TopstepFX Review




TopstepFX is a funded trading program that allows forex traders to prove their skills and get funded to trade with real money. The platform offers risk management tools, educational resources, and a supportive community to help traders succeed.

If you're interested in forex trading, you may have come across TopstepFX, a popular trading platform that offers traders the chance to prove their skills and get funded. But is TopstepFX worth your time and money?

To start, let's explain what TopstepFX is. This proprietary trading platform provides forex traders with a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency and receive funding from the company in return.

It boasts an innovative system that offers traders the possibility of trading using its capital while granting them a portion of all generated profits - without risking any of their own money.

This review will provide you with all the information you need to determine if TopstepFX is right for your trading needs. We'll explore their business model, platform features and technology, evaluation & funding process as well as a breakdown of account types - so that by the end of it all, you can make an educated decision on whether or not they're suited to meet your requirements.

What is TopstepFX?

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Since its launch in 2012, Topstep Trader has become a go-to option for forex traders looking to prove their trading abilities without risking any of their own money. Founded by Michael Patak and Jay Rudman, this robust platform provides users with the chance to make excellent returns while honing their skillset.

The TopstepFX platform is designed to evaluate and fund successful traders. To gain access to the funding, potential traders must first complete an evaluation process that replicates actual trading conditions, with critical criteria such as reaching profit targets and managing risk, needing to be met in order for them to pass.

Upon completing the evaluation process, traders are granted access to a funded account that allows them to increase their earnings and take part of the profits. However, with this privilege comes certain rules and regulations which must be followed in order to keep their accounts active and claim rewarded gains.

How TopstepFX Works

The TopstepFX platform operates on a simple business model - evaluate and fund traders. The process is designed to help traders prove their trading skills and get funded by the platform, without risking their own capital. Here's a breakdown of how the TopstepFX platform works:

  • Evaluation Process: To be eligible for access to the funded account, traders must first undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. This test is designed to simulate real trading conditions and requires traders to fulfill specific criteria such as reaching profit targets and managing risk in order pass. Traders have several options with regards to the length of time needed for this assessment, ranging from 5 days up to 60 trading days.
  • Funded Account: After traders complete the evaluation process, they will be given access to a funded account designed to help them grow their accounts and take part in the profits. Funded by TopstepFX's capital, traders must abide by certain rules and regulations such as maximum position sizes and loss limits to keep their accounts active.
  • Profit Split: Expert traders that successfully expand their capital can take home a large portion of the gains, normally between 20% to 80%. TopstepFX also claims its stake in profits from these accounts with a usual range ranging from 20-50%.
  • Account Reset: If traders fail to meet the rules and restrictions of the funded account, their account may be reset, and they may need to pass another evaluation process to access the funded account again.

TopstepFX Account Types

TopstepFX offers several account types to suit traders of different levels and goals. Each account type has its own evaluation criteria, rules, and profit split. Here's a breakdown of the account types offered by TopstepFX:

1. Intro Account

If you're just beginning to trade and are looking for a platform, the Intro Account is perfect for you. For five trading days, new traders must reach $500 in profits and have no more than a daily loss of $300 on their account if they wish to pass the evaluation period.

Once successful, 80% of all future gains will be yours with 20% going back towards TopstepFX.

2. Student Account

The Student Account is designed for traders who are still learning and developing their skills. The evaluation period is 30 trading days, and traders must hit a profit target of $2,000 with a maximum daily loss of $500 to pass the evaluation. The profit split for the Student Account is 80/20.

3. Funded Account 

For the seasoned trader, TopstepFX offers its Funded Account with three account sizes of $50k, $100k or $150K.

To remain in good standing and keep your capital, you must complete 60 trading days while achieving a predetermined profit goal whilst also managing risk wisely. Based on which size of account chosen you are entitled to an impressive 80/20-60/40 profit split.

4. Professional Account

The Professional Account is perfect for the more experienced traders who are looking to use larger amounts of capital. This account offers sizes ranging from a minimum of $250,000 up to an impressive $500,000.

After 60 trading days have passed and you as a trader hit your necessary profit target while still managing risk successfully, there's potential for an 80/20 or even 50/50 split in profits depending on which size was chosen.

Customer Support

TopstepFX provides customer support to help traders with any issues or questions they may have. The customer support team is available from Sunday at 5 pm CT to Friday at 4 pm CT. Traders can reach out to customer support via email or live chat.

TopstepFX's customer service team is renowned for their quick and useful assistance. Traders can anticipate a response within 24 hours, ensuring that any problems you have from technical issues to account queries will be resolved promptly.

Besides email and live chat support, TopstepFX offers an extensive knowledge base on its website. This includes a plethora of useful resources like FAQs, trading guides, and tutorial videos that can help traders find answers to their questions or gain more insight into the trading world with TopStepFX.

Pros and Cons of TopstepFX

Like any trading platform, TopstepFX has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using TopstepFX:


  • Effective risk management
  • Funded account options
  • Range of account types to suit different traders
  • Offers educational resources


  • Evaluation process can be challenging
  • TopstepFX takes a percentage of profits
  • Monthly platform fee
  • Limited instrument options (currently only forex trading)


TopstepFX is a dependable trading platform with risk management strategies, funded account opportunities, and educational resources that can help traders hone their skills. Although the evaluation process may be challenging to complete, those who pass have access to capital provided by the platform so they can trade with trust.

Traders should also bear in mind the profit split terms, platform fees involved as well as limited instrument options offered when considering this option of trading.

In conclusion, TopstepFX presents an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to effectively manage risks while developing their abilities within the world of finance.