SureTrader Review




SureTrader is an online brokerage firm offering a simple platform for buying and selling stocks, ETFs, and other investments. It is popular with beginner and experienced investors and features educational resources and tools.

If you’d like to kickstart your stock trading career, it’d be a good idea to enlist the services of the best online broker. Fortunately, there are so many stockbrokers to choose from irrespective of your trading style and needs. However, it can also be daunting to know which broker best fits your needs especially if you’re a beginner trader.

This is because some brokers are known for their powerful trading tools, others for their low commissions while others are for great customer service.

That said, in case you’re looking for low-cost brokerage, SureTrader is a great platform to consider. Offering some of the best trading tools, the platform is optimized for traders who fall short of the $25,000 PDT level requirement.

Overview of the Brokerage Platform

suretrader dashboard

The company boasts over 60 licensed employees with many years of combined experience. Additionally, it caters to the needs of both novice and experienced day traders thanks to their easy-to-use trading technology, powerful charting tools, and intuitive interface.

What sets the company apart from the competition is the fact that it allows you to trade without all the limitations set by the Pattern Day Trading (PDT) rule.

Therefore, with a minimum deposit of $500, you can join this platform and start trading. On top of that, you can place any types of trade entries, whenever you feel like without having to worry about violating the PDT rule.

Features/ Benefits

1. Penny Stock Shorting

One of the features that makes this online broker an excellent platform is the fact that it offers one of the biggest stock lists. Users can expect to receive more than 10,000 symbols to short daily.

This is definitely a huge number of short symbols compared to what most online brokerage offers. On top of that, the broker lets you know if a stock is shortable or not and if restrictions apply.

2. Free Demo Account

If you are new to trading and looking to test your skills without risking your hard earned money, the platform provides traders with a $100K free demo account. The account can also help you learn both the ins and outs of day trading as well as master how the platform works.

Additionally, you can use the demo account to develop a trading strategy that only works for you.

3. Highest Level of Security and Protection

One thing that Sure Trader takes seriously is the security of the platform. Therefore, traders and investors don’t have to worry about any breach of personal information.

As a measure of security, the brokerage is regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas that ensures it adheres to all the international standards.

As such, traders can rely on the commission to come to their aid in case the platform violates their rights. What’s more? The accounts of Sure Trader use cloud-based Site Lock and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for an added level of protection and confidentiality of personal data.

4. Leverage

One of the indispensable features of successful day trading is leverage. The best thing about Sure Trader is that it offers an increased leverage compared to most brokerages. Users can expect to enjoy an intraday leverage of 6: 1 and an overnight leverage of 2:1 but on marginable securities over $3.

5. Charting Tools

Offering different styles and types of charts with customizable options, this is probably one of the platform’s selling points. You can view real-time price movements, bar charts, and candlesticks and even set multiple data points against them including moving averages. Additionally, users can set the charts to different timeframes.

6. Award-Winning Customer Service

The platform claims to provide 24/7 customer support that is both fast and friendly. Traders can contact their licensed trading professionals through email, live chat or phone for any kind of support. However, according to different reviews, their customer service is not one of the best.

Some traders have reported that the phone lines are always busy so you have to wait for nearly 30 minutes. Of course, this should be understandable given the number of clients the platform has. Others claim that conflict resolution via live help takes a lot of time.

7. Fast Order Executions

Featuring Direct access technology, the site offers lightning-fast order execution. This means that once you place a trade, it will be live instantly. The technology also allows users to view real-time data and even send orders as quickly as possible.

SureTrader Trading Platforms and Tool

There are three platforms in total to choose from including the ActiveWeb, Sure Trader Pro/Desktop and Mobile-based app.


This is a 100% free web-based trading platform so there are no monthly fees to worry about. Thanks to its web-based feature, traders can enjoy real-time streaming data and seamless trading experience. This makes it ideal for day traders looking to dip into the world of trading without spending a single dime. In addition, the platform offers users with quick order entry and intraday charts.

When it comes to features, users will only have access to Sure Trader’s basic trading amenities including real-time charting. Further, you will receive over 10,000 shorting symbols, zero routing commission fees, profit/loss display, real-time level 1 quotes, watch lists and option chains.

In terms of trade rates, the platform charges one penny per share with the minimum being $4.95. In addition, traders can enjoy a leverage of 2:1for overnight trades and 6:1 for intraday trading.

Sure Trader Pro

Also known as a Desktop-based platform, this is a premium trading platform that makes use of a direct-access software. It costs $49 per month and is designed for day traders looking for more customization options, trading capabilities, and more functionality. The platform boasts fully-integrated point-and-click trading with plenty of advanced features for traders and is highly organized for ease of use. What’s more? It provides users with real-time news as well as both profit and loss display.

Other features include advanced charting tools, Level II screens, window customization and linking, time and sales, quote list, orders trades, and programmable keys. As if that’s not enough, it is available in various languages including Russian, Chinese, and English and also operates on Mac OS through BootCamp.

However, you will need to invest in a desktop with a memory of 4GB of RAM, 300MB free space, 2.4 GHz processor or higher and Windows XP operating system or later version to use the platform.

Sure Trader Mobile App

For traders who like trading on the go may be while traveling or en-route to and from their specific workplace, Mobile SureTrader app is an excellent option where speed is of importance. It allows you to place trades easily and quickly, view account status and get quotes thanks to its intuitive and simple interface.

The app is web-based with Level-2 quotes but it can work on any mobile device as long as you have access to reliable Wi-Fi. In addition to this, it is very responsive, free to all users and secure compared to trading from the desktop. However, there is also a paid version of the mobile app that attracts a small monthly subscription fee of around $35.


When it comes to pricing, this is an area this platform does not disappoint. To start with, their pricing structure is quite straightforward and there are no hidden charges to worry about making them most day trader’s best online broker.

For instance, in terms of trading rates, you can expect to be charged only $0.005 per share with the minimum price per share being $1.95. More so, for traders trading high volumes of shares per month like more than 250,000 shares, they can expect to pay lower fees.

As far as margin fees are concerned, the platform offers low rates depending on one’s margin balance. The brokerage also offers competitive commissions rates at only $4.95 plus an extra $0.50 for each contact. And to save you more money, it does not charge any routing fees.

In addition to this, the brokerage’s trading platforms are quite affordable with the SureTrader Pro plus mobile app costing only $49 per month. There is also the Mobile-based app platform that attracts a subscription fee of $35 per month.


  • Features up-to-date and easy-to-use trading software
  • Allows you to trade on margin for added buying power
  • Lower and competitive trade rates, fees and commissions
  • Permits extended trading hours
  • Provides discounts on margin rates
  • No account minimums or even pattern day-trading rules and regulations
  • Offers multiple options for account funding such as credit and debit cards
  • Boasts increased leverage and fast executions


  • Charges a $40 fee for outgoing funds which some brokers do not charge
  • There are a number of complaints regarding the quality of their customer service
  • Traders can expect to pay a $50 inactivity fee quarterly for accounts with less than 15 trades


Overall, SureTrader stands out as one of the best brokerage platforms for both beginner traders and professionals alike. Sure, it has several glitches just like other online brokers but it does offer very powerful trading tools for day traders.

So, it’s upon you to decide if these glitches are actually bothersome to you or not. Therefore, if you have little capital, looking for better charting capabilities or seeking enhanced trading leverage, this platform could be what you need to get started.