US Gold Bureau Review

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The US Gold Bureau is a premier precious metals dealer located in Austin, Texas. Offering a diverse selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, the US Gold Bureau provides clients with a range of investment options for wealth preservation and growth.

Looking to invest part of your wealth in precious metals IRA? Well, you’re in the right place because we are about to talk about one of the leading suppliers of IRS-approved coins and bars. Based out of Leander, Texas, the company is renowned for its large inventory as well as the fact that it is the official precious metal dealer of the state government of Texas.

We are talking about the US Gold Bureau (USGB) and in this review, we’d like to shed more light on the company’s main strengths as well as a few of its perceived weaknesses.

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What Is US Gold Bureau?

us gold bureau homepage

US Gold Bureau is a popular precious metal dealer that buys and sells precious metals in addition to offering retirement planning training. Other than that, they are the organization in charge of operating the Texas Bullion Depository, a state administered precious metal depository. 

The fact that they are the main guys behind that state depository is quite a big deal actually and goes a long way to show how credible they are.

But who owns the US Gold Bureau? You might be wondering. Well, the company was acquired by Lone Star Tangible Assets in mid-2008, roughly five years after being founded in 2003. 

Boots Crossley is the CEO of USGB. Not much is in the public limelight about him save for the fact that he previously worked at yet another precious metal IRA firm before later joining the United States Gold Bureau.

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How US Gold Bureau Works

Basically, the US Gold Bureau has an online ecommerce platform from where you can buy high-grade, certified precious metals. Unlike most companies they have maintained their direct checkout system to-date meaning you can easily place an order without requiring assistance from their support team. 

PS: Some gold IRA companies have removed this functionality from their websites of late meaning you have to contact them for a purchase link.

To get a clearer understanding of what the USGB is all about we need to break down this US Gold Bureau review in terms of:

  • Products – i.e., the products they buy or sell
  • Education – Their in-house retirement planning assistance
  • Rollover – How they help with 401(k) rollovers
  • Buy Back Program – Do they buy back coins? At what prices?

Products Offered

us bureau products

The official USGB website is awash with diverse products for investors to choose from. And because the long list of products can be confusing to most buyers, the company has gone ahead and introduced a label to help one easily identify which ones are IRS-approved and which ones aren’t. This is quite good of them seeing as not all precious metals are IRA eligible.

Talking about precious metals some of the ones you’ll find on the US Gold Bureau platform include:


We all know how good gold is for retirement planning. The precious metal has its value rise ten folds at a time when the dollar has lost over 90 percent of its purchasing power.

You can buy coins and bars from different mints here including the US Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint (British) and even the South African mint.

Some of their IRA eligible gold coins include the American Eagle, Gold Britannia (Queen Elizabeth II), Gold Britannia (King Charles III), Gold American Buffalo, and Gold Maple Leaf Coin.

The company also stocks up a host of non-IRA-eligible coins such as the Gold Rabbit, Tudor Beasts Yale of Beaufort, and the South African Krugerrand among others.


You can’t talk about gold without talking about silver. These two are like Siamese twins. Only that silver is a lot more affordable than gold. As such, you can acquire more ounces of silver than gold per dollar spent.

The US Gold Bureau handles silver from top-tier mints of the world among them Johnson Matthey, PAMP, US Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and so forth.

Some of the IRA-eligible coins that make it to their lineup include Silver Koala, American Eagle, Liberty Freedom Rounds, and Silver Britannia among others. As for the silver bars you get the likes of the Valcambi Cast Bar, Asahi Bar, Nadir Cast Bars, and IGR Bars among others.

Needless to say, the company also sells a variety of IRA-ineligible silver products including the American Flag silver bar and the Krugerrand coin among others.


One unique thing about platinum is that it is relatively more volatile than gold making it a fantastic way to hedge against inflation in the short-run. And thanks to its widespread industrial use, its future looks bright. If anything, it is rarer than gold, something that makes it worth adding to your IRA profile.

The Platinum Kangaroo, American Eagle, Platinum Maple Leaf, and the Credit Suisse 10oz Bar are just a few of the platinum products you can buy from this vendor.


Palladium has become a major rival to gold over the past few years partly owing to its constant demand from the automotive industry. And with the world moving toward cleaner energy this metal’s value is likely to keep growing especially the dwindling supplies in Russia and South Africa.

The US Gold Bureau stocks the popular Palladium American Eagle coin as well as the PAMP and Credit Suisse bars.

Educational Services

Solid retirement goals should always form part of your financial plan. Unfortunately, unless you’re a retirement planning practitioner, chances are that you have never undertaken any training on matters precious metal investment.

The USGB addresses that gap by providing its clients with training and mentorship from some of the world’s most skilled retirement planners. Their training comprises topics like:

  • The basics of precious metal investment
  • Investing news and tips
  • Investment diversification strategy
  • Portfolio tracking
  • How to open a purchasing account (among others)

Buy Back Program

Other than selling, the US Gold Bureau is a major buyer of coins. They promise to buy your metals at the prevailing spot price (as determined by COMEX) any time you wish to sell them.

This is a good way to ensure that you get the best bargain for your coins once the time to dispose them off arrives.

401(K) Rollover Assistance

It’s normal to change jobs and if you happen to do so, you might want to do a 401(k) rollover to a self-directed IRA. A self-directed IRA gives you the freedom to control your investment. It also opens more doors for anyone looking to diversify e.g., by holding physical precious metals rather than merely stocks and bonds.

Normally, the process of rolling over involves a lot of paper work. A lot can go wrong. This is why you need to have a professional handle the process – something the US Gold Bureau team is quite good at.

Depending on the type of 401(k) the rollover could take as few as 10 days. Throughout that time, their retirement experts will be there to help you with the support you need to make informed investment choices.

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Is US Gold Bureau Legit?

The United States Gold Bureau is as legit as they come. It is an authorized bulk purchaser of the US mint so you can rest assured this is a company that’s above board.

Other than the US mint they are duly authorized and recognized by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) as well as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

The company accepts a wide range of payment methods although they are yet to cryptocurrency (which somewhat makes them a bit backward in the digital currency age). However, the company does accept popular payment methods among them Wire Transfer, Electronic Check, Credit Card, and PayPal.

The company particularly seems to prefer E-check and Wire transfers over PayPal and Credit Card payments. As such, it offers huge incentives for the same – sometimes up to $100 discounts per oz.

How Good Is Their Customer Support?

Consistent, reliable, and responsive are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the US Gold Bureau customer support team. They can be reached through the phone, contact form, or live chat feature that is readily available on their website.

Customer Reviews

On average the company seems to be attracting love and hate in equal measure from its customers. Complaints about them range from ones about their pushy telemarketers to ones about order issues on eBay. For some reason, the company seems to only respond to complaints posted on the BBB website and no other third-party sites like Trustpilot.

Overall, they have a fantastic A+ rating on BBB, this being the highest rating possible on the nonprofit rating website.


  • Wide selection of products
  • Good customer support
  • Trustworthy ownership
  • Established track-record
  • Lots of educational content
  • 401(k) rollover assistance
  • Fantastic buy-back program


  • Pushy telemarketing & email marketing
  • Dated website design
  • Infrequent shipping & handling complaints


US Gold Bureau is a good company to buy precious metals from. They have a diverse inventory and are always ready to go out of their way to help clients set up successful investment account. The fact that they work closely with the state government of Texas goes a long way to show just how credible they can be.

That said, they still have room for improvement. For instance, they could do better by toning down their telemarketing efforts. Plus, they probably need to invest more in their processes so they can improve their customer satisfaction rates.

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