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True Wealth is a financial analysis and research platform that offers a variety of tools and resources for investors looking to make informed decisions. With a focus on practical, actionable advice, True Wealth helps users navigate the financial markets and build a solid foundation for their financial future.

When it comes to investment, information is power. There are a lot of people who would wish to invest but don’t know how to do it. The stock market gives almost every person an equal opportunity to invest and make profits.

But how can you succeed if you don’t have the right information? Some people believe that they can follow their instincts and still succeed in the stock market.

That’s what I thought at some point. But I came to realize that people who succeed in trading at the stock market don’t gamble.

They seek critical information about the stock market. This means going to the extent of using extra money every month just for the sake of obtaining that information. When I tried the same, the results were amazing.

I am talking about sources such as True Wealth – a stock-picking newsletter that is full of all manner of information about the stock market.

It was a big relief when I came across this newsletter. I understand there are several other services like this but True Wealth is different in away.

Overview of True Wealth

Stansberry Research

True Wealth is a stock picking service done by Stanberry Research. The newsletter is run and managed by Steve Sjuggerud.

The service deals with a wide range of information about the stock market from EFTs to commodities and emerging markets. It is a great service for anyone seeking to build or diversify their portfolio.

About Stansberry Research

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Stanberry Research is an investment company that was started in the mid-1990s by Porter Stansberry. The company specializes in publishing several stock picking newsletters and investment advice. It also runs the flagship Stansberry’s Investment Review.

The company doesn’t make public long-term returns on its newsletters, making it hard to determine the level of success of the firm.

For instance, the Investment Advisory Review has several long-term posts that have surpassed the stock market but such information isn’t published in the newsletters.

The founder and senior editor of True Wealth Newsletter, Steve Sjuggerud is well known for making accurate predictions in the stock market. In 2009, he accurately predicted the downfall of the real estate market. He also recommended gold buying in the mid-2000s.

Additionally, Sjuggerud runs another service known as True Wealth Opportunities in China, almost similar to the True Wealth Newsletter. The service places its focus on China’s investment opportunities.

Pricing Options for True Wealth

You will need $199 annually to subscribe to the True Wealth newsletter. Anyone can test the service for a period of 30 days. But if you decide that the True Wealth is not working for you, then you will get a refund.

Investment style

True Wealth combines various economic and trending analysis to select winning stocks. Most of its newsletters emphasize wide patterns such as movements towards gold or a slowdown in the real estate industry to suggest the best investment options for their subscribers.

This use of a broad view of the stock market means that the service doesn’t just focus on the stock market. True Wealth from time to time makes recommendations for emerging and international markets. It also focuses on EFTs and stocks.

Although it might be difficult for the average investor to understand what they are exactly investing in for assets such as international EFT’s, the service offers a diversified portfolio.

The portfolio usually comprises up to 20 stocks and each one of them is accompanied by a stop loss recommendation.

True Wealth Features

true wealth features

Just like most of the stock-picking services, True Wealth is simply a newsletter sent to investors at the beginning of every month. Every newsletter is approximately 10 pages but very easy and simple to read.

The newsletters start with a brief story from Steve Sjuggerud before getting deep into the month’s investment analysis. The analysis normally focuses on a single industry, sector, or country.

A good part of the newsletter talks about the pros and cons of the market being analyzed. For example, in one of the monthly newsletters, Steve may choose to discuss factors that make the chines stock market worth investing in.

After which the newsletter goes ahead to recommend a single EFT that provides wide exposure to the Chinese market.

The newsletter concludes with a summary of all existing standings. There are normally between 10 to 20 standings or positions. The newsletter will also recommend the sale of any previous picks. Besides, the stock recommendations have stop-loss prices which are updated on a monthly basis.

There is also one page in the newsletter dedicated to the previous month’s recommendations that investors can still hold on to.

True Wealth and the existing competition

There’s no doubt that True Wealth is an amazing service. Although there is no tangible information about the success of the service, previous newsletters have helped investors gain between 15 to 35 percent.

Having said that, it is important to note that True Wealth is $100 more expensive per year compared to the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor newsletter. This is despite the fact that both newsletters issue only one or two picks per month.

Stock Advisor has however an impressive performance. Since it was launched, the services have recorded a 300% gain on stocks in comparison to other services such as 75% for the S&P 500 over a similar period.

But remember that Stock Advisor only focuses on the US stock market whereas True Wealth deals with a broader range of assets. This can mean a lot to an investor who needs protection in a downturn.

What makes True Wealth unique?

True Wealth is distinct from other stock-picking newsletters in the sense that it gives investors a wide range of investment opportunities. It doesn’t only focus on the US stock market but other major markets such as China.

The other thing that makes True Wealth stand out is the expertise and experience exhibited by its stock analysts such as Steve Sjuggerud. They are able to look at different stocks and determine which ones have the potential of gaining value within a short period of time.

What type of trader or investor is best suited for True Wealth?

True Wealth is most ideal for investors who are in the stock market for a long time and would like to create a versatile portfolio with international stocks, EFTs, commodities, and the US stock market.

It is also possible to combine True Wealth with a different stock-picking newsletter such as Stock Advisor.

Although this might cost you extra money, it can definitely yield more for the US stock market while at the same time hedging portfolios for optional assets.

The major advantage of the True Wealth newsletter is that there is no much work for investors. This is because most of the research and analysis is done by the analysts from the company. The service also provides stop losses for each stock.


  • It has a diversified portfolio that includes international markets
  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • It is a simple newsletter to read even by average investors
  • Its returns are generally better compared to other services


  • There are no fundamental and technical analysis in the newsletter
  • It has lower returns when compared to services such as Motley Fool's Stock Advisor