Value Line Review




Value Line is a financial research and analysis firm that provides investors with tools and resources to make informed decisions. It focuses on stock research and analysis, and helps investors assess a company’s financial health, growth potential, and risk profile, and provides investment recommendations.

Investing is never an easy decision mainly because you never can tell whether you will get returns on your investment or not. Or can you?

Well, there are tools that can help you with that. In this article, we are going to talk about the Value Line Investment Survey, a tool that can help you as an investor to access research information and use it to meet your financial goals.

With the tool, you get to access to the latest market data along with powerful tools that you can use to evaluate investments like a pro.

If you are interested in the stock market but have no idea how to go about it, this trading program can be of help as it is an established source of comprehensive and unbiased investment information spanning different world markets,  economies, companies, and industries.

Keep it here as we take you through it, won’t you?

About Value Line

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Whether you are an institutional or retail investor, Value Line has something to offer in terms of stock research and analysis. It has stock information in its database and offers a decent dose of analyst commentary and projections on the same.

The tool primarily targets long-term investors so if you want to find out if a certain company would be a good investment or not, Value Line is the tool to use.

Now, the platform centers around investment time horizons of not less than three years. To use the platform you need to subscribe to one of the plans from the many it has to offer to get the tools and expert analysis you need to make sound financial decisions.

From our assessment, the service appears geared towards investors who need reliable and accurate information before parting with their money.

How It Works

As a new investor, you would appreciate any information that would steer you in the right direction as far as your financial decisions and that is exactly what this service offers.

The platform’s leading newsletter tracks a whopping 1,700 different stocks across over 90 different industries.

Every week, the staff at Value Line updates about 130 stocks. You will get the updates depending on whether you opt for the print or digital option of Value Line.

That then enables you to know about business trends so that you are in a better position to determine whether any problems with your business are permanent or temporary.

As we previously mentioned, the program can be accessed through subscription whereby a one-year payment will cost you about $600 for the digital or print version. However, you can access research on convertible securities, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and more at an additional fee.

Key Features

Once you subscribe to the service, you will get instant access to the following.

1. Newsletters and Market Update

Value Line generally takes the long view as far as investing. Of course, that makes it strange that the service offers daily market updates which come out every morning. The updates cover whatever you need to know about the market in regards to what happened the day before.

You may want to note that the updates are different but they generally center around earning reports, economic releases, and other trading trends. They do not necessarily have to do with the enterprises covered by the platform’s investment survey but it does include many of the major stocks in the US.

Aside from the daily newsletters, you will also get two weekly information sheets. The first one, “Selection & Opinion,” talks about four model portfolios managed by Value Line. Three of the four target conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors. The fourth one is for anyone interested in dividend investing.  

The portfolio comes with 20 holdings with investments that are supposed to be held for a few years so they do not transform much from one week to the other.

With the second newsletter, “Investment Research,” you will be introduced to new research reports released by the analysts at Value Line throughout the week. The newsletter also highlights the companies that the service is commencing coverage for.

2. Research Reports

Value Line also issues brief research reports that contain a few paragraphs each to update you about the companies that are covered by their investment survey.

Usually, these reports are released a day or two after earning reports and they summarize the meaning of the company’s outlook and statement.

These research reports will note any changes that have to do with Value Line’s projections for a company’s prospect financials. 

However, the reports do not cover anything that happens to an organization’s stock as a response to its earnings report. 

3. Stock Coverage

We have to tell you that individual stock pages make the heart of Value Line. This is because the said pages feature a significant amount of data including valuation over time, dividend growth, earnings, and cash flow statements.

Note that the value of the stock pages lies in the ranking data superimposed by Value Line on each stock. Analysts in the company who follow the stocks usually create the ranks. Of note are the financial strength, timeliness, and safety ratings.

According to Value Line, the safety rank will tell you how risky a company is compared to the others covered by the platform’s investment survey.

As for the timeliness rank, it will help you decide whether a particular company would be a good buy at a certain time as opposed to any time.

Financial strength is not as unique as the others, but this trading program does do it justice because you get to see how a particular company’s financial strength compares with others in the same category, its industry,  and all the companies covered by Value Line’s survey.

Above all, the service offers 3-5 year projections for return potential and earnings growth. If you are an aggressive investor, you will find these projections valuable as far as putting together the companies forecasted to beat the wider market.

4. Stock Screener

Value Line does provide a stock screener as well that enables you to identify particular firms based on fundamental principles. 

The screener is designed in such a way that allows you to utilize any of Value Line’s rankings to categorize stocks. What’s more, you get to pick companies to invest in based on their projected 3-5 year returns.

You also get to save whatever number of custom screens to return in the future in your Value Line account. We believe you will also appreciate the fact that this service comes with an entire 15 preset screens covering fundamental metrics like best performance and highest dividend yields.


  • Comprehensive research for 1,700 US stocks
  • You get a “Timeliness” grade for each stock on the platform
  • Projections for 3- to 5-year investment returns on companies
  • A well-designed rank stock screener
  • Updates on daily market activities


  • It is quite costly
  • This service is not ideal for investment time horizons that are not more than three years


The Value Line Investment Survey offers an invaluable resource for seasoned and new investors alike. It helps you understand different businesses by looking at their numbers.

With this tool, you get to avoid or reduce risks as far as investments are concerned. Plus, it can help you determine whether a company generates massive losses during recessions and whether it would be wise to invest in bonds from it.

Therefore, we would recommend it for investors who are looking to take control of their portfolios through accurate and reliable market insights.