Warrior Trading Vs Tim Sykes

No matter the style of trading you choose, it’s always a good idea to work with a good mentor. Talking about mentorship, Warrior Trading and Tim Sykes are two of the biggest names in the industry currently.

Both are known for their versatility, friendliness, and the ability to share high-quality courses. But what sets them apart? Who’s the better one of the two? Here’s a handy comparison.

warrior trading

Warrior Trading

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

timothy sykes course

Tim Sykes

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

Warrior Trading Overview

warrior trading

WarriorTrading is a learning and mentorship platform that’s owned and run by Ross Cameron. It’s basically a community-oriented facility.

That’s because Ross works with different moderators and trainers who provide the support one needs to excel in trading. The platform is also home to numerous tools that you can use to improve your chances of success.

Tim Sykes Overview

tim sykes trading courses

Tim, on the other hand, is a well-known trader who has carved a niche for himself in penny stocks trading. Tim admits that he grew his fortune from scratch. A former tennis player, Tim discovered his love for trading in the year 1999. Since then, he claims to have invested blood, sweat, and tears to come up with powerful trading strategies.

Like WarriorTrading, Tim also works with other mentors and trainers. It’s also worth noting that Tim is behind the Profitly platform which he co-founded with Micheal Mosseri.

Trading Styles

– Warrior Trading Style

In general, the WT style is informed by the style adopted by Ross Cameron himself. So what kind of a trader is Ross? Well, he’s a scalper. In general, the WT platform is best suited for low-priced and low momentum stocks and relying on chart patterns.

Ross is a big fan of small-caps. But he also works with three other moderators who provide helpful trading signals and hands-on mentorship. The three are:

  • Ed – Ed is a great scalper and mainly focuses on intra-day entries.
  • Mike – This is the guy who mainly relies on technical analysis and mainly trades stocks that are priced at over $20.
  • Jeff – He is a swing trader and mainly specializes in multi-day swings. He uses equities and options.

As you can see, WT is quite dynamic. It doesn’t limit you to any single style of trading and, therefore, presents you with a great platform to learn. That said, the sheer variety of trading styles can prove a bit overwhelming to keep up with especially for newbies.

Fortunately, you only need to choose one style and master it. This way, you can remain focused on getting better and better every day.

– Tim’s Trading Style

As we’ve already mentioned, Tim kicked off his trading career as a penny stock trader. As such, he is known for being one of the most successful traders who grew from rags to riches using this unique strategy.

As you might know, the penny stocks market is quite sketchy. What’s more? This niche of trading has had its name tarnished by several companies that engage in shady deals. However, Tim’s strategy is quite different.

He focuses on short selling penny stocks after he spots the signs of any paid promotion scheme or irrational spikes.

Generally, because penny stocks markets are cyclical, this is a pretty interesting style of trading to adopt. Fortunately, Tim has a powerful strategy that has helped him remain consistent even in the murky waters of penny stocks.

To sum up, his strategy is heavily rooted in technical analysis. He mainly uses stock charts to make his moves.

Trading Courses

– WarriorTrading Courses

WT has three levels of training. The first one is known as the Warrior Starter course and it’s recommended for beginners who might be on a tight budget. This package goes for $997 and comprises 1-months access to the chat room, real-time trading simulator and core warrior trading tips.

Besides that, there’s the Warrior Pro course which is almost similar to Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge trading. This level of training comprises everything you’ll find on the starter package but, in addition, presents you with a three-month access to the chat room, weekly mentoring and 3-month access to the Pro tier.

At the pinnacle of the WT course menu is the Warrior Inner Circle platform. This is accessible via a formal application as it provides exclusive access to in-person trades by Ross, Jeff, and Mike.

– Tim’s Trading Courses

Tim’s flashy lifestyle might easily distract you but in reality, he also offers quite a bit of education. He acknowledges that without constantly studying the markets, one would be setting themselves up for failure. To this end, Tim has created multiple trading courses including:

  • PennyStocking
  • Tim Raw
  • TimFundamentals
  • TimTactics – and many others.

In general, Tim’s learning courses can be divided into three levels of learning. The lowest learning tier is known as the Tim’s Alerts program. It costs $75 per month and comprises access to daily chartrooms, 5-10 stock watchlist, real-time alerts and trade alerts.

The highest tier is known as the Pennystocking Silver. It goes for $150 per month and contains everything found in Tim’s Alert alongside access to 4,400+ video lessons, and weekly video lessons.

For those looking for extra mentorship and would do anything to excel, Tim offers an exclusive club known as Trade Like Tim. This club is, however, available to a few and can only be accessed by making an application.


– WarriorTrading Chatroom

warrior trading chat room

The WT Chatroom is home to trade ideas scanners, live mugshots, and charts. The good thing with this chatroom is that Ross himself regularly steps in to provide helpful commentary on the market action.

One thing we like about Ross is that he is really passionate about helping others. Indeed, he goes out of his way to explain set-ups and also offer analyses using this chatroom.

All other moderators are known to have a down to earth demeanor. They, therefore, are quite approachable.

This is your go-to chatroom if you want to make a better selection of stocks with great momentum and volume. Looking to trade in low-priced stocks? This platform is pretty good especially for those who want to grow their small accounts.

The true measure of a chatroom is the kind of conversations it draws. In that regard, the WT chatroom is reputed for drawing hundreds of members per day. Most members are active – and, from here, you can always get a decent fill without chasing.

– Tim’s Chatroom

tim sykes chat room

As we’ve already mentioned, Tim runs the profit.ly website which is also home to a chatroom. Tim himself is regularly involved in the conversations in this chat room although it’s the moderators such as Michael Goode who run the show here.

We’d, like to point out that Tim isn’t as active on the chatroom compared to Ross on WT. This could be because Tim is always traveling around the world and sharing his adventures with the rest of us via social media.

Fortunately, Michael Goode is usually around most of the time. He also makes quite a few great calls throughout the day. So, you can always count on him to build a solid and consistent trading strategy.

What Type of Trader Is WarriorTrading or Tim Best Suited For?

To begin with, WT seems quite diversified. Indeed, it caters to the needs of both beginning and experienced investors. That said, we find that WT is best suited for scalpers.

So, if you’re looking to take profits on small price changes whilst developing a better exit strategy, this could be the best platform for you.

Tim, on the other hand, is recommended for people who prefer OTC stocks. In this case, you focus less on long-term trading and more on riding on the waves of price moments. And because most stocks trade at under $5, this trading style is best suited for people with limited budgets.

That said, you can still count on Tim to grow your account if it’s been stagnating or declining since you started trading.

Which Service Offers More Bang for the Bucks?

Tim offers a cheaper alternative because his courses start from as low as $75 per month. WT, on the other hand, starts at $150. So, in terms of affordability, the Tim option offers a much better deal.

However, if you’re looking for real value and are willing to part with a few more dollars for it, the WT platform might be worth trying.

You get a better chatroom, personalized attention and above all – the freedom to choose from different styles of trading.

That said, if you’re specifically looking for the best mentor to learn penny stock trading from, then Tim would be your best bet.

In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all learning package. You can always choose either of the two depending on your budget and preferred trading strategy.


The Warrior Trading vs Tim Sykes duel is one that’s pretty interesting to follow. That’s because both trading services have their good and bad sides.

But having considered all the different angles and expert recommendations on trading, we think that WarriorTrading enjoys a slight advantage over Tim.

But for how long? Only time will tell because the two camps are constantly coming up with new packages and strategies.