TriForce Trader Review




Triforce Trader is a financial education company teaching technical analysis, risk management, and real-time trading strategies. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their performance and reach financial goals.

Stocks offer a relatively easy way to earn an income and grow wealth. Due to the passive nature of this kind of investment, busy professionals, work-at-home folks, and even students often find it a good way to establish an extra stream of income.

But like any other investment, even stock trading has its own set of drawbacks. To boost your investment stamina, regardless of your current level of experience, it's always a good idea to find a stock picking service.

Such service would help you come up with great and tradable stocks so you can maximize profits and minimize losses. One popular example of a stock picking service goes by the name of Triforce Trader by Matthew Owens.

This service came about as a result of years of trial and error. That makes it one of the best-placed investment platforms for budding investors looking for a tested and proven way to make real income online.

An Overview Of The Triforce Trader Program

Essentially, this is a stock picking program where Matthew shares all his lessons, patterns, proprietary algorithms and rules with his subscribers.

The program provides you with information about how the market is doing and how it will likely be performing in the upcoming week. In addition to this, it uncovers a powerful and automated approach designed to support you throughout your trading journey.

Basically, the service works by putting together fundamental and technical analysis. This gives you a competitive edge since you can always choose to use either of the two or even combine them.

It also incorporates numerous training materials, futures trades, daily video watch lists, and stock options to ensure you are not just limited to a specific style of trading.

Who Is Behind The Program?

matthew owens

The person behind the Triforce Trader service is Matthew Owens. Matthew is a full-time stock trader as well as a gym trainer, video production editor/maker and a tutor. He graduated with a double bachelor of the German Language and Psychology from the Florida Atlantic University. Matthew is currently doing his Master Program in Forensic Psychology and would love to eventually start his own hedge fund.

Apparently, his interest in the stock markets started back when he was in school. Unfortunately, back in 2014, he lost his mom. On a positive note, though, he received his inheritance and dedicated a portion of it to trading. However, just a few months of trying rendered him 35% poorer owing to some basic trading mistakes.

At that point, he undertook training and this is where he learned some golden tips which saw him rise to the top of his career in just three years.

In his program, he teaches the basics of quantitative analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis as well as a consistent and profitable way of trading over and over again. Additionally, he provides his subscribers with a daily watch list, text alerts for algorithm signals and algorithm reports.


1. Triforce Training

Triforce training is designed to take both new and experienced traders to the next level. The training provides traders with the skillset they need to know their edge. Matthew’s program takes place in the virtual world. Its course structure is divided into two major parts.

The first part is for beginners and serves as the foundation for the successive phase. It takes around 30-hours long. In this course, you will learn the basics of trading and market history so you can move on to part two. In addition, the course comes accompanied by Matthew’s Trading Around Equilibrium DVD that is 20-hours long at no extra cost.

The second part is a transition from basic trading skills to quantitive analysis. It takes a deep look into different concepts of quantitive analysis by utilizing various tools such as TradeStation, Excel, and Python.

The course was taught with Matthew teaching live via webinar hence you are going to come across live questions with answers. Like the first part, this too comes with a 7-hour Quant Trading 101 DVD for free and all the material in this course is recorded with homework.

2. Daily Watchlist

The daily watch list provides you with various trade ideas, seasonal trade ideas, daily commentary, and setups. Basically, if you are trying to know Matthew Owens and how he trades, the daily watch list is an excellent starting point.

However, this feature is only available to those who subscribe to any of the plans and the list comprises of all stocks that Matthew feels have the potential to make a big a move.

Depending on how the market is performing, Matthew usually provides one or two stocks every week on the watch list. You will also get over 60-hours of YouTube material that give you a good idea of what Matthew does every day and especially the night before the market opens.

3. Blog

Apart from the training materials, you will also have access to Triforce Trader’s informative blog. The blog contains a three-hour video that you can watch for free in case you have any questions bothering you.

You will also come across a beginners guide to futures, a couple of books that have helped Matthew grow as a trader, how to make nine thousand dollars in 90 days and Matthew’s trading journey.

And that’s not all. There are so many articles on the blog that you are going to find useful whether you are just starting to learn about trading stocks or you’re an intermediate trader.

4. Algorithm Signals

This feature is available for active traders and investors in the Triforce Platinum package only. There are four algorithms for investors as well as long-term traders including Predator, Hawk, Surge, and Fox.

If you are a more active trader, there are six algorithms like the Lincoln, X3, Dagger, Apex, Flight, and Ranger. So as an active trader and investor, you will have access to Matthew’s algorithm signals.

5. Chatroom

This is an important feature for the Triforce Trader program especially for those people who trade stocks as a full-time job. The chatroom and allows both experienced and inexperienced traders to interact freely.

In addition, the room has a community of active traders who share different ideas about trading stocks. In the chatroom, you can also view insightful market commentary.

6. iOS and Android App

Triforce Trader also features an intuitive phone app that is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices for download.

The app allows you to view notifications, daily watch list alerts and follow the discussions in the chatroom from anywhere. The app is free once you subscribe to one of the plans.

Subscription and Pricing Options

triforce trader plans

The program features two subscription packages including the basic Triforce Trader and Triforce Platinum. Both plans are priced reasonably and come with some great features to make your stock trading experience a good one.

To start with, we have the Triforce Trader plan that costs only $99.95 per month but you can save up to 17% if you subscribe to the yearly plan. It comes with some great features such as aces to a ProfiDing chatroom, macro plays, daily video watch lists, and future trades.

In addition to this, you can enjoy the daily market commentary, access to the program’s app, stock trades as well as options trades.

The second subscription plan is the Triforce Platinum that goes for around $197 per month. You can, however, save nearly 30% if you choose the annual subscription plan.

This plan comes with access to investor indicators, a ProfiDing chatroom, macro plays, daily market commentary, future trades and daily video watch lists. Also, you will get active trader indicators, stock and options trades as well as the free app download.


  • Relatively inexpensive plans
  • Easy to follow even for first-time traders
  • The App makes it easy to access the platform from anywhere
  • Includes a lot of training and educational materials to help beginners and professionals alike to get started
  • Created by a person with so much knowledge about the market and who knows how it feels to be a new trader
  • Includes a very in-depth watch list
  • Future videos are updated every day because of the market being very volatile
  • Matthew Owens is always available to address any concerns or questions
  • Provides various algorithms for both investors and active traders
  • Teaches and prepares you to be a profitable trader


  • Results sometimes vary from person to person
  • Matthew does not have his own chat function in his service which may limit access to him
  • Will not make you a successful trader or investor overnight


It takes patience and discipline to be a successful trader and that’s why with Triforce Trader program, results vary from one trader to another.

So for people looking to trade a variety of strategies including futures, options, and stocks, this program is an excellent option as it covers different types of strategies in their stock picking service.

Sure, it is not going to turn you into a millionaire overnight but it will definitely improve your trading skills and make you a successful trader. Furthermore, the basic plan goes for less than a hundred dollars and has some very nice features you are going to appreciate.