Trend Profiteer Review




Trend Profiteer is a trading education platform that uses proprietary software to identify and analyze market trends. It offers training, tutorials, and trade alerts to help traders make informed decisions and maximize profits.

Trend Profiteer is a relatively popular expert advisor (EA) owned by a renowned elite trader called Michael Nurok. It is marketed as “a premium trend management software.” Unlike other EAs that we have come across, this product’s sales page is free from weird “overnight wealth” claims.

In fact, Michael stands out with his down-to-earth attitude. And so, it’s tempting to trust him. But just how effective is his so-called profiteering system? Here’s our review.

Trend Profiteer: An Overview

forex profiteer

This is a trend management software that besides doing the usual EA work also provides helpful educational content. In case you happen to subscribe to it, you’ll gain access to:

  • 70+ page comprehensive trading manual
  • Video training content
  • 12 Unit Educational Course
  • Lively, moderated chat room
  • Webinars
  • Educational forum

The idea behind this system is to provide you with the many benefits of artificial intelligence in trading along with lots of hands-on skills. Indeed, the educational content provided by Mike is applicable to all kinds of currency pairs and can be useful even when not using the Trend Profiteer expert advisor itself.

Primarily, this system is designed for forex traders who would like to take advantage of trends and swings. As you know, it’s not realistic to expect that you’ll be able to keep up with all the events happening in the forex world. Fortunately, this EA makes that possible.

Key Features of This Program

trend profiteer features

As we have already mentioned, this program is full of forex-trading-oriented features. And it is now time to get down to the specifics.

Trading Manual

There’s nothing fancy about this manual. It’s pretty much a user guide that explains how this entire arrangement works. You may still need to read this manual to get acquainted with the basics but some people prefer to skip it and instead learn on-the-go.

Instructional Videos

Again, this is pretty basic phase of this program. The videos provided here are all about how to install the trading system itself on your computer. You probably will find this content useful if you’re not familiar with how EAs work in MT4.

12 Unit Educational Course

This is the heart of this entire system. It comprises 12 modules all which are designed to enable you to learn at your own pace. Let’s an even closer look at each one of these modules.

1. Module One

This comprises an introduction to the world of forex trading. You might find this module completely unnecessary if you’re already an experienced trader because it covers pretty much the basics of the trade. However, if you’re a complete beginner, this module will certainly be of great help.

2. Module Two

The Trend Profiteer program comes with a few indicators that you should take full advantage of. And module two educates you on each one of them. In particular, Mike teaches you on how the indicators may work together to provide you with concrete trading signals to trade with.

3. Module Three

Also known as Trends 101, this module is all about understanding trends and knowing how to ride them profitably. It is still within this phase of the program that you’ll get to access the Trends within Trends course. This mini-course makes it possible for you to grow your investment portfolio enabling you to mind 10 to 20 pips per trade.

4. Module Four

This is an advanced version of the Trends within Trends mini-course. Here you get to learn how to accurately identify swings. It also makes it easy for you to maximize your profits by trading as a first mover.

5. Module Five

Also referred to as the Advanced Higher Time Frame Analysis course, this course educates you on how to take advantage of trends and swings. On top of that, the course shows you how exactly the Trend Profiteer system carries out analyses for you. Plus, you’ll learn how to read the indicators and pick winning trades with ease.

6. Module Six

Oftentimes, traders either get too aggressive or conservative with their trades. As this is a common challenge in the world of currency trading, this module teaches you how to trade conservatively to minimize the risk of exposure. It also educates you on how to pick trades that are squarely in your favor. Actually, the trainer promises a 20:1 risk-reward ratio.

7. Module Seven

There’s time for everything. A time to be conservative and a time to let your guard down. Module 7 shows you exactly when to adopt an aggressive approach to trading. The idea here is that by combining both conservative and aggressive trading methods you can maximize your profits and limit your losses.

8. Module Eight

Still skeptical whether this system works? The eighth module of this program provides you with real examples of trades so you can see how this system can execute them for you. Whether you’re into a conservative style of trading or an aggressive one, this section gives you the chance to sort-of test-drive the system.

9. Module Nine

There are rules to every game. And module 9 is where you get to learn the rules of each type of swing trade that this system enables you to work with. This phase also provides you with practical examples of trades to look out for.

10. Module Ten

Sometimes, your best shot at success comes in the form of the trailing stop-loss method. As you might already be aware, this approach enables you to make the most of different market trends without the risk of getting a margin call. The tenth module of this course shows you exactly how to get this done like a pro.

11. Module Eleven

This second-last module provides you with guidance on the process of identifying the best trade setups no matter the timeframe. This provides you to dive into the market and explore with no limits.

12. Module Twelve

Before you dip your feet into the water, it’s always wise to take a look around. The final module of this program provides you with a “look over the shoulder” perspective. You get to sample out numerous live trades to see exactly how they’re managed to maximize results.

Other than the awesome course content, this package comprises:

  • The Profiteer Forum & Chatroom: A great opportunity to share and receive ideas from other traders.
  • Mobile App: This handy app easily links your smartphone to your computer enabling you to keep up with the markets on-the-move.
  • Webinars: Members are usually alerted when webinars are available. The webinars are ideal for when one needs to learn from the specialists.

Who Is Trend Profiteer Best Suited For?

We’d recommend this system to anyone who is willing to learn the ropes. If you’re into Forex and don’t mind taking unconventional risks, this is definitely a program worth trying. However, if you’re into stocks and options, this might not make much sense to you.


  • Ideal for beginners in forex trading
  • Simplifies trading for the busy folks
  • Comes with an easy-to-use app
  • Good customer support (not outsourced)
  • Allows you to learn at your own pace


  • Roughly 40% of the program is made up of beginner stuff
  • The EA is not always accurate in its predictions
  • It takes time to learn the ropes


Trend Profiteer is a fairly good forex trading system. It’s not perfect but is certainly worth its weight in gold. You can expect a success rate of roughly about 80% from it. Not bad for an easy-to-install trend management software.