Trade Juice Review




Trade Juice is a financial education company that teaches traders how to consistently generate income from the markets. It offers practical, actionable strategies and techniques to help traders develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

What does it take to be a successful forex trader? We have several answers to this question, but for the sake of time, we shall focus on only one of them; i.e., having a reliable trading signal provider.

Talking about a reliable FX signal provider, Trade Juice has recently been gathering traction among experienced traders and even newbies. Some people laud it as an accurate and easy-to-use system. Others have their own doubts about it.

But the question is – what’s the real truth about this signal provider? We conducted an in-depth review of their services and here’s what we found out.

Trade Juice: Quick Overview

trade juice overview

In simple terms, this is a highly advanced trading signal service that seeks to provide you with precise entry and exit points (along with the right time frames) for the winning trades. It works for both beginners and experienced traders and stands out for helping you make trading income in the shortest time possible.

The interface is highly user-friendly and refreshes the signals every fifteen minutes. This is one of the factors that enables this software to be so time-efficient.

Trade Juice runs under the Nikola Delic umbrella and is based on algorithms and techniques that the company has developed over the years.

The developers claim that with this platform, you can make between $100,000- 600,000 a year. Even better is that you can achieve these profits without dealing with charts and indicators which are stressful for some.

Whether it is forex, crypto, commodities or indices, this platform will ensure you make great profits from your trade.

In general, we can say that this service has a lot of simplicity attached to it. For instance, it does not need additional software, or complicated calculations to work. Further, you could even start trading without a computer, only needing a smartphone close-by.

Most of all, with an accuracy rate of 65-75%, chances are high that most of your trade will add more money to your pockets (winning trades). So, there is no reason to worry about going wrong with this service.

How It Works

tradejuice how it works

The first thing you need to know is that Trade Juice is a complex cloud-based integration of proprietary algorithms meant to achieve a high level of efficiency. This involves calculating each pip, candle and trend in different markets simultaneously with the aim of providing juicy trades and setups.

Some of the trading channels covered under this system include:

  • Forex, covers over 26 currency pairs
  • Top Indices such as S&P 500 and DAX
  • Commodities e.g., Gold and Silver
  • Cryptos such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and so on

One thing we absolutely like about this service is that it’s available 24/7 and updates to its ‘Hot Trades’ list are made every hour.

It does this as it scans all sectors of the markets to ensure that it does not leave out any juicy trade.

Once the service provides you with a ‘hot trade’ signal, it goes further to provide you with every vital component you will need to place a trade effortlessly and fast. This is one area that this platform outdoes competing services in the market.

Everything about this service is a no-brainer. Since it automatically provides you with entry, exit and profit targets and the overall market trend, all that remains for you is quite simple. 

Simply open the trades, set your targets and wait for the trades to close, hopefully in your favor.

Note That…

In summary, we could say that using this system involves you identifying a setup in the exclusive members’ area. Armed with this information, you then head over to your usual trading platform and open the trade as suggested.

Luckily for you, this service is compatible with all the modern trading platforms. So, there shouldn’t be any issues integrating with your broker.

Benefits of Trade Juice

trade juice performance

By now, you might be wondering what the service will offer once you invest in it. Well, there is plenty that you can get from this system.

The “Hot Trade” signals, for instance, represent a good feature that helps you stay up to date with the latest, high potential buy/sell positions.

Also, from our experience, Trade Juice is designed in such a manner that it is easy enough for beginners to understand and yet tough enough for aggressive traders to enjoy.

Above all, thanks to its cloud-integration, this platform is one of the most sensitive and accurate trading systems you can ever come across. And yet all you need are two simple clicks to access all the data you need from the system

Other things that Trade Juice will provide you with include:

  • A comparison of the risk you will take with how much you will gain
  • The ideal direction for trading i.e., buying or selling
  • The price you should target for profit
  • The Currency pair, Crypto, Commodity or Index with the highest probability of success
  • When and where to enter the trade to boost your profits and minimize your risks
  • Where you can place your Stop loss to protect your investment in case things don’t work out

From our observation, this is more than just an average signal service. The experts behind it have gone a step further to make it easier for first-time users to enjoy the experience. And above all, this tool boasts an above-average level of accuracy meaning it can give you a shot in the arm when you badly need it.

The Educational Section

In the stock market world, there is always something new for you to learn. So, the developers included an educational section with the aim of boosting your trading knowledge. Here, you will find various webinar recordings covering topics that may interest you as a trader.

And if you are a beginner, you will be pleased with the various videos guiding you on how to use the platform. 

Why Systems Like Trade Juice Are Taking Over

trading strategies e1631296359935

Over the past few years, retail trading has continued to grow in popularity. Previously, you had to grasp how to trade currency pairs to make it in the markets. But with time, trading instruments have cropped up and provided powerful options other than the usual ones.

Indeed, long gone are the days when reliance on custom indicators was enough to get things done.

Today, only a strong system with complex algorithms can help you deal with these changes. Systems like Trade Juice have been developed with this in mind.

And as it turns out, if used appropriately, they can help you avoid the hassles of day trading and focus on making the right moves.

The Pricing

We have pointed out the four trading channels (i.e., Forex, Commodities, Top Indices, Crypto) that the service has to offer. Each of them costs $1188 per year. So, in total, all the four channels cost $4572 annually. This may seem steep, but when you consider the possible benefits, the price will turn out to be fair.

The good news is that you do not have to pay this full amount. As a way of welcoming you to their service, the company will offer you an amazing discount of 89.1%. This means that you get to pay only $499 for the four channels.

Lastly, the product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This means you can get a full refund for your money if you aren’t satisfied with what the service has to offer. So, you have a risk-free investment before you.

Who is it Best Suited for?

Any trader who wants to make it big in the market in the shortest time possible would appreciate what this service has to offer. Whether you are dealing with cryptos, forex or indices, this is a platform that you will find to be of great help.

It is designed to provide you with ‘hot trades’ signals so that you can make winning trades with ease. We cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to navigate this system and beginners and pros alike would have an easy time using it.


  • Very easy to navigate and place your trades
  • No need for extra software or indicators
  • Works for any trader, whether a beginner or an established one
  • Brings a whole new dimension to trading
  • Is portable and works round the clock
  • Has an accuracy of 65-75%
  • An average weekly profit of 4-5%


  • It may be a while before you get the profits that the platform promises you
  • Needs stable internet connectivity which is not attainable for everyone


We hope our Trade Juice review has eliminated any query that you had about it. From our analysis, you can see that the service was designed to help you have an easy time identifying and making winning trades.

No software or complicated math is needed and within no time, you are likely to be on your way towards making a kill. 

In short, this is a system we’d highly recommend to anyone looking add more gas to their trading strategy.