Warrior Trading Vs Investors Underground

How bad do you want to see your online trading investment blossom? If you’re reading this, chances are that you’d wish to start making profits as soon as in the next 1 minute. For that to happen, though, you need to walk, hand-in-hand, with a mentor.

Luckily, there are so many guys out there who promise to be in a position to help you make some informed trades (at a fee, of course!). However, only a few of them seem to understand what it takes to succeed.

In reality, the two most prominent trading services on the market so far are Warrior Trading and Investors Underground. As you would expect, both share quite a few similarities as well as differences. So, let’s take an inside look at what each one of them offers and who the overall winner of the duel is.

warrior trading


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Warrior Trading Vs. Investors Underground – An Overview

WT and IU are both trading services. They both have moderated chatrooms alongside dozens of tools meant to increase your odds of success. Another notable similarity is that the two focus on momentum trading.

So, basically, momentum trading is a technique in trading where you make decisions on the basis of the strength of the “buy” and “sell” signals. You can determine this strength by observing the recent price trends.

Of course, there are dozens of tools to help you do that. And both WT and IU have a bunch of those.
Apart from momentum trading, both platforms are home to diversified trading strategies. That’s because they’re also home to several moderators and thousands of chatroom members.

So, it’s only fair to conclude that these are open-ended platforms. The moment you get onboard any one of them, you can look forward to learning a lot more than you currently (probably) already know.

Most importantly, you won’t be boxed into one, rigid trading strategy. With the platforms being incredibly dynamic, you can look forward to stocking up your trading arsenal with lots of artillery.

About Warrior Trading

warrior trading

WT is a day trading chatroom and also education site. It was founded by Ross Cameron in the early 2000s. Of course, the journey hasn’t been easy for him but he has constantly proved to be a force to reckon with at all times.

Cameron is particularly known for his ability to develop new trading strategies. His responsive approach to trading provides him with an advantage especially owing to the unpredictable nature of the stocks markets nowadays.

To this end, WT is part of a team’s effort. That’s because, over time, many new moderators have come on board. In fact, there are claims that the site is home to over 500,000 active traders drawn from across the world.

Roughly 1% of those traders are premium members. It’s no wonder the site was nominated twice for the Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2016 and 2017.

About Investors Underground

investors underground e1534188069432

IU is reputed for its rich and vibrant chatroom. But did you know that this was once a part of Tim Sykes’ profit.ly system? Well, IU and its founder Nathan Michaud used to be part of Profitly until 2015 when they part ways.

Nathan Michaud is one of the best-known traders in the online trading world currently. He is quite active on Twitter and claims to possess over 15 years of experience.

He’s also quite likable which is probably why he has managed to lure thousands of traders under his fold. In fact, the IU chatroom alone is one of the most active ones we’ve come across so far.

There are 11 moderators. These are all great guys who are willing to help you learn the ropes and access meaningful alerts. So, if user-friendliness is your craving, then you’ve got to give IU a shot.

Trading Styles

As we have already mentioned, the two sites have closely related trading styles. They both ride on the Momentum Trading tail-wind. However, a closer look at the two reveals quite a few subtle differences.

- IU Trading Style

The IU trading style is a tri-fold approach comprising momentum trading, swing trading, and OTC trading. However, 80% of the effort posted on this platform so far seems to favor momentum trading.

So, basically, this involves finding stocks with huge trading volumes and volatility and buying/selling them. You’ll also notice that the site invests a lot in technical analysis.

On a day-to-day basis, Nathan (and team) focuses his effort on identifying potentially high rewarding but low-risk entries. Some of the tools he uses to arrive at such decisions include:

  • ABCD charts
  • Short selling parabolic moves
  • Red/Green reversals and so forth

The main indicator used in this trading service is known as the VWAP which is pretty much a volume-weighted moving average designed to help smoothen out price action.

- WT Trading Style

WT places a lot of emphasis on low-priced momentum stocks. So, you’ll find lots of input on the news and chart-based setups. There’s quite a bit of emphasis placed on scalping also.

So, the momentum you get on board, you’ll be able to focus on both swing trades and intra-day trading. Normally, the action starts at 9 am Eastern Time – and this is when Ross reviews the best-fit strategy for the upcoming trading day.

Afterward, Ross proceeds to signal his trades along with detailed analyses. That goes on until about noon when he formally ends his participation.

Interestingly, Ross believes that afternoon trading doesn’t provide much risk-reward benefit. That’s based on his belief that the market’s liquidity tends to thin out over time. Well, that’s a good thing for him to do – and clearly, he’s always out there looking out for all members.

But Ross doesn’t trade alone. He works with a group of moderators. There’s Mike who is quite good at trading mid-cap stocks. You’ll also find Ed who excels at scalping intra-day momentum stocks. Lastly, there’s Jeff, a swing trader who specializes in high probability swing trades (multi-day). Jeff swipes between stocks and options.


Both sites have chat rooms. However, IU seems to have an upper hand with its dynamic and well-thought-out blend of chat rooms.

- IU Chatrooms

investors underground chatroom

There are three different chatrooms provided under this platform. The first one is the momentum chatroom which specifically focuses on momentum trading. The moderators are pretty strict. Any off-topic chatter may lead to one being muted.

That may sound harsh at first but you’ll understand the value of it the moment you manage to be a member for a month.

The second chat room is the Swing Trading chat room which focuses on technical analysis. As such, this is a fantastic place to be especially if you don’t have the time to watch the markets all day long.

Lastly, you’ll find the OTC trading chat room. The platform is quite awesome since its home to a few helpful traders who are always willing to share their insights.

We’d particularly like to single out oilgusher, bbstock and OddStockTrader as the three most helpful moderators on the OTC market. The three are known for their great commentary. Looking to master the art of trading penny stocks? This would be a great place to learn the tricks from.

- WT Chatrooms

warrior trading chat room

Unlike IU that has 3 dedicated chatrooms, WT has one. For that reason, the levels of participation are high, throughout the day. Sometimes, you can find more than 1,500 traders online – at any given time.
As you would expect, the optimal attendance is usually recorded in the morning hours. That’s because most traders like to align their strategies with Ross’.

This chatroom is quite well-made. It includes a news feed, watch list, live scanners and up to 5 swing trades per week. So, no doubt, you get lots of support once you’re onboard.

If you join on an annual plan, you’d also get access to the MOMO scanner Trading reporting docs, and Gap Scans as bonuses.

We really like the live scanner because it’s a great place to get awesome trading ideas from. You simply need to pop-in, collect a few trades and make your move.

So, although the chatter may seem overwhelming at first, you can always have an easy time if you know how to use the live scanner.

Which One Of The Two Is Best Suited For Me?

We would recommend investors Underground for traders who know a thing or two about how the markets work. We, however, think that their chatroom is a bit too advanced and would be challenging for greenhorns to benefit from. That said, you can always focus on educating yourself, learning through the basics before finally signing up for the chatroom.

Fortunately, there’s an IU Free Trading Course which would be a fantastic starting point for everyone.
Warrior Trading, on its part, is designed for both beginners and experienced traders. Not sure what level of trading experience you have? There’s a handy quiz that you’ll be required to take as you join. This will help you find the right kind of support at your current skill level.

So, this is how we’d simply put it. (1)IU is great for traders who are sure about what they want and would like to work alongside a team of elite traders. (2)WT is beginner-friendly and best suited for anyone who is not sure about their level of experience, risk appetite and so forth.


Who’s the winner? Well, we think it’s a tie. Both services are great and we’d recommend both. So, the best way to decide on which one is best for you is by balancing your current needs with your future goals.

Looking for a place to learn from scratch? Try Warrior Trading. Looking to grow your confidence so you can swim with the sharks? Investors Underground would be your best bet.