Introduction is a financial analysis and research platform helping investors and traders discover and track investment opportunities. It has powerful analytics tools and resources to help users make informed investment decisions.

The concept of earning a passive income has become uber-popular nowadays. And, it’s easy to see why – a secondary source of income that requires little to no effort? Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Not to mention, with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought the world, people are even more eager to look for ways to sustain their livelihoods. This is why a lot of people are turning their interest to swing trading.

Swing trading is a method of trading that focuses on achieving gains in stocks or other types of financial instruments by holding the asset over a period of days to benefit from price changes. Swing traders base their strategy on technical and fundamental analysis of price trends and patterns. 

This is why a platform like is worth its weight in gold for traders who’re looking for ways to tell a good deal apart from the bad. Not only does StockInvest provide technical data, but it also functions via top-notch algorithms that help to recognize trading patterns

If you’re looking for a viable source to help you on your journey of learning more about swing trading, or if you’re just looking for a point of reference to help you in identifying successful trading options, then you’re going to want to read this review. 

That’s because we’re about to breakdown all you need to know about the platform and what it can offer you.

Why Should You Look into

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Because swing trading depends on making a profit based on price changes, it’s natural for some traders to be drawn to changeable and volatile stocks, while others are drawn to more stable instruments. 

Either way, a swing trader’s success relies on being able to accurately identify where an asset’s price is going to swing and then working quickly to capture that profit if the swing develops. 

That’s where the StockInvest platform comes in. Not only does the website provide users with accurate technical data they can utilize for their own analysis, but it also assigns buy and sell scores to stocks. This means that if you use the platform, you can rely on the scores without having to resort to doing your research. 

Additionally, the trading platform also provides users with indicators lists, which can help you save a lot of time if you’re busy with your regular job.

Personally, though, what we liked best about StockInvest, is its pricing. Apart from a 5-day free trial, it also offers economical monthly and yearly payments of $19.90 and $199, respectively. Plus, there’s an attractive discount of 20% off if you decide to commit to a plan 24 hours after the free sign up.

Who Can Get the Most Out of The StockInvest Platform?

To be honest, if you’re a day-trader or a swing trader, then you’ll be able to make the most out of the StockInvest platform.

There’s a reason behind our advice. The program does offer users technical analysis. But, these analyses aren’t of the long-term variety and are applicable for a certain period of time only.

Furthermore, Stockininvest doesn’t have much to offer to long-term investors who’re on the lookout for fundamental stock analysis

The platform’s purpose isn’t to transform you into some mega-trader overnight. Rather, is designed to help novice and intermediate level traders learn the tricks and tips and trading and to avoid the general roadblocks that can lead to losses. 

Expert traders have years worth of experience and knowledge, and they know how to read the market.

For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend the platform to anyone who considers themselves to be beyond the intermediate level, because they’re not going to get much value for their money. 

That’s because it’s highly likely that expert traders will not like the fact that there isn’t much info on how the algorithms function. Also, an experienced trader will be able to easily derive the sort of information offers through their own research and analysis. 

What Makes Special?

Based on our research, the best stock-market research tools all have two things in common – real-time data and a user-friendly interface. 

Any frequent trader will tell you that in the stock-market, world information equals success. Because a stock’s price can change instantly, it’s crucial to have the most up-to-date information about charting patterns, movement, price, and volume.

Apart from that, any research tool worth its salt will have to be easy to use. That’s where a tool’s demo or trial version comes in super handy because it allows you to get a feel of how the software works. 

Thankfully, the platform has both these features. It not only provides users with features like custom lists, predictive portfolios, and easy to navigate drop-down menus. 

Because we value our readers’ trust in us, we also did a quick background check, and here’s what we found.

The stock-market research tool is owned by Exigam – an IT company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. StockInvest analyses more than 8000 Nasdaq Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange-traded companies and provides data (such as in-depth analysis) based on technical signals.

Besides that, 10% of all of StockInvest’s profits are donated for the betterment of homeless children in Eastern Europe. 

Overall Analysis of Features


Now that we’ve informed you about what is – let’s move on to discussing what kind of features and benefits the platform can offer you. 

1. Lists – Buy and Sell, Golden Star, etc.

Undoubtedly, one of the strongest points of the StockInvest platform has to be the various lists they offer. These lists include relevant (short-term) technical indicators, and to make things easier for you, the platform divides these lists into two categories – buy lists and sell lists. 

The Top 100 Buy list, for example, makes it easy for you to find out the 100 best scoring stocks according to the platform’s algorithms. 

In case you want to fine-tune your search, you have the option of filtering results based on not just performance, but also the number of days the stock has been rated positively. 

This helps you single out stocks that have been performing well continuously. However, bear in mind that the market-tool doesn’t offer you many details about how its algorithms function and based on what criteria.

Similarly, the StockInvest platform also offers a Top 100 sell list that helps you figure out potential sale setups. For stock options that bear bearish signals, the lists utilize death-crosses and double tops

Another list you want to watch out for is the watchlist that features Golden Star indicators. The Golden Star is a technical signal that’s a stronger version of the Golden Cross and uses 50 or 200 days worth of moving averages to define a technical signal. 

2. Individual Stock Ratings and Predictions

The StockInvest platform’s individual stock pages are jam-packed full of information, and it’s a feature that most swing traders will likely appreciate. 

The platform’s stock viewer does an excellent job of providing users with technical indicators such as pivot points and moving crossovers. 

Aside from this, the user also receives succinct and accurate information about a stock’s ratings and scores. Although the charts do not make room for customization, they’re quite useful for gaining insights. also provides users with predictions about future price movements concerning individual stocks. Users also have the option of requesting predictions in stocks that interest them from the StockInvest community. 

Though, it should be noted that these predictions may not offer much value to experienced traders. However, according to us, the fact that this feature allows for social interaction is a plus, and likely to help novice traders. 

3. Customization Options

We’ve already spoken briefly about StockInvest’s user-friendly interface that features easy navigation and drop-down menus. 

Although StockInvest isn’t a charting platform, it does allow users to create custom watchlists in extensive numbers. This offers you the advantage of having each list rated by the platform’s algorithm and holding, buying, and selling recommendations.


  • Analysis and information of more than 8000 companies traded on stock exchanges like Nasdaq and NYSE.
  • The platform offers users the advantage of predictions about a stock’s future price movements
  • Users are offered the advantage of automated portfolios
  • The StockInvest platform enables users to create an unlimited number of watchlists focused on technical indicators
  • Clean and easy to navigate interface
  • Real-time data provided by IEX
  • Top Buy and Sell Lists
  • Easily accessible for laptop or mobile phone


  • The platform doesn’t offer details about how its algorithms function
  • Not designed or suitable for expert or experienced traders
  • Users may need to resort to a charting software for verification of the technical analysis

Conclusion is a stock-market research tool that’s been designed to help beginner and intermediate traders understand how the world of swing trading functions.

Apart from its watchlists, the platform affords users the benefits of predictions, portfolios, and meticulously detailed individual stock ratings. As such, it can be of great benefit for anyone who’s looking to break into the world of day trading without prior knowledge. 

But, if you’re still unsure about how the platform may benefit you, you have the option of going to their website and availing their 14-day free trial to get rid of your doubts.

If you’re a newbie, our advice is that you head on their website and conduct your own research. Even if you find that the platform isn’t to your liking, then at the very least, you’ll have gained some experience about how swing trading works.