, curiosities and suggest solutions. Trade alerts are also a great feature, as they enable you to find out via email or text about every trade that is placed in your account, as soon as it happens.

The Skyview Trading duo team also offers an insight into their trading game, by offering you the possibility to partake in their trades by watching live trading sessions. Of course, these sessions may be of no use to you if you’re barely starting out. This is why another great perk Skyview Trading offers are the trade review videos in which you will find a detailed explanation of what happened in those trading sessions.

This membership also offers a crash course on how to use the company’s favorite trading platform, thinkorswim. You’ll learn how to set up the platform and how to place trades, among many other things.

Last but not least, you’ll have access to an answer database, where you get to see all the trading questions ever asked, as well as the answers that go with them. What’s more, if you ever hit a wall in your trading game, you can always email the support team, which is comprised by none others than the founders of the company.

This membership is created in order to help you protect your current portfolio from big down moves and to gain profitability, regardless if the market is up or down. All in all, the Elite membership offers a very comprehensive range of features created to help you learn how to trade properly and gain consistent profits from it.

The Alerts Membership

skyview alerts

This membership is dedicated to those who’ve already gained ground in the game of trading and no longer need access to the company’s training courses and chat room. By opting for the Alerts Membership, you’ll still benefit from trade alerts that will notify you as soon as a trade is placed in your account. You’ll also get access to the current positions in the portfolio, as well as to the support of the team for any trading question or inquiry you may have.

This membership is a more trimmed down version, that is perfect for traders who already have all the know-how they need and just need to stay on top of their game, by being constantly connected to the market.

The Alerts membership comes at $99/month, while the Elite membership with all its features is accessible for $199/month. Skyview Trading also offers an annual offer that bundles up 12 months of Elite membership at $1999/year, saving you $389 per year.

Differentiating Aspects

Skyview Trading prides itself on evading the obscure trading game the financial industry usually practices by offering complete transparency into their trading. The website features a Performance section where you can see all of the company’s real-time metrics for 2018. You can see there the company’s total number of closed trades, the total win rate, the average trade gain, as well as the average ROC.

By scrolling down, you’ll also stumble on similar data for 2017 and 2016 – this transparency is a most welcome feature, as it adds to the company’s credibility and consolidates its competence in the field.

Skyview Trading also offers you the option to open your brokerage account with TD Ameritrade and trade with the aforementioned thinkorswim platform.


Having said these, Skyview Trading is a great add-on to any traders who are willing to pay a monthly fee and get help in establishing a clear goal for their investments and building a strategy to reach that goal. Of course, trading is not as simple as establishing a goal and working to reach it, simply because the stock market is incredibly volatile.

However, by getting a membership with a company such as Skyview Trading you can also establish what your risk-reward payoff is. This means that you can identify how much risk you are willing to take and if you are a more conservative or a more aggressive investor.

The options trading crash course will teach you all you need to know about the different risk strategies out there, be they defined or undefined risk, such as Covered Stock, Iron Condors, Butterflies, Strangles, Straddles and Back Ratios. This way you’ll be able to decide which strategy better suits your personality and needs.

By having access to all of Skyview Trading’s information and real-time chats, you’ll also be kept up to date when it comes to the events that will shape your trading actions. These events are usually either market-wide, such as when a huge economic data release is made, or stock-specific, such as product launches and earning reports.

After pinpointing these events, you need to develop a specific and thorough strategy – this is exactly where Skyview Trading can step in and improve your trading game.

Whereas the market is riddled with courses and websites to help you navigate the meanders of options trading, Skyview Trading is definitely a great launch platform for all those looking to explore the vast universe and infinite opportunities of options trading.