Superman Trades Review




Superman Trades is a financial newsletter founded by Paul Scolardi that provides stock picks and market analysis to its subscribers. It aims to help its readers make informed investment decisions and potentially achieve financial success.

Have you ever tried day trading only to end up losing big time? We’ve all been there and as I have come to learn, sometimes getting a mentor is all it takes to start making some real cash. Talking about mentors a program known as Superman Trades links you up with one such mentor, or should I call him a super mentor?

Well, this is none other than Paul Scolardi who is also known as “Superman”.

Superman Trades Overview

Paul Scolardi

Paul Scolardi is a successful stocks trader and has been in this business for 15 years now. A quick background check of him proves that he is a trained and certified public accountant (CPA). He has a deep finance and accounting background and that also means besides teaching you a thing or two about making a 6-figure income he can give you lots of advice on modern trends in this field.

Away from Paul, his popular program Superman Trades is lauded as one of the most effective ones on the market right now. This is how it works:

  • You register by paying a subscription fee
  • You will access diversified trading tools and information
  • You can use these insights to make wiser trading decisions

In a nutshell, the goal of this program is to help you maximize your winning trades and minimize the losing ones.

What to Expect

First off, Superman Trades will not make you rich overnight but will certainly help you gain more control of your investments. Best of all, this program may help you quit your 9 to 5 job so you can focus more on living the life of your dreams.

But even if you don’t want to quit your job, this opportunity can provide a great chance for you to create an extra stream of income if you apply yourself.

Trading Style

Superman prefers trading using a short-term swing trading strategy. If you are a day-trader, this approach will definitely provide you with the kind of flexibility needed to make some significant returns.

Besides that, if you are a scalper (a person who trades on the basis of real-time analysis), this platform will offer you the much-needed support through the chatroom. To break it down further for you, Paul uses a three-prong approach to trade, as follows:

1. Classic News Scalp Strategy

This is a strategy that enables you to take profits based on small price changes within the stocks market.

Paul shares some vital entry and exit strategies. If you are looking to make many small wins, which definitely equates to quick profits, this is the kind of strategy that would suit you best.

2. Chart Pattern Swing Trade

Also known as swing charting, this strategy works best when combined with technical analysis which is something Paul is known to be really good at. He also sometimes invests in, what seems to be losing stocks but eventually manages to hold them until they make him some awesome returns.

Of course, this is not a strategy for the faint-hearted or anyone looking for some quick wins. But provided it is done right, and the Superman Trades platform shows you exactly how to do it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grow your account with it after you familiarize yourself with his strategy.

3. Fundamental Position Trading

The third and probably most complicated of all strategies in this package is this one that involves a bit of finance expertise. Luckily, for those who subscribed to Superman Trades, Paul is a trained CPA with many years of experience in the stock market and economic analysis.

His analysis covers dynamic aspects bordering on social, political and economic forces that influence the supply and demand patterns.

Once you become part of the system, you will gain instant access to some odd news sources. This is where you will get to learn about insider dealings and behind the scene stuff which means you can take action way ahead of time.

This is sometimes known as insider trading and for a long time, it has been a preserve of the rich men and women of Wall Street.

5. Ongoing Education

As you might be aware, the financial sector is ever-evolving, and with the entry of cryptocurrencies, things have gotten even more interesting. Since there is no one strategy that stands the test of time, the Superman Trades platform furnishes you with all the details you need from time to time.

That means accessing report trackers, IPO reports, research reports, and market information whenever it’s available. What’s more, Superman himself conducts regular training boot camps in order to ensure none of his students lags behind in the learning process. Isn’t that cool?

Suitable For Newbies and Pros

superman trades pricing

If you are a newbie and your account is still small you might wonder whether you’re eligible for the Superman Trades program or not. Well, the good news is that you are eligible. In fact, the main target audience for this program is traders with accounts that fall under $25K PDT. That, however, does not lock out seasoned traders either.

So, if you’re a seasoned trader and are looking to double or quadruple your profits, this is ultimately something worth checking out.

A Sneak Peek into the Trading Room

superman trades chatroom

Inside the trading room, you will find a diverse community of traders. The conversation here is moderated by Paul himself and a few of his chosen traders who he has mentored and seen rising from newbies to top of the range traders.

One advantage to being part of the trading room is that you can even copy Paul’s trades – and that means you can make some great wins, however, we always recommend you to create your own style and be a more self-sufficient trader.

The Results

superman trades profit chart e1519539117650

At the end of the day what really matters in the world of trading is results. Opinions, strategies, and theories cannot put food on the table.

Well, to be honest, Paul is one of the most consistent traders we have come across. He regularly shares screenshots of his trades on social media just to showcase his prowess. He makes over $1,000,000 a year – and that’s quite an amazing feat for the Superman of online trading.

This means, if you can get an opportunity to watch him trade and replicate his moves, then you can make quite some bucks as well. It’s like hiring him to think for you – and that means you’ll only get the fine stuff without even having to analyze tons of information.


  • Easy to follow
  • Good value for money
  • Offers long-term trading
  • Trains you on how to keep your emotions away from your trading business
  • Presents you with a powerful trading plan offering long-term value
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Proven track record with a growing number of successful students
  • Offers a transparent online advisory platform
  • Has the blessings of Tim Sykes


  • Some trades may backfire on you especially if you place high leverages
  • It takes time to gain stability


This is a fairly reasonable deal. It may not help you make the big money overnight or even in the next two days, but rest assured it can transform you into a successful trader if you take the time to study the strategies.

We would, therefore, recommend Paul’s mentorship program for anyone looking to learn and integrate his techniques that are available exclusively for Superman Trade members.