VantagePoint Software Review




VantagePoint Software is a financial analysis tool that uses AI and machine learning to predict market trends and help investors make informed decisions. It is a powerful resource with a proven track record of accuracy.

Gone are the days when you needed to spend long days staring at the charts trying to make sense of happenings in the stock trading world. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to get a software program to do the heavy-lifting for you.

One such goes by the name VantagePoint Software and has been around for quite some time now.

Marketed as “the world’s leading AI forecasting software”, this system sounds like something worth investigating. And that’s why in this review our sleuths assess the VantagePoint Software program from multiple perspectives.

How does it work? What’s it’s level of accuracy? And most importantly – what are its weaknesses?

A Brief Overview of VantagePoint

vantagepoint homepage

This software program uses artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with advanced market analysis to make accurate predictions of market trends. According to the developer, you can get up to 3-days marketing predictions in advance.

Plus, it’s claimed to have an accuracy of up to 87%. Another interesting bit about this program is that it is not limited to the stock market but extends to the crypto, forex, and futures markets.

And to top it all up, the inventors behind the VantagePoint Software do provide complementary market trading training particularly meant to guide you on how to use the system effectively.

How It Works

A benefit plus of this software is that it is highly user-friendly such that even novices can have an easy time getting acclimatized with it.

Also, unlike other sites that give you difficulty generating analyses, VantagePoint only takes a few clicks to get you whatever you might be looking for.

After that, you can select the investments that you are interested in. 

If you are a crypto trader and are worried about how volatile that market is you’ll find this software helpful in predicting the different cryptos, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

Also worth mentioning is that the tool works seamlessly, and you won't be subjected to the lagging common on other websites.

Lastly, upon clicking on the screeners, all the predictions are displayed, accompanied by detailed explanations of what caused them (the projections). What's impressive is that all these explanations will be within the program, and you won't need to click away for extra information.

The Brains Behind It All

Louis Mendelsohn

Back in the '80s, Louis Mendelsohn developed this software. He is a guru in software programs, and due to his extended stay in the arena, we can safely conclude that all his creations are reliable.

Additionally, Louis is the chairman and CEO of VantagePoint AI LLC, headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Since 1979, this company has been engaged in the research and development of day trading software. Due to the experience accumulated over time, they sure know what they are doing.

Key Features of VantagePoint Software

vantage point software demo

Let's now look at the software's key features. It is packed with numerous basic and advanced features that give you an easy time using it to enhance your trading game.

We have broken them down as follows:

1. Intraday Analysis

If you’re a day trader then you know just how important intraday analysis can be. With the markets changing minute by minute, the VantagePoint Software gives you a front-row seat thereby enabling you to operate efficiently.

Some of the analyses sent out by this program touch on momentum, breakout, and even reversal strategies.

This kind of intel can come in handy in helping you plan your strategy and identify emerging stocks that are hot cakes for intraday trading.

2. Intermarket Coverage

One advantage of this program is that it does not restrict you to stocks alone. Instead, it allows you to trade in cryptos, forex, and Futures. 

So, VantagePoint allows you to get access to different categories of assets, such as:

  • Canadian stocks and pays special attention to 14 individual sectors
  • Forex trading- covers 22 pairs divided into major and cross pairs
  • US stock sectors- the focus is on 16 unique sectors
  • ETFs- covering 9 unique sectors
  • Futures markets- here, the attention is on 65 individual markets and 14 categories
  • Cryptos- the focus is on ten different cryptocurrencies

From the list above, we can see that VantagePoint caters to all traders, which is something other trading tools in the market seem unable to do. In most cases, you are necessitated to go for different trading tools any time you want to go into another market.

So, with this software, you will end up saving a lot of money.

3. Trend Forecasting

This is probably the key feature of this software, and it involves analyzing the situation in the global market using its AI algorithms and advanced analytics. Once it collects the data, it will now be easy to forecast some of the future market trends. 

The prediction given is an equivalent of about 3-days in advance, which will help you alter your strategies to boost profits and minimize or eliminate losses.

Additionally, having the market's potential movements at your fingertips may enable you to develop sophisticated trading strategies.

4. Trader Education

However much experience you may have as a trader, there is always something to learn. So, VantagePoint provides you with live training at no extra cost. In the end, you are sure to be a better investor than you were at the beginning.

Some of the topics covered in the training include: 

  • Introduction to using the software
  • Advanced lessons on using it
  • Trade Day preparations
  • Day and swing trading tips
  • Niche lessons on Futures, Options, Crypto, and Forex trading

Pricing and Refund Policy

This program comes in different packages categorized according to the add-ons included with the main software. Further, you get a one-day demo to give you an insight into the software's workings, allowing you to decide whether you are interested in investing in it.

The different packages are priced as follows:

  • Entry level package- $2,900
  • Essentials package- $5,900
  • Most popular- $7,900
  • Most valuable- $9,900

The company also gives you an option for software updates and additional data at a monthly fee of $35.

And if you want a refund, the company allows you to return a licensed package for a partial refund. However, you have 15-days from the date of purchase to make the return. The policy may not be the most popular, but we believe this is ample time to check out what the product offers.

3rd Party and Online Reviews

Even though we have no doubts about the efficiency of this program, it is vital that we look at what previous customers have to say about the service.

One customer was particularly pleased with the training offered by the program. He noted that the instructions were easy to follow, and he was making more money within no time.

Another customer apparently also noted increased returns without putting in too much work.

We also noted a user who had high praises for customer support after he had trouble accessing the program due to licensing issues. 

There was a user who was impressed with the software's accuracy, which ended up enabling him to minimize his losses.

Last but not least, the client who thought the pricing was too steep later appreciated that you would get full value for your money with this investment.

Should I go for It?

Even though this is software that actually does what it advertises, it may not work for everyone. First, given its steep pricing, you should only go for it if you are sure you can recoup your money within no time.

That being said, you will get the best of this service if you are a full-time trader. Further, if you have been in the game for a while, this software will not help you much as you probably, by now, already know how to formulate your strategies by observing the market events.

Our point? If you are a casual trader, you are better off using free forecasting services, which are plenty out there. Otherwise, if you fall into the group of short-term and day traders, active traders looking for new opportunities, and quant traders, this program will significantly help.

That said, it’s worth noting that VantagePoint Software does not provide brokerage integration. This implies that you cannot sync it with your favorite brokerage firm and open trades using the VantagePoint user interface.

You will have to switch between the program's UI and your brokerage platform's user interface whenever you want to execute trades.

Pros and Cons of VantagePoint Software

Before we wrap up our discussion, let’s briefly look at the benefits and drawbacks of VantagePoint software.


  • It is reasonably easy to use
  • Ideal for traders of different experience levels
  • Covers stocks, forex, crypto, and futures
  • Verifiable track record of success


  • No brokerage integration


From the look of things, VantagePoint software is a program that will make you proud of looking in its direction. Besides the wide array of tools such as artificial intelligence, analytics, and research tools that make you a better trader, the program has many positive reviews from its customers.

Then, the training it offers ensures that even first-time traders have an excellent introduction to the game.

Our verdict? Have a look at this software, and in the end, you will notice a significant improvement in your trading strategies which translates to more profits.