StockFetcher Review




StockFetcher is a stock screening and analysis tool that helps traders and investors find, filter, and analyze potential trades. It has customizable filters, real-time data, and advanced charting capabilities.

Trading in stocks can earn you good money but only if you are smart about it. This is because the stock market is extremely volatile and unpredictable.

Fortunately, there are stock screeners in the market that claim to help you pick out the right stocks as well as discover some that you didn't even know existed. One such product is the StockFetcher screener that claims to help investors find promising stocks within minutes.

Any serious trader would appreciate such a tool but is this one worth looking into? We think so. Keep it here as we dig deeper.

About StockFetcher

stockfetcher website

As we have just mentioned, StockFetcher is a stock screener and what that means is that it helps you find stocks according to set parameters. Think of it as a search engine like Google or Bing. The only difference is that instead of using keywords to search, you will be required to set metrics that will help you find the stocks you are looking for.

The best part is that this tool allows you to do more than just find stocks. You can also view the price history of stocks as well as discover new ones that you didn't know existed in the first place.

Now, we have to say that the StockFetcher website is a bit intricate and difficult to use especially for beginner traders but once you get the hang of it, you will find it easy to incorporate this tool into your trading routine.

StockFetcher Features

stockfetcher charts

You are probably wondering what the StockFetcher screener entails so here you go.

1. Charts

StockFetcher is designed to offer its users simplicity and this is exhibited in the tool's charts. You get to choose between area, line, dot, bar, and candlestick charts. When it comes to timeframes, they range from monthly to intra-day, and as a user, you can add circles with notes, boxes, and trend lines.

Most users find the simplicity of these charts appealing as they do not cause cluttering making them easy to read. Ultimately, you get a great charting experience with StockFetcher.

2. Stock Scanners

These are the highlight of the StockFetcher platform. Although the platform comes with an array of features, its stock screeners are what make it worth the money.

The platform features both customizable and in-built screening filters and these are what you will use to scan stocks.

You can start by using the in-built scanners and graduate by combining them to build personalized scans that match your techniques. With that, you get to save hours spent going through charts manually to find promising stocks.

Essentially, filter performance allows traders to gauge the usefulness of filters.

3. Indicators Library

StockFetcher comes with well over 125 indicators and you can use them to build or enhance your screening filters. Aside from the in-built indicators, you will also get access to a myriad of user-created indicators on the platform.

Combining your filters requires you to just cut and paste indicators into your scans but you want to be careful not to go crazy with the indicators as they will overload your scans.

4. Find Similar

This feature is designed to screen the stock market and find you stocks that have similar price patterns. As you can imagine, the benefits of that are invaluable and if you don't know what we are on about, think about it this way.

When you get a stock with an undeniable high-probability pattern, you can spread the risk with many stocks or get a cheaper stock to trade. Usually, it will find industry peers to trade. 

5. Watch Lists

These watch lists can be made with entire portfolios or and can be exported and duplicated as well. You can view them in charts or table formats.

As a trader, you will appreciate the ability to monitor filters because you will be the first to know when they trigger. The number of total symbols and watch lists you get access to relies on the type of plan you subscribe to. 

The standard plan gives you access to up to 200 symbols and 100 watch lists while the advanced plan allows you up to 250 watch lists and 1,000 symbols.

6. Forum Boards

StockFetcher also features forums and they come with different message boards ranging from stock picks and trading to general discussions.

Here, you get to interact with talented and skilled programmers who are always willing to address queries as well as offer suggestions for constructing filters.

You will realize that the StockFetcher community is outstandingly generous seeing as they offer personalized scans for collaboration and free usage

7. Nightly Screener

StockFetcher also allows you to plan nightly scans and with that, you get emails every night about stock candidates. You will find this to be extremely convenient as it takes most of the legwork out of researching stocks that you want to trade.

We have to say, this feature is worth the subscription fee you are required to pay seeing as it saves you the time you would spend manually scanning stocks.

Platform Differentiators

There are several stock screeners in the market but StockFetcher stands out because it makes it easy to create personalized filters using the platform's free-text filter language.

What you will love most is that this language is easily readable even by individuals who have no prior knowledge in programming.  You get to do this by monitoring in-built features and then entering your values.

Who is it for?

Essentially, StockFetcher comes in handy for anyone who trades in stocks. Although it is primarily marketed for beginners, seasoned traders can benefit from it as well.

Again, because it is reasonably priced, most investors will be able to get access to it.

About the Creator

Dave is the creator of the StockFetcher platform and it may interest you to know that he has been a swing trader and part-time day trader since 2011. This is the year he developed an interest in the stock market as well.

He primarily focuses on technical setups and consequently holds positions anywhere from several minutes to several days. In the course of his career, Dave has tested many services, brokers, and products so you can trust his word.

To this day, he still tests and analyzes day trading services.

StockFetcher Pricing Options

StockFetcher offers stock screening tools that can be used right from the homepage and they offer results after a day. The platform does come with free services, but as you can already guess, they are quite basic and limited. 

If you want to make the most of the stock screener, you would want to pay for one of the platform's two subscription plans which include:

Standard Plan – This one will cost you $8.95 each month or $24.95 every three months. Here, you get 100 watchlists, daily emails containing scan results, and 100 saved filters.

Advanced Plan - To have access to the tools in this plan, you would have to part with $16.95 every month or $44.95 quarterly. Keep in mind that this is an upgraded version of the standard plan and you will get access to things like 1,000 symbols and 250 watchlists.

We did notice that the pricing of both plans is quite fair compared to other screening tools in the market.

What you want to keep in mind here is that the platform's free account has limited features and you will be required to enter your indicators each time you need to find a chart.

This is an inconvenience for most investors and particularly day traders who could use prompt and updated information regarding their charts.


  • Comes with an extensive library of in-built filters and indicators
  • Designed with simplicity for effective scanning
  • Allows for customization of filters with both fundamental and technical indicators
  • Flexible and easy text language allows you to program your own indicators and filters
  • You get access to a responsive community forum where there are tons of user-created filters that you can use
  • Reasonably-priced subscription fees
  • Scans stocks faster compared to most stock screeners


  • There are no real-time quotes which can be inconvenient for intra-day traders
  • The website is quite old-fashioned thus complicating navigation


The stock market is full of earning opportunities for investors and if you are serious about upping your trading and investing game, you can make a killing. However, finding the right stocks can be cumbersome and difficult and this is where stock screeners come in.

The StockFetcher screener is a useful tool for traders who use fundamental and technical analysis to forecast how stocks will perform both in the long and short term.

You probably already know that there are tons of similar platforms but StockFetcher stands out because it allows users to customize filters so that they can get the stocks they want. It is hard to ignore that the subscription fees are reasonably-priced as well.

In that regard, we would recommend the product to anyone who wants to increase their chances of succeeding in the stock market.