Sure Dividend Review




Sure Dividend is a financial research firm focused on dividend-paying stocks. Founded by Ben Reynolds, the company offers a range of resources for investors.

The stock market can be a real cash cow for any investor. In most cases, what determines the success of an investor is the strategy being used. There are many people minting a lot of money from the stock market, while others never succeed.

So what’s the secret of those who succeed? Information is crucial for any type of investment, including the stock market.

I have traded in the stock market for several years and I can attest that without proper information and knowledge about the stock market, it is almost impossible to succeed.

My first years of trading were not good. This was probably because I didn’t have experience or information on what was needed to make succeed. Some of the sources I relied on didn’t help much and for a long time, I had to trade with my instincts.

But after I discovered about Sure Dividend, it was like my eyes suddenly opened. I was able to get real-time information about different stocks. This was important because it helped me to make informed decisions rather than following my instincts alone.

What is Sure Dividend?

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Sure Dividend is a research service and newsletter that specializes in finding and recommending stocks that give the potential for high dividend and growth.

The company tracks more than 600 stocks and assigns each one dividend risk sores. They then carry out a thorough stock analysis to emerge with prospective winning ones.

Sure Dividend sends newsletters to its subscribers at the beginning of every month with recommendations of 10 stocks that investors can use to create a versatile, dividend portfolio.

The review below will give you a better understanding of how sure Dividend works.

Pricing Options for Sure Dividend

For anyone to receive the Sure Dividend monthly newsletter, they have to subscribe to $149 per year. The package comes with an excel sheet for various dividend stocks, separated into sections such as stock by industry or by payout month.

There is also another subscription option that costs $429 annually. This option is more detailed compared to the previous one. Investors have access to an analysis research database, that has all the insights about the stock market.

Users can access both options for free for a period of seven days, prior to purchasing. The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee after signing up.

Sure Dividend Features

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1. Monthly newsletter

Sure Dividend sends out a 60-page long newsletter to each subscriber every month. This is different from other services such as Value Line and Finimize, that send daily newsletters.

The main objective of the newsletter is to recommend 10 stocks that the company believes to have high growth potential.

Every stock is critically analyzed, with value calculations, a growth of earnings summary, and an updated financial report. The newsletter also includes a 10-year financial data, that’s important for investors who are able to carry out their own analysis.

Besides, the monthly newsletter consists of stock sale recommendations made in the previous newsletters. This means that any of the stock that suspends or cuts its dividend is an automatic recommendation to sell the stock.

The company through its newsletter makes sales recommendations at the beginning of every year. There’s also a special section that indicates picks that have stagnated in the Sure Dividend portfolio for several years.

From 2014, sold options for the service has gained over 61 percent, without mentioning the existing position that has always surpassed market expectations. S&P 500 also gained 44 percent within the same period.

The newsletter is a bit long, so it can take you some time to read through. The good thing about the newsletter is that the quantity of data and analysis is extensive and impressive.

2. Stock lists

Sure Dividend doesn’t only focus on recommending the 10 stocks every month. The service has several excel files containing lists of high-performing dividend stocks, that are classified into categories.

For instance, you might come across lists of “Dividend Kings”, “Cheap Dividend Stocks” and “Blue Chip Stocks”. Additionally, there is a list of stocks based on the payout months.

Every excel file has important data concerning the company combined with performance information and the most recent dividend yield. The data can easily be sorted, since it is in a spreadsheet. You can also include more data for your own custom analysis.

One shortcoming about these lists is that they don’t have dividend risk ratings or fair value estimates. This implies that you might not be able to get similar figures like those picked in the monthly newsletters.

3. Sure Dividend Analysis Research Database

This database contains all the research done by the company. Other than accessing a similar stock list, you will able be privileged to get advanced estimates such as dividend risk and fair value. This is only for those who sign up for the service.

The Research Database comes with a 3-page research report for all the 600 stocks covered by Sure Dividend. There’s no significant difference from the reports found on the monthly newsletters, besides being able to get them when you need.

4. Articles

Besides the monthly newsletters, the service also writes several brief articles every month. The articles consist of a deeper analysis of the 10 recommended stocks picked by the company for that particular month.

Some of the details included in the articles include things such as the whereabouts of the company, why the 10 stocks were picked, an analysis of each stock, and the projected returns.

Other articles offer updates about the list of stocks recommended by Sure Dividend or instructions on how to sort data for every stock recommended earlier.

Considering their technical nature, the articles can be a good alternative for investors who would like to do carry out their own findings.

Platform Differentiators

Sure Dividend offers an incredible amount of information at a reasonable annual subscription fee. The monthly newsletter is so detailed and can be compared to the Motely Stock Advisor service. Now instead of two recommendations, Sure Dividend offers 10 for its investors.

Another reason why Sure Dividend stands out is that unlike other newsletters, it provides users with access to most of its research work. Although this costs a little extra to get, obtaining such crucial information helps investors to carry out their own independent analysis.

Who Needs Sure Dividend the Most?

Sure Dividend is ideal for long-term investors who are interested in investing in stocks that strike a balance between fixed income and potential for growth. The service is somehow designed for retirees who are keen on dividend payouts as a source of income.

One nice thing about this service is the fact that the platform is simple to use. Investors have enough time to look at the 10 recommendations and read why they were picked.

Besides, experienced investors have access to fundamental data that allows them to come up with their own projections.

Sure Dividend has more Pros compared to cons. Below are some of them:


  • Offers 10 recommendations every month
  • Reasonable cost of a monthly subscription
  • Supplementary In-depth articles, for all the stocks on a monthly basis
  • A lot of downloadable data
  • Balances between dividend payouts and growth potential


  • It can be difficult to follow through a long-term portfolio
  • The newsletter can be tedious to read