Warrior Trading Vs ClayTrader

Forex and stocks don’t stop teaching and so you should never stop learning. Talking about learning, the best way to get mentored and empowered is by working with renowned trainers. Warrior Trading (WT) and Clay Trader (CT) are two of the renowned platforms that offer multiple courses, chat rooms, and trading tools.

But given the dicey nature of the markets out there, you might be wondering which one of these two trading services offer the best courses. Fortunately, we’ve dug deeper and come up with a detailed comparison of the two, plus an unbiased verdict at the tail-end of this write-up.

warrior trading


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

claytrader website

Clay Trader

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

What You Need To Know About Warrior Trading

warrior trading

WarriorTrading is a platform that’s specifically designed for day traders. It’s basically a chatroom that also has a bunch of educational courses. The service is owned by Ross Cameron, a renowned day trader who has been in the game since the early 2000s.

Ross doesn’t operate alone. He works with many other mentors. In fact, the chatroom itself is home to many skilled traders who frequently post new ideas and strategies.

So, what we’re basically trying to say is that WarriorTrading is bigger than Ross alone. It’s not a one-man-show but rather a platform that you can count on to get all-around mentorship and assistance.

What You Need To Know About Clay Trader

claytrader website

Like WarriorTrading, ClayTrader is an educational platform that’s also community-based. It is owned by a gentleman known as Clay. He is a 30-something-year-old chap who claims to have made his big break almost 2 decades ago.

The chatroom is a major part of the ClayTrader platform. One unique thing about this chatroom is that it’s designed to encourage members to network.

That’s a pretty great design since most sites that we’ve come across so far seem to discourage networking. Therefore, if you’re looking to grow your networks, ClayTrader would be a fantastic place to be.

Trading Styles

There are significant differences between the styles of trading used on WT and CT.

- Claytrader Style

On CT, more emphasis is placed on intra-day news trading. Also, the strategies offered here seem to focus more on small-cap stocks.

But as we had already mentioned, this is a chatroom-based platform and recently the site has witnessed an upsurge of swing traders.

So, much as more emphasis seems to be placed on momentum trading, this site is gradually expanding its scope to accommodate different styles of trading. For instance, to some extent, the site has started embracing medium and large-cap stocks although this is mainly done through options.

But for now, their weekly newsletter referred to as the Power Profit Scan primarily presents you with up to 8 potential entries for intra-day as well as swing trades.

- Warrior Trading Style

Ross and his team seem to focus more on swing trading and day trading. That’s pretty much what CT specializes in. However, great emphasis is placed on scalping as well. Ross himself is a scalper and also likes to trade small caps.

But besides him, there are three other moderators who offer different trading strategies. For instance, there is Ed who is really good at scalping and who also focuses on intra-day set-ups. There’s also Mike who is really good at technical analysis. Mike normally handles trades of $20 and above.

Lastly, there is Jeff who specializes in swing trading. He’s really good at multi-day swing trades and also uses both options and equities.

So, the moment you visit the WT chatroom, you’re bound to interact with these 4 amazing guys. And that way, you can easily find one trading style that best suits your unique needs.

Courses Offered

- Warrior Trading Course

You’ll find 3 trading packages on Warrior Trading. The first one of the three is the Warrior Starter package. This is a perfect starting point for anyone who is on a tight budget. Within this tier of learning is 1-month worth of chat room access, real-time trading simulator, and day trading courses.

The second tier is the Warrior Pro which comprises a 3-month access to the chatroom, weekly mentoring sessions as well as access to the WT Pro system.

The highest tier of learning is the Warrior Inner Circle. This level is, however, not open to all. So, you need to drop your application, after which you’ll be shortlisted and hopefully included in the next class.

Unfortunately, the Inner Circle is, almost always, fully booked. So, you have to wait in the queue. One of the perks that come with this tier is the private and exclusive access to Ross, Jeff, and Mike as they trade, for a whole year.

That’s alongside a 1-year access to the chat room, real-time trading simulator, and 3x weekly mentorship.

- ClayTrader Course

Clay Trade comes in two packages. The first and most popular package is known as the Inner Circle and this costs a paltry $99 per year. Yup, you’ve read that right. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, you get to hang out with some of the world’s finest traders.

Within the Inner Circle are trade ideas of stocks which are presented to you before they make their medium or short-term moves. You’ll also get in-depth training on how to trade without emotion.

However, unlike in WT, there isn’t a trading simulator in the CT inner circle.

For those looking for advanced training on CT, the ClayTrader University is available and this one goes for $1997 (one off). Basically, what you get under this “university” is a package full of courses. But if the lump sum $1997 feels like too much to pay at once, you can always purchase the courses a la carte.

For instance, there’s the Robotic Trading package which goes for $347 and the Mastering Level 2 course which goes for $197. In total, you would spend more than $3,000 if you opted to purchase each course in a la carte.


- Warrior Trading Chatroom

warrior trading chat room

We must admit that this is one of the most vibrant, open-minded, and no-nonsense chatrooms we’ve ever come across. It’s got thousands of members. There are hundreds of members online at any given time.

As you would expect, such a chatroom would be full of chatter if not well managed. Fortunately, we have moderators who do a good job of ensuring that the conversation is rich and productive.

Ross himself often posts his ideas on the chatroom. He also, frequently, responds to other people’s threads and so forth. So, if you’re looking for a great, interactive platform, this is a chat room you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

- Clay Trader Chatroom

claytrader chatroom

Unlike Warrior Trading which offers one chatroom, ClayTrader has 3 chatrooms in total. The first chatroom is “The Lounge” which is basically a virtual space where members go to hang out. This is a perfect place for you to release steam and follow crucial discussions around and outside the field of trading.

The second chatroom is known as the Under $1 chatroom. It mainly focuses on the strategy of small-cap stocks trading. Indeed, its primary focus is on stocks that go for prices that are well below the $1 mark.

The third chatroom goes by the name of Over $1. The platform mainly focuses on stocks priced at over $1. Besides these three chat rooms are message boards where important details are shared. There’s also the Newsletter which is basically where Clay likes to share his stock watchlist, analyses, and charts.

Although the CT chatrooms are pretty well organized, they are not as busy as the WT chatroom. That’s actually a plus to anyone who might be looking for a well-organized and prudent platform.

Live Trading Simulator

This, in our opinion, is the tiebreaker in this comparison. Let’s face it, as a beginner trader, you wouldn’t want to risk real cash by going live on a real account. It’s always good to trade on demo mode until you have the skills and discipline required to succeed.

Unfortunately, CT doesn’t have a live trading simulator which means you’d need to get this handy tool from somewhere else.

On the other hand, the WT live trading simulator is designed to mimic everything that happens on the markets. This way, you can trade until you’re confident that you’re able to transform the theory learned in the courses or chatroom into actionable strategies.

With 95% of traders losing their money every day, the live trading simulator is the best way to play it safe.

Which Service Is Best For Me?

Both services are great in different ways and for different reasons. WarriorTrading is particularly great people who are willing to cough out a few more bucks to learn with the best. In particular, WT is great for anyone looking to trade low-priced momentum stocks. Day Traders and Swing Traders would find it to be an awesome platform to learn the ropes.

ClayTrader, on the other hand, is great for beginners – greenhorns in particular. Their membership cost is reasonably priced and their courses do a great job of covering the basics. Their chat room is also quite well made and well organized.

The guys behind ClayTrader are also quite realistic. They’re not the kind that promises to help you make millions of dollars overnight. Likewise, there are on upsells on their chatrooms, courses, and even newsletters.


Clay Trader is great because it’s affordable and has freshly updated content. However, its rival, Warrior Trading seems to have a slight advantage in terms of technology and community diversity. Its chatroom is quite vibrant, the trade alerts are live, and most importantly, there’s a live trading simulator tool provided.

So, we’d choose Warrior Trading over Clay Trader, any day.