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Trading Tickers is a financial education company that teaches technical analysis and real-time trading strategies. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their performance.

Trading is one of those professions where you can easily make a million dollars in about a year or two. But the thing is, not everyone makes it big. Knowing when to invest in a certain stock and knowing when to sell takes experience and savvy.

How would you like to learn from someone who has made it big and earned his first million in his early twenties? Trading Tickers is the definitive guide on how you can become a winner in stock trading instead of losing thousands in ill-advised options.

Who Is Tim Grittani?

tim grittani

Tim Grittani is the maker of Trading Tickers, a DVD course discussing the long and short of trading for profit. Unlike other “self-made” traders, Tim openly shares his knowledge in trading stocks and leaves behind a blueprint for success for traders to follow.

In Trading Tickers you’ll be able to see all of Tim Grittani’s public trades, even the ones where he didn’t turn a profit from. It’s a welcome change to screenshots and testimonials from other guides who claim that they haven’t made any losses throughout their entire trading career.

Make no mistake about the trading industry- it’s not a walk in the park. You’ll need to work hard and learn the ins and outs of stock trading. You’ll need to persevere and be patient. You will need due diligence before making a decision to buy or sell options. Tim Grittani will be your mentor every step of the way, which means his expertise will be your roadmap to unprecedented success in the trading industry.

Tim didn’t become a trader immediately. He started selling insurance as soon as he graduated from college, but the thought of doing it for the rest of his life didn’t appeal to him. He wanted to become wealthy and started looking for other ways to make money.

Tim started trading stocks and found himself liking it better than selling insurance. Although he lost money by trading random stocks, he persevered. He learned everything there was to know from the professionals and by reading finance guides and news. Then, he came across Tim Sykes, the legendary trader, who became his guru.

In 2011 Tim started investing in penny stocks with only $1,500 and soon the $1,500 turned to a million. He continued buying and shorting OTC stocks that were looked over by promoters. In 5 years the man turned more than $3 million in stock profits!

Tim Grittani mainly uses the environment for he liked the option of directly importing the results straight from the broker. He’s a known celebrity within the community due to the many impressive, successful trades he made.

The difference between Tim and other self-proclaimed stock millionaires is that Tim actually has proof and verification from his biggest trade movements. There’s nothing fake about Tim’s credentials as a millionaire day trader.

Today, Tim is willing to share his knowledge and experience with you. He has taken up teaching young traders and took part in many mentorship programs alongside Tim Sykes. The DVD guide Trading Tickers is a compilation of the best trading strategies from one of the best minds in the business. Here, you’ll learn how you can turn $1,500 into a cool $2.7 million dollars.

What Is Trading Tickers?

trading tickers

Trading Tickers is a DVD with more than 16 hours of useful trading information, i.e., live trade examples, trading techniques and various educational content.

The live trades were painstakingly recorded in order to provide an over-the-shoulder perspective on trading with real stocks and insights on the actions and decisions behind it. Tim shows you how you can be like him by showing actionable examples.

In Trading Tickers you’ll learn specifically the trading parameters and rules for sound trading. Chances of making a bad stock purchase will be minimized, allowing you to make more consistent trades for a far longer time. What’s more, you can finally make trading a full-time job with a stable influx of income.

The volatility of trading is reduced and the risks are mitigated. Tim shows you how you can avoid the most common rookie mistakes so you won’t have to learn it the hard way. Right in the middle and near the end of the course the experienced trader will reveal a certain skillset to make the most out of every stock situation.

Trading Tickers is made up of 6 DVDs and 12 Chapters. Each chapter is carefully thought out and created for maximum understanding. In fact, the whole thing is so professionally made that it provides a great teaching experience for traders both old and new. You’ll get treated to 35 live trade examples you can use for research and as guidance for the next stock, you’ll be moving.

The whole experience is much like sitting next to Tim and listening as he shows you how he made his millions trading stocks. Among the essential points include exits, entries, profits, and losses. More importantly, you’ll learn the thought process and will learn how to make your own trading decisions with complete confidence.

The Lowdown Of Trading Tickers

Tim Grittani addresses right from the start the reason why most beginner traders fail, and that is finding the right type of stocks to invest in. Moreover, they won’t have an idea on how many shares to purchase according to several factors, i.e., account size, risk and rewards, predictions, etc. If they do somehow pick out the right stock, they don’t have any idea on how they can grow it and their portfolio for maximum gains.

Now, you’ll have a comprehensive, step by step guide on how you can start trading without prior experience and get to making huge profits in the shortest amount of time. The author sets an excellent real-life example of how he turned his $1,500 to $2.7 million in a short 4 years’ time, which includes the loss of profits.

No strategy is left out- you’ll see how all the important trading aspects such as patterns, risk management, mistakes, lessons, tactics, the brokers and the basics are included. There’s even a section dedicated to Level 2 Analyses, which according to Timothy Sykes is one of the best he’s ever seen. The set of examples and explanations will change your trade strategy and stock selections for the better.

The DVD eases you into the world of trading in the first few chapters. The first one is pretty basic and explains some of the most common concepts, laying out the groundwork for the rest of the chapters. You’ll get the obligatory history lessons and the introductions, which is thankfully short and sweet. The good thing about the introductory content is that you’ll be inspired and ready to start trading as soon as the first DVD is over.

Then, it’s off to the trading basics and know-hows. Day Trading details and all the little technical information will be laid bare for you to learn and absorb. Chapter 3 is where it starts to get interesting. You’ll be treated to a comprehensive coverage in: line versus candle charts, risk, resistance, and support. You’ll learn how to effectively manage risk and keep a clear mind in order to avoid emotionally-charged decisions.

So now at the end of Chapter 4, you’ll have built a solid background in the world of stocks and trading. From Chapter 5 up till the end, Tim will discuss specific trade strategies that are 100% applicable to day trading. There’s the aforementioned trade examples and live trades to help you understand the concepts.

The play-by-play method is especially useful as you can get back to what you’ve missed and take all the time you need to understand the idea before moving on. This will make you better prepared for the real decisions you’ll be making when you go live.


  • Trading Tickers DVD is a great resource for beginners and experienced traders alike.
  • Provides an all-in-one training guide and a blueprint for turning your 4 or 5-figure portfolio to one that consistently earns 6 figures or more in just a few years.
  • The 35 Live Examples are well worth the admission price. Learn from it and start putting it to practice to make your own success story.


  • You’ll need the actual funds to start trading. Today, the costs of implementing Tim’s stock strategy starts at around $3k.
  • Trading Tickers is best for day traders who will need to invest in time looking at the market during operating hours.
  • The DVD comes in a digital format that can only be accessed by streaming online.


Taking part in trading stocks might seem to be complicated at first, but with Trading Tickers you get a front seat view of how it’s done. Once you’ve absorbed the details, rules, and patterns then everything becomes a whole lot easier. Trading Tickers puts you in a position to succeed and make successful first trades.

This momentum will carry you forward and give you more confidence in picking out the right stocks to invest in. Soon, you’ll be reaping the profits and following the footsteps of Tim and in your quest for unlimited profits!