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Tradenet is a financial education company teaching technical analysis, risk management, and real-time trading strategies. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their performance and reach financial goals.

Ask anyone who is really good at day trading and stock trading and they’ll tell you that jumping into this business without proper training is the easiest way to set yourself up to nothing but failure.

This is why we recommend finding a school or learning platform which gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your skills before you place your money on the line.

The Tradenet (TN) School by Meir Barak is a good example of an institution that gives you the chance to sharpen your skills. Established in 2004, the 14-year-old company claims to have educated over 30,000 traders drawn from across the world.

A Closer Look at Tradenet

Tradenet is an online-based educational system for budding as well as experienced traders. The system comprises different tiers of learning. Besides education, the platform has a chatroom, a bunch of trading tools and a funded account program.

Meet Meir Barak

Meir Barak

Meir is the awesome guy behind Trade Net. He’s a down-to-earth professional day trader and a leading Wall Street Expert. Besides that, he’s an author of a best-selling title “The Market Whisperer: A New Approach to Stock Trading.”

The good guy is quite active on YouTube where he regularly posts educational and mentorship-oriented videos.

Basically, Meir is the face of Trade Net and a leading Wall Street expert. He’s the one who appears on TV and the financial press.

Above all, he’s a mentor. Despite his many years of experience, he’s never selfish to share his profitable trading strategies. For that reason, he remains incredibly popular, especially among first-time traders.

Training Programs

tradenet training programs

There are four educational programs available here. These are the Intro, Student, Expert, and Pro Programs.

The Intro Program goes for $500. Just as its name, Intro, suggests, the professional training program has all the essential building blocks one needs to set up a successful learning journey.

It’s within the Intro that you’ll find a Self-Study course which comprises all the videos and textual documents you need to become a confident trader.

Besides that, you also get access to the live trading chatroom as well as well as eligibility to apply for a $14,000 funded sub-account.

1. Student Professional Program

The Intro program may be great but you have to be prepared to learn on your own if you opt for it. Don’t like the idea of solo learning? It’d be a good idea to go for the Student package which comprises among other packages the:

  • Self-study course
  • Live trading chat room
  • Trading Book
  • Demo Training Account
  • Weekly Mentorship
  • Star Trader Course

Best of all, within this tier is an eligibility to apply for an $80,000 funded sub-account. That means you can start trading right off the bat without investing anything, provided you subscribe to the training. And the best part is that you get to keep up to 75% of the profits made from the funded account.

Looking for an advanced day trading course that can see you take your trading career to a whole new level? The Expert Professional Program might be the package for you. It offers you pretty much everything you’d get under the Student Package but with the addition of the Forex Trader course.

This is a highly detailed course that goes a long way in coaching you on ways to take calculated investment risks on different trading markets. And that’s not all, you also get the eligibility to apply for a larger funded sub-account (with $160,000) with the chance to keep up to 80% of the profits if you trade consistently.

That’s a pretty good thing because you wouldn’t really need to risk losing your own funds as you constantly apply the skills learned here.

2. The Pro Program

At the very top of the learning curve is the Pro Program which costs $9000. Within it are all the items you’ll find in the Expert Program but with the addition of the Top Trader Course.

This is a highly specialized package. that gives you an edge on the market as it arms you with the latest, best information ostensibly to help you make accurate decisions.

Trading Chatroom

tradenet chatroom

As you probably are aware, a chatroom is always a fantastic place to interact with other traders and also get the latest callouts. So, how good is the Tradenet chatroom? Well, from our analysis, this is a pretty vibrant platform as its home to thousands of members so far.

One thing that sets this forum ahead of the others is that Meir Barak himself actively streams his trades for at least 4 hours every day. So, if you’re looking to see exactly how the gurus trade, this is a place you certainly don’t want to miss out of.

Is this yet another one-man show? You might be wondering since we’ve only been talking about Meir Barak. But the truth is that this is a pretty rich chatroom as it plays host to some of the top analysts in the game including:

  • Amir Barak – He’s a trader, mentor, and analyst who started Day Trading in 2009. He’s a Risk Management guru as well.
  • Gil Paz – Gil is a German-speaking trainer and analyst who loves and lives the markets.
  • Scott Malatesta – Scott is the VP who is also responsible for account management and profitability.
  • Michael Orevi – He focuses on EU and US stocks as well as Forex. He’s been in the game since 2005.

There are two problems with TradeNet, however. The first one is that since they provide a free trial for their chatroom, there’s quite a bit of chatter from “clueless” newbies. So, if you’re looking for some really serious talk with frequent callouts, you might be in for a rude-shock – and we fully blame the free-trial package for that.

Another gripe we could pick with the Trade Net chatroom is that it costs $399 per month. That makes it a few dollars pricier than the Bulls on Wall Street and ClayTrader’s chatrooms which we’ve previously identified as being really good.

Trading Strategies Promoted On Trade Net

1. Momentum Trading

Momentum Trading is the trading philosophy commonly used on Trade Net. Meir himself is a trend-follower. He basically takes trades in line with the prevailing market trends.

Some of the most common stocks that tend to do well with this strategy are IQ, CLP, GOOS, NFLX, DBX, PS, and BILI (to name a few). So, as a momentum trader, all you’ll need to do is select your favorite market stocks.

Basically, as long as you’re able to manage your positions intelligently, you’ll always stand the chance to move with the markets.

That said, momentum trading isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you’re inclined to trading stocks in a roaring uptrend or if you’re a mean-reversion trader, the style of momentum trading taught here might not work for you.

2. Gap & Go

This is a style of trading that’s mainly used by skilled traders who take advantage of gaps in the markets. Gaps are spots on your chart whereby the price of a stock rises or falls even when there’s little or no trading happening.

Basically, such a market movement indicates that there’s a psychological gap in the price pattern. Skilled traders have, over time, learned to exploit these gaps for profit. Luckily, you can also learn how to do this on the Trade Net School.

3. Consolidation Breakouts

Even though Momentum Trading and Gap & Go setups seem to dominate trading on Trade Net, recently we’ve seen the introduction of the Consolidation Breakouts approach. Just like the other two, Consolidation Breakouts is pretty simple provided you do it with the right kind of mentorship.

A breakout out is a psychological situation on the market whereby the price action leaves the boundaries of consolidation in order to adopt a new price direction.

In a breakout zone, the price heads sideways with highs and lows being at the same horizontal level. So, Mier and team will train you on how to differentiate a false breakout from a strong gap breakout.

With the right kind of execution, this style of trading can end up being highly profitable and interesting to follow at the same time.

Is Trade Net Worth Investing In?

There are loads of videos, live streams, books, and blogs in Trade Net for you. What’s more? You get a once in a lifetime opportunity to join an awesome chatroom. That said, we genuinely feel that TradeNet is a bit too expensive and may, therefore, be out of reach for most newbie traders.

However, if you can afford the hefty fees, we certainly think this would be a great platform to learn from. In particular, we love the interactive nature of the site’s moderators.


  • A high level of transparency in trading
  • They offer a free trial for their chatroom
  • Detailed and helpful training programs
  • Their site loads fast and is mobile-friendly as well
  • Loads of free YouTube videos are provided for you, every so often


  • Pricey training packages & chatroom
  • Evidence of the platform’s historical performance is scanty


Tradenet generally looks and feels like a great platform. We love the fact that everything the moderators do happens transparently so everyone can learn at their own pace. And although Trade Net isn’t the goose that lays the golden eggs, we certainly think its recommended strategies are quite well-thought-out.

So, if you’re comfortable forking out a few thousands of dollars for a really detailed, all-around training program, we think this service would be worth giving a shot.