TC2000 Review




TC2000 is a stock charting and analysis platform for traders and investors. It offers advanced charting, backtesting, real-time market data, and customizable alerts to help users make informed decisions and stay ahead of market movements.

In the world of stock trading, bulls and bears make money but pigs get slaughtered. Depending on your style of trading, the last thing you want to do is engage in a series of blind gambles (like pigs do). Stock trading requires logical thinking and this is where a trading and charting platform like TC2000 comes in handy.

This platform does the heavy lifting for you by gathering and analyzing data thereby making it easier for you to make informed bullish or bearish moves.

How exactly does it work? What’s using TC2000 like? Below is a quick TC2000 review to inform you on what to expect so you don’t risk your hard-earned cash in vain.

TC2000 Overview

tc2000 overview

First off, TC2000 is a product of Worden Brothers Inc., a company that has been in this realm since 1997. The software seeks to eliminate guesswork from trading in order to help all traders, be they newbies or pros, increase their winning trades.

So if you’re just getting started and have no clue what you need to be doing, this platform is just the right place for you to launch your career. Likewise, if you’ve been in this game for quite a while but are worried that your losing streak is getting out of control, this might just be the software you need to try out.

Decorated with accolades and awards from Warrior Trading, Liberated Stock Trader, The Traders’ Magazine, and Bulls on Wall Street, the TC2000 stands out as a well-thought-out package for all levels of trading.

Robust Features

At its friendly price, you wouldn’t expect the TC2000 to offer as many features as it does. One such, handy feature is the 2-second scanning ability which gives you an idea of the exact kind of stocks you need to go for.

Of course, this software uses artificial intelligence to match your style of trading with the opportunities existing on the market at any given time.

What’s more? The 2-second scanning tool makes use of technical indicators and combines that with a fundamental style of trading in order to deliver award-winning suggestions.

Better Organization

If you’re a disorganized trader who trades randomly based on hearsay, then you’re bound to lose big time!

To prevent that from happening, this trading platform comes with advanced features that make it easy to organize your trading. Indeed, TC2000 comes with features that enable you to jot notes and flag stocks.

Best of all, anytime you launch this software, it automatically remembers the charts you were tracking and organizes them for you. It also organizes any notes you may have jotted and places them alongside your watchlist.

Advanced Comparison Tools

It is one thing to stay organized on trading the markets but another to run independent comparisons prior to making an investment. The TC2000 furnishes you with exclusive, smart comparison tools that allow you to visually compare various trading choices.

To top it all off, there are a bunch of smart scaling tools which enable you to zoom into trends and compare swing and strength sizes.

User-Friendly Charts

At a glance, the TC2000 charts may pass for any other charts on other trading platforms. However, if you happen to take a closer look, you’ll notice that the charts are quite robust.

For instance, they have a data box. All you need to do is click on the selector in order to track market movements in real-time (depending on the tier you’re in).

In addition, you can enjoy unlimited access to multiple data points such as indicator values, highs, lows, entry and exit points via a simple click of a mouse button. How cool is that?

Superb Indicators

tc2000 indicators

Most premium trading software packages come with dozens of indicators. But the question remains – how many of these indicators can you actually use to transform your trading experience? So, the good guys at TC2000 came up with a formula that ensures you access only the indicators that you need in order to start making wins.

There are 2 indicators that stand out from this pack – and we believe these are really cool ones if you’re looking to enjoy your trading experience:

  • Relative strength indicator – This indicator compares performance making it such a useful comparison tool. The indicator utilizes an arbitrary formula that’s based on OHLC data. Above all, this indicator comes with a bunch of presets that you can turn on and off. That’s of course, in addition to industry index symbols and a checkbox system. These filtering tools mean you don’t have to read through extensive documentation in order to make an informed trading decision.
  • Formulas – This is yet another rare feature that comes with the TC2000. This addition makes it possible to add your own formulas and use them as indicators. Alternatively, you can use these formulas as your very own alerts. For instance, you can take advantage of this feature to load up an indicator that enables you to track average volumes by comparing different price bars.


The TC2000 has what’s probably one of the best trade simulators on the market. All you need to do is shift to the simulation mode so you can engage in features of the software in pretty much the same way actual trading would feel like.

Through this mode, you can enjoy trading without taking any risk at all – and can make as many mistakes as possible without feeling the pinch.

Most importantly, you can set up as many simulation accounts as you’d like because they’re always free. Until you become 100% confident in yourself is when it’s recommended to participate in the live trading.

TC2000 Pricing & Packages

tc200 pricing

Clearly, this software is designed with the needs of every trader in mind. So, whether you only have a few cents to spare or are looking to spend an extra cent in order to access premium features, nothing beats TC2000 as far as flexibility goes.

You can start out with a friendly $9.99 per month. This is the price you pay for the silver package – the beginners’ tier. There are two other tiers above this grade. Let’s closely examine what’s offered in each one of them.

1. Silver

Priced at $9.99 per month, the silver plan has all the basic features you need to transform your trading experience. Under this tier, you can browse different streaming charts and experiment with 100+ indicator.

What’s more? You have the flexibility to introduce real-time data feeds, news, indexes, and even options. Aside from that, you’ll have the opportunity to access 7 prebuilt layouts as you test your strategies.

On the flipside, though, there isn’t any throttling of market data speed under this tier. Also, if you like drawing your own charts, this tier doesn’t have that option – you’d need to upgrade to the next tier, Gold.

2. Gold

There are so many reasons why this tier remains superior to the silver tier. Even though it will require you to part with a whopping $29.99 per month, this tier comes with the ability to draw charts as well as Fibonacci retracements.

Another wonderful feature that can only be unlocked under the Gold tier is “advanced scanning abilities”. Indeed, you can create a customized TC2000 scanner based on your market research or simply opt for the EasyScan features which do the heavy-lifting for you.

EasyScan topples all other market scanners due to its ability to incorporate a ranking system. Last but not least, under the Gold tier, you’ll be able to generate custom reports, monitor hundreds of price alerts, and above all author your own personal criteria formulas (PCF).

3. Platinum

This $89.98 tier is best suited for individuals who would like to revolutionize their trading experiences, once and for all.

Loaded with all GOLD tier features, this level of trading also offers live scanning features through a built-in EasyScan dashboard. Also, there’s the ability to track 1000+ price alerts, trendlines as well as indicators.

Above all, in case you’d like to take a quick look at your reports, this platform has the ability to organize your EasyScan reports. In a nutshell, the Platinum TC2000 is the level you can bank on if you’re looking to keep up with real-time changes on the marketplace.


  • Powerful, helpful charts
  • Designed for traders who pay close attention to detail
  • Armed with a powerful market scanner
  • Efficient memory use
  • Superfast filtering and sorting
  • Comes with a huge library of indicators
  • Has built-in notes and news window for real-time updates
  • Twitter and Facebook Integration
  • You can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world


  • Small qualms with the otherwise perfect indicator would be that not unless you know how to use the filter system effectively, you’ll have to deal with a lot of data. This can lead to information overload. What’s more? The TC2000 updates regularly – and while this is meant for your own good, some traders find these updates quite irritating.


Analyzing a lot of data which can leave you confused; the TC2000 is a desirable platform for beginners and professionals alike that can help solve this problem. It loads pretty fast and is available in flexible pricing.

If you’re still skeptical, we’d recommend giving the Silver package a shot just to get a rough idea how this works. Otherwise, we’d recommend shooting for the Gold package which offers advanced features at a reasonable price.