Introduction is a financial analysis and investment research platform that provides tools to help traders and investors make informed decisions. It has features like earnings analysis, market analysis, and stock ratings to help users identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities.

To many investors, earnings announcements are just a regular occurrence letting you know how much dividends you will be earning at the end of a financial year. However, if you are a sharp trader, you could use these announcements to influence your decision-making in the right way.

In this instance, we shall tell you about, a service whose sole purpose is to enable you to make a killing-off earnings announcement. It enables you to predict post-earnings movements in the market and gives you access to different strategies that may prove helpful for you in your stock market activities.

Let’s have a closer look at what this service is all about and whether or not it is worth investing in.

What is

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This is a service that relies on tech-based solutions to guide investors into making money during the earnings periods. The developing team has come up with a trading algorithm that does all the data analysis work for you, and the result you get here is what you will base all your moves on the market on.

You can make a substantial amount of money in the earnings season since you could make profits by holding onto company shares that are likely to jump on positives earnings. Alternatively, you could also use this opportunity to short a stock that is likely to fall due to poor earnings.

However, these earnings periods can be overwhelming due to all the information flooding the financial news media from the speculations and expert opinions and recommendations. Deciding on what information to follow can be a bit confusing.

About the Founder

Hiral Ghelani

The founder of this program is Hiral Ghelani, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. At some point, he was also a student at Brooklyn College.

With experience in the IT world spanning over 15-years, Hiral and his team use their tech-know-how to come up with systems such as that would enable investors to make a killing in the earnings seasons.

Key Features of the Service

In this section, we shall look at the features you will access once you subscribe to this program.

1. Historical Earnings Data

Once you are granted access to the historical earnings data that the service has to offer, it will be easier for you to understand how a particular stock has reacted to earnings announcements before. A premium subscription would give you access to up to 25 quarters of data, which can be pretty resourceful to your trade.

We were disappointed that the service lacks visualization tools, and if you want to spot trends, you may have to export the data to excel and do the plotting by yourself.

2. Earnings Calendar

The earnings calendar offered here features all US stocks, including those that trade on OTC markets. They all come with two estimated price movements, i.e., the one on the first day after the earnings announcement and the total movement after 7-days of post-earnings trading.

3. Stock Screener

This screener is meant to assist you in filtering through stocks with the upcoming earnings. Your filtering can be based on the expected next-day price movement, average daily trading volume, market cap, and stock price. 

In addition to this screener, there is another one whereby you can search through companies with earnings in the coming 7 to 14 days rather than being limited to a specific calendar date.

Its screener module allows you to limit your search to specific exchanges such as NASDAQ and NYSE, plus it also allows you to save custom screens. Luckily for you, this platform has several screens that have been pre-made for you to use.

4. Upcoming Earnings Trade Ideas

This is where you will see this service’s actual value, whereby it groups ideas into different categories: High volatility stocks, Low volatility stocks, and Notable stocks. 

The high and low volatility stocks are proposed based on the volatility that a stock experienced around earnings, while the category of notable stocks features those that are expected to experience significant price movements on the day after reporting earnings.

The data that the platform gives only talks about the estimated size of the movement but does not give the exact direction that the stocks are expected to move.

Another thing is that StockEarnings also offers a probability of the price moving either up or down but is not based on any information presented about the current earnings announcement.

5. Alerts

You also have the option of adding specific stocks to your watchlist. This way, when they show up in the platform’s trade ideas lists, you can receive email alerts. 

The Pricing

The first option available to you is that you can preview the data that the platform presents and then use a limited model at no cost at all.

But, a premium subscription is the only way that you can receive email alerts, unlock trade ideas, and predicted price movements. 

A Premium subscription goes for $97 a month, $468 a year, and $239 quarterly. There is also the money-back guarantee whereby you can try out the premium package for 30-days, within which you can decide not to proceed with the service.

Besides the main package, this program also offers other services that you can subscribe to. This includes different strategies developed around earnings. 

One strategy will cost you $195 monthly or $1,495 annually, and there is no trial period like the StockEarnings service.

Who Is It For?

If you are a trader looking to access historical data in post-earnings volatility for numerous US stocks, this service is just for you.

In addition to that, options traders who use volatility-based strategies would find this platform a handy companion. Keep in mind that these strategies can be pretty pricey and do not come with any trial period.

Is It Legit?

We have no reason to doubt the legitimacy of this service. If you search the web for its reviews, you will notice that most of its customers were satisfied with what they got. 

Another indicator is that the founder is an IT specialist whom we can easily trace his record in the market. Scammers usually operate as ghosts, and you cannot really tell what they are about.

Pros and Cons

As we conclude, we shall briefly state the benefits and drawbacks that we can associate with this service. Here they are:


  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Does all the complex analysis work for you
  • A short holding period for the stocks so that your money does not remain in one investment for too long
  • The trade alerts give you enough time to act appropriately
  • You can make use of the push notifications to ensure that you never miss any alert


  • Limited visualization tools
  • It does not offer enough information on the direction of the price movement


If you want to boost your profits during earnings seasons, we recommend trying out this service. This system has been developed to provide all the information you need to make informed decisions in your trades.

The algorithm will tell you how you can expect a particular stock to move once the earnings announcements have been made. 

So, try it out, and we believe there will be no regrets on your part in the end.