Trademetria Review




Trademetria is a financial analysis and portfolio management platform helping investors and traders track and analyze their investments, optimize their portfolio, and manage risk. It has advanced analytics tools and resources to help users make informed investment decisions and achieve financial goals.

Being an expert trader in the financial market is not all about making moves. It also involves tracking and analyzing your trades so that you can identify and correct whatever weaknesses you may be having.

Now that you know the importance of tracking your trades in the stock market, you must be wondering whether there are platforms that may help you to monitor your activities as a stock trader.

At this point, we shall introduce you to Trademetria, which is a platform that offers a range of analysis tools meant to improve your strategy over time and also boost your profits.

Let’s see what this platform is all about and whether it is the right one for you.

What is Trademetria? Our Review

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This software program comprises a portfolio tracker, trading journal, and trade analyzer all in one platform. It has all the features you need to track and analyze your trades for the sake of improving your trading game.

Besides your trades, you can also use this platform to track all the cash that you pump into your trades, including dividends, deposits, withdrawals, and other platform charges. 

How does it work? The software sources data from different accounts to make an estimation of key variables and then monitors, analyzes, and measures your trading performance. With this data in your hands, you can know what to work with and what to ignore so that you can make better decisions in the long run.

About the Founder

trademetria founder

Trademetria was founded by Thiago Ghilardi, who, upon graduating with a degree in computer science, joined the stock trading world as a prop trader before starting his trading company and also becoming a director at a renowned trading firm.

He was motivated to launch this software program when he learned that a critical analysis of his trades was a significant determinant for his success and that placing trades alone was not enough.

Key Features of the Program

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To get a complete understanding of how this software works, we shall take a look at some of its key features. Here they are:

1. Trade Journal

This is a built-in feature where you can keep all the relevant notes on your trade. The notes could be for a single trade or for how your entire day played out. 

The journal is relatively flexible since it allows you to format texts, embedding screenshots, plus you may also search for specific keywords in your journal.

2. Trade Tracking and Analysis and Key Metrics

Trade tracking and analysis are the most identifiable aspects of this program whereby you can review your trade history in the shortest time and view the current open positions in your portfolio.

You can filter your trade history based on several parameters such as date (ranges), broker, time of the week, the type of instrument, maximum profit/loss, among others. 

Further, you can create an infinite number of tags so that you can categorize your trades as per the strategy used or what pushed you towards that particular trade. In the end, you can use these tags to filter trades.

With the filtered trades, you can now easily calculate key metrics for your trading history, and they include total commissions paid, your profit margin, your win rate, among others.

3. Day Trading Tools

Another aspect of this program is the numerous trading tools that are specially designed for day traders. For instance, there is a ‘Day Trade Report’ that presents a summary of the day’s trades, including the profit factor, current profit and loss, and your win rate.

4. Import Tools

With Trademetria, importing trades is impressively easy. With compatibility with over 120 brokers, exporting trade data from your broker before uploading it to the platform will be a walk in the park.

You can also add your trades manually, though you have to keep in mind that it may be a time-consuming process, especially if you are dealing with a lot of trades. 

One last bit is that if you do the manual addition of your trades, always remember to exit the trade, lest your profit or loss will not be visible in your account.

5. The Supported Assets

You will be pleased to know that this platform is not limited to stocks only. Instead, it supports a host of other assets such as futures, forex, options, cryptocurrencies, and CFD trades. 

This program’s analysis features support all the assets we have mentioned above, plus you can easily filter your trades as per the instrument type.

6. Trade Distributions

Here, we shall look at how the program enables you to have a deeper review of your trading performance by distributing your trades in numerous ways. You can observe your trades based on the time of day they were entered, by your custom strategy tags, or by the market condition on the days you traded.

Let’s not forget the P&L simulator that enables you to easily note the strategies that are performing better than your average return and those negatively affecting your overall profitability.

The Pricing

As we sum up this Trademetria review, note that there are three pricing options for you to choose from: Free, Basic, and Pro.

The Free account, as the name suggests, does not incur any cost. You will get access to most of the platform’s analytical features; you can track one account, and it allows you to import up to 30 trades per month.

Next is the Basic account, which comes at the cost of $19.95 monthly or $169 annually. Here, you can import up to 100 trades per month and export trade data to excel. Further, the tier features a P&L simulator, and you can analyze your trades by intraday timing.

Finally, the Pro account goes for $29.95 monthly or $249 annually. You will get unlimited trade imports, and you get all the features found in the basic account.

Who Is It For?

If you are an active trader who wants to use your trade data to improve your game as time goes by, this platform is just for you. It is packed with tools that day and options traders would find very useful, while swing traders could make use of the P&L simulator to know their profit and loss-making strategies.

And if you are an active medium to the long-term investor, the platform’s journal is a feature that would help you greatly to track your trades in the market.

Pros and Cons

Let’s wrap up our review of this platform by checking out the advantages and disadvantages that it brings.


  • It enables you to track your trading performance
  • Has valuable tools for the day and option traders
  • Offers unlimited custom tags
  • Supports a wide range of assets, e.g., forex, cryptos, options
  • You can find your best strategies with the P&L simulator


  • It does not import trades automatically
  • Tools for portfolio analysis are quite few


In the end, we recommend that you try out this program if you are looking to improve your trading game. The journals would help a novice understand their trading habits while the pros would quickly get rid of the loss-making strategies.

If you fall in any of the categories of traders that we have mentioned above, we can assure you that you will not regret investing in this program, and you will develop into a more profitable trader in the long run.