Tickeron Review




Tickeron is a stock analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide insight and predictions for various stocks. It aims to help investors make informed decisions and improve their trading strategies.

Investing is one of the best things you can do to secure your future but making the right investment is easier said than done. As such, you may need a little (or more) help when it comes to choosing where to invest.

If you are actively looking for that kind of help, you may have heard of Tickeron, a tool that claims to combine human intelligence with AI to help both self-directed and independent traders invest wisely.

When we heard about Tickeron, we thought it wise to take a closer look to find out if it is worth your time or money. Keep it here if you want to find out the same.

Tickeron: A Quick Overview

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Essentially, Tickeron provides useful AI-powered tools that are designed to aid investors when it comes to optimizing their trading strategies. That is because the platform gathers a lot of stock market data and transforms it into useful information with the help of AI.

As you can imagine, this advanced technology makes Tickeron stand out from the rest of the trading tools that you know. Moreover, Tickeron is more than a stock screener: it is an all-inclusive platform with a wealth of analysis and research tools.

With a broad range of pre-set screens and AI-powered reports, Tickeron enables even beginner investors can begin trading with confidence.

How Does It Work?

Tickeron opens you up to a host of powerful and useful tools for portfolio creation, analysis, and more. You may also want to note that it features an exclusive third-party marketplace that you as an investor can use to discover expert services.

The platform also comes with free features including a stock scanner that you can try before committing yourself to pay a membership fee. However, you will be required to sign up for an account to make the most out of its functionality.

If you want to access the platform's more advanced tools, you would have to upgrade to a premium subscription. You can also access more services via the platform's marketplace and this includes everything from advisory services to financial advisors and more.

Tickeron Features

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One of the best things about Tickeron is that it can be used by both service providers and buyers. That means it can be used for either marketing or research purposes.

Here are some of the most notable features on the platform.

1. Screener

This is a free product and it allows scans based on different Human Intelligence, AI, and fundamental filters. You realize that this is a genius way to fish out potential stocks for intraday trades as well as swings using convincing assessment models.

2. AI-Powered Pattern Search Engine

This is an optional add-on that you can get for $19.95 and it scans more than 1000 ETFs, 4,000 stocks, and numerous cryptos.

Now although this is common when it comes to pattern scanners, Tickeron uses AI to calculate target levels and profits, price triggers, and probability through confidence percentage. As a member, you can scan stocks or patterns with the potential to configure confidence levels. 

You will appreciate this scanner's accuracy compared to what is available in the market. Crypto traders and day traders, in particular, will love this tool.

3. A.I.dvisor Portfolio Optimizer

Tickeron has to be one of the few companies that bring AI-powered investment tools that can be compared to trade ideas to retail traders. The platform does that through its A.I.dvisor service that reviews and optimizes your investment portfolio.  

You will be required to upload your portfolio and consequently answer a sequence of questions. After that, the AI engine will use the data provided to create a diversified allocation model for you.

5. The Academy

Tickeron does provide you with self-paced videos, tutorials, webcasts, and articles as well through its Academy section. There, you will get access to a wealth of content designed to get you acclimated to the software as well as help you learn different triggers, set-ups, and price patterns.

In the video section, there is a lot of information regarding analysis methods, crypto trading, and portfolio setup. The blog section on the other hand features particular trade set-ups and updated macro market articles.

The Articles section includes comprehensive lessons on chart techniques and patterns. Imagine all this useful content is free to access and in one place. How cool is that?

6. Trade Alerts

As soon as you pick your portfolio stocks, you can begin making use of Tickeron's trade alerts. These alerts can be customized by using different criteria such as technical signals, price patterns, and more.

The alerts can utilize sticker symbols that enable you to cover your whole investment portfolio without any limitations. Such options make it easier to act fast when something with any of your holdings requires prompt attention.

You also get to monitor stocks with price fluctuations so that you are in the know when an opportunity presents itself.

These trade alerts are more useful compared to basic price target signals since they have more trigger options.

Pricing Options

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When it comes to Tickeron's pricing, it can be quite confusing seeing as it offers two kinds of paid services. You can pay for the actual Tickeron site or the Marketplace which has distinct paid services that can be accessed through third-party vendors as well.

Anyway, Tickeron offers for kinds of membership services including:

Beginner membership- this is a free service and includes DivScore calculation, portfolio creation, and Morningstar Aggregation among others.

Intermediate membership- This service will cost you $15- each month with AI trading ideas, Backtest Trade Rules, and recurring billing among others.

Now, even with that, the pricing page tends to be confusing especially because it bundles some of the add-ons automatically. However, you get to pick the ones you want.

Expert membership- This costs $250 a month and features recurrent billing. This membership features numerous add-ons. Unlike in the intermediate membership, these add-ons are compulsory and can therefore not be eliminated from the subscription.

Advisor membership- this one goes for $50 each month with recurrent billing. The membership enables users to sell their advisory services and grow their client base while at it. Now, this service is similar to the Expert membership with the main difference being "Advice." 

The AI Trend prediction and Optional Pattern Search Engine services can be accessed during the initial 14-day trial that turns into a $20 monthly billing unless it is canceled.

Again, Tickeron's pricing page is not the easiest to understand so we do encourage investors to start with a free membership while exploring the platform. Find out what is offered and pick a subscription that works for you.

Tickeron Platform Differentiators

There are many financial content marketplaces available but Tickeron stands out because it combines social media-entrenched content, marketing/research platforms, and AI-powered tools to help investors make worthwhile decisions.

Therefore, whether you are assessing your investment portfolio or searching for new investment opportunities, Tickeron has the tools to help you do it.

About The Developer

Dave is the man behind this product and it may interest you to learn that he has been a swing trader as well as a day trader since 2011 when he began having an interest in the stock market. He mainly focuses on technical setups. He subsequently holds positions for several minutes to several days.

Throughout his career, Dave has tried different courses, services, brokers, and trading products. To this day, he continues to test and analyze day trading services.

Who is Tickeron Best For?

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Tickeron is designed to help a wide range of traders. From the outside looking in, it looks like its sophisticated tools can only be used by seasoned traders, but it is worth noting that there are several analysis and research tools for both intermediate and beginner traders.

Moreover, the service accommodates a wide range of trading styles. Investors can make the most out of its automated buy and sell signals, while swing traders can use its advanced screeners and day traders its AI pattern detection tools.


  • You get access to a lot of free content simply by signing up
  • It features a highly accurate AI-powered scanner and pattern recognition
  • It is a great learning tool for new students to technical analysis.
  • Has video tutorials that shorten the learning curve
  • Features simple yet powerful portfolio analysis and optimization tools
  • Most of its services feature a free-trial period
  • The videos and scanner are useful for cryptocurrency traders


  • Its community is too small
  • You have to be patient as you wait for results because they will not be instantaneous
  • Some users feel that it is a bit commercialized


We can all agree that there is nothing in the world that can replace human intelligence but looking at Tickeron, we also have to admit that artificial intelligence seems to have a promising future in the investment world.

The platform makes it easy for new traders to integrate advanced methods into their trading routine with negligible effort. We feel that Tickeron is unmatchable when it comes to offering AI screening and in-built marketing intelligence and that makes it a must-have for self-directed investors.