Wallmine Review




Wallmine is a financial platform that provides real-time market data and analysis tools for tracking and monitoring investments. Its comprehensive suite of tools and resources can help users make informed decisions about their portfolio.

People are always in search for how they can invest their money. Saving is good but getting the right way to invest your money is the real deal. There are a lot of opportunities but sometimes getting a hold of them is the problem.

As an investor, you need to always be on the lookout for different investment opportunities. The good thing is that technology has brought about a plethora of investment opportunities. One of the best places to invest in the stock market.

However, succeeding as an investor in the stock market requires modern technology and tools that will increase your chances of making more money. Look for a software or toolkit that provides great insights about the market, modern stock screeners data on insider trading, and many more.

Have you ever searched for a solution to a problem but just can’t seem to find it? You really want to get something done but all the available options are not helping much.

That’s the position I was in a few years ago. Being a stock market enthusiast, I am constantly in search of applications and technology that offer the best results. I tried several applications and toolkits until I came across Wallmine.

That’s when everything changed. Since I started using Wallmine, I have never thought of looking for any other investment tool. I have been able to make more money than I ever made. It is an option that I can confidently recommend to anyone.

What is Wallmine?

wallmine platform

Wallmine is a stock and portfolio screening software that was introduced to the market in 2018. It is a simple platform that offers users an opportunity to track their performance when operating several brokerage accounts.

Nonetheless, there is a limit as to how many holding an investor can track, when using the free version of the software. You need a good amount of money to be able to upgrade to the best version.

Free verses premium

Wallmine offers most of its services for free to investors. However, you can still upgrade to a premium service, if that’s necessary.

The free version of Wallmine has almost everything that a stock investor needs. All the necessary elements are provided on the platform, where users can track and gain insights about the stock market.

Below are some of the tools freely available on the platform:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Real-time stock market news
  • Charts
  • Screening
  • In sider Trading Analysis
  • Earnings
  • Statistics about dividends
  • Fundamentals
  • Alerts
  • Report Annotations

On the other hand, the premium version of the software has the following tools:

  • Advanced screening
  • Tracking of unlimited portfolio
  • Retention of document highlights and annotations
  • Financial results and full-text searches

A Wallmine premium plan will cost you approximately $50 per month. Those who subscribe to this plan have access to more services and privileges compared to those on a free plan.

Additionally, there is a professional plan – where users can share portfolios within particular teams. The cost of a professional plan is about $250 per month per user.

Wallmine features

wallmine features

Wallmine has several features designed to help investors perform various tasks such as track their performance, gain insights about the market, share portfolio with other members among others. Let us let a look at some of its popular features.

1. Portfolio Tracking

One of the most popular features on Wallmine is portfolio tracking. It does almost similar work with other portfolio trackers but the difference is that the Wallmine tracker is simple and versatile.

The feature allows user to view all their transactions on a particular stock and compares performance against the several US in indices. Besides, an investor can also determine what specific industries your holdings or shares fall in and the countries they are spread across.

Generally speaking, there’s not much difference between this portfolio tracker and others in the market. Yes, it’s fun using, but it borrows a lot from other traditional tracking tools.

2. Stock screener

This is another great feature found on Wallmine. The feature allows the software to sort various stocks depending on different vital parameters.

The screener also consists of a couple of indicators like MACD and RSI. But you should not be deceived that there’s anything sophisticated here.

One disadvantage is that the first filters are not easily customizable. Quantitative filters have a lot of numeric bands that you can choose from. On the other hand, descriptive filters offer only one selection option at a time.

The beauty of the screener is that the results generated are well organized. For example, a user can search through tabs for different types of data associated with recent performance, cash flow, profitability, dividends, and many others.

3. SEC reports

One thing that sets Wallmine apart from other software is that it allows investors to access SEC filing for thousands of companies in the United States. A user is able to search for text phrases and filter results to particular stocks using a ticker symbol.

It is however important to understand that this feature is exclusive to premium users. Similar functionality can be accessed freely from the SEC’s database tool.

4. Cryptocurrency screener

Believe it or not, Wallmine has a screener set aside for cryptocurrencies. The software doesn’t consist of any other classes of assets including forex. Wallmine tracks a total of 3,000 cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency screener is almost the same as the stock screener save for a number of parameters. This is because digital currencies have less relevant vital metrics. But for the stock screener, a user can sort results using any existing parameters.

5. Stock summaries

Wallmine has separate pages for every a thousand stocks covered by the platform. This generally shows vital data as well as recent price performance. Market news and technical charts are always displayed at the same time.

There are basically two types of charts available: real-time chart charts and overview charts. Overview charts provide daily insights together with several moving averages but cannot be customized with extra indicators. Real-time charts on the other hand are extracted from TradingView.

Pros and Cons

Just like any investment platform, Wallmine has both advantages and disadvantages. But for Wallmine, the merits seem to outweigh the demerits by far.


  • Users have success in their financial statements
  • It has a free portfolio tracking tool that allows users to track their performance
  • There is also an in-built stock screener that users can access for free
  • It is compatible with various stockbrokers
  • Users can easily sort screener results
  • Offer both free and premium versions of the software
  • It has a data extraction feature – that allows users to search for different companies across the United States


  • Those using the free version can only track up to 20 holdings
  • The premium version is extremely expensive


There’s no doubt about the effectiveness of Wallmine as an investment software. If you want a software that will constantly keep you about the stock market, then Wallmine is all you need. Although a premium version of the software offers some extra features, the free version has more than enough.

Besides, the dashboard also has a number of great features, that give you a chance to stay up to speed with the daily events at the stock market.